PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (4/11/2018)

Take the form of Dark Blast [Loser] and soar the skies in a new update!

PSO2 Maintenance

  • 4/11/2018 @ 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • 4/10/2018 @ 10:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT
  • ※ Click the above link to convert to your timezone.

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 4/11/2018 @ 9:00 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 4/10/2018 @ 8:00 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT

April 11th Update

  • Launcher: Version 05.00.03
  • Client: Ver.5.0602.0
  • Patch Size: 465 MB (PC) / xx (PS4) / 410 MB (Vita)




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Patch Notes

New Dark Blast

New Quest

Quest Name Difficulty Requirements
Incarnation of Knowledge
Normal Lv.20+
Hard Lv.40+
Very Hard Lv.55+
Super Hard Lv.70+
Extra Hard Lv.80/80+


New Enemy

Omega Falz Loser


New Collection File

  • Added Incarnation of Knowledge Collection (~October 10th, 2018)


Partial New Item Listing


New Client Orders

  • Added Client Orders to Gene and Bruno (~June 6th, 2018)


System Updates


  • Adjusted the timing when damage occurs for certain attacks from Apostle of Water, Ophiel
  • During Extreme Training: Terran Phantoms, if a player clears the quest while you are incapacitated, you'll be revived.

Badge & Memory Exchange Shop

  • Added TCG Memory Exchange Shop

Zieg Exchange Shop

  • Added a section for [Obtain Invade-NT Series]

Expert Matching

Other Changes

  • In the Title counter, adjusted the ordering of the Titles that qualify for Expert Matching
  • Added Time Reversal Stone Chronos to the Quest Records

Beckoning Woods Boost
April 11th ~ April 18th

The [Beckoning Woods] will receive the following boosts:

  • EXP +100%
  • RDR +100%
  • Meseta +100%
  • Extra Hard Only
    • Increased Autumn Series NT Drop Rate
    • Additional drops such as Arm / Hang Bode, etc

※Trigger version does not qualify.


Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • You can see the Emergency Quest schedule on your phone by subscribing to the Google Calendar.


Buy Premium Set Campaign

With all the benefits being added to the Premium Set, a campaign will be hosted to purchase the [Premium Set 90 Days]. Those who purchases it within the Campaign Period will be rewarded with gifts!

Campaign Period

  • March 22nd ~ April 25th

Gift Items

  • Perched Rappy (Accessory)
  • Bonus Key Kazuchi Raid
  • Tribooster +150% (x3)

Gift Pickup Period

  • Available instantly, but expires May 26th, 2018



Spend AC, Get Items

Players who spend set amounts of AC during the campaign period will receive several prizes!

Campaign Period

  • April 4th ~ April 15th @ 23:59 JST

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Spend 2000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • 15,000 EXP Ticket (x5)

(2) Spend 5000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • Rappy Suit
  • +30% Ability Affixing Success

(3) Spend 10,000 AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • Lambda Grinder (x2)

※AC / iAC spent in PSO2es prior to linking does not qualify for this campaign. However, any AC or iAC spent after linking will qualify for the campaign.

Ways You Can Spend AC

  • Playing Arks Scratch on PSO2 or PSO2es
  • Buying Arks Scratch Ticket Bundles
  • Buying Items in the AC Shop
  • Using a Scape Doll to revive
  • Using AC Content at the Beauty Salon
  • Spending AC to add a Skill Tree
  • Spending AC to reset a Skill Tree
  • Spending AC to buy a character
  • Transferring to another ship

Using [Arks Scratch Tickets] to play the AC Scratch does not fulfill the campaign requirements of spending AC.

Prize Pickup Period

  • Available instantly but expires May 17th, 2018


LINE Friend Registration Campaign

The Official PSO2 Line Account is holding a Friend Registration Campaign! Everyone will receive Star Gems based on the number of friends registered with the official account.

Campaign Period

  • April 4th ~ April 22nd

Campaign Rewards

Sega's Number of Friends Reward
27,000 Friends 50SG Ticket (x1)
30,000 Friends 50SG Ticket (x1)
35,000 Friends 50SG Ticket (x1)

Reward Distribution

  • Early May


New Player! Level Up Campaign

Create a new character and raise them to certain levels to receive prizes!

Campaign Period

April 4th ~ May 9th

Campaign Qualifications

New Character's Level Prize
Level 10 経験値獲得15000
15,000 EXP Ticket (x2)
Dangling Nyau
Level 20 経験値獲得15000
15,000 EXP Ticket (x3)
Hit and Blow
Level 30 経験値獲得15000
15,000 EXP Ticket (x4)
224 "Yatta"
Level 40 レオンティーナ証書
Leontina Certificate
*Lux Frieden

※Characters made prior to the start of this campaign do not qualify.


What's Leontina's Certificate!?

Leontina, the Arks Handbook Administrator, is giving away a ★13 Ray weapon of your choice at +30 grind! She is located at the counter to the left of the main gate.

To acquire this weapon, you'll need the レオンティーナ証書 (Leontina Certificate) when her shop opens on April 25th.


Item Distribution Date

Item Conditions Met Before April 18th

Item Conditions Met Before May 9th


PSO2es Login Campaign

Sega will be holding a login campaign to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of PSO2es! The objective will be to login to PSO2es during one the periods below. Logging in will reward you with Star Gems at a later date.

Login Periods

  • (1): Login to PSO2es between March 28th ~ April 11th
  • (2): Login to PSO2es between April 11th ~ April 25th
    ※You cannot earn the SG for both login periods, only one!

Campaign Reward

  • 40SG Ticket (x2)

Reward Distribution

  • (1): Late April
  • (2): Mid May


Conqueror's Crest 4x Campaign

Complete the following goals to obtain Conqueror's Crests. The crests can be exchanged for ★14 Weapons at Zieg!

Campaign Period

August 15th ~ August 22nd

Campaign Tasks

  Goal Reward
1 Clear (2x) Beach Wars 2018 Conqueror’s Crests (x40)
2 Clear (2x) Underground Nightmare Conqueror’s Crests (x40)
3 Clear (1x) Perennial Apocalypse Conqueror’s Crests (x40)
4 Clear (2x) Enchanted Forest Exploration
Conqueror’s Crests (x40)
5 Clear Huey (Summer) Client Order:
Step Into the Core
Conqueror’s Crests (x40)

Reward Distribution

  • Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 rewards will be distributed instantly.


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