PSO2 Episode 5: Dark Blast

Choose A Dark Blast

Dark Blasts


Elder Form

Dark Blast [Elder] Unlocking Condition A

  • Clear Episode 5 Story Quest Chapter 2

Dark Blast [Elder] Unlocking Condition B

  • Defeat Lv. 70+ Omega Hunar (オメガ・ヒューナル)


Loser Form

Dark Blast [Loser] Unlocking Condition A

  • Clear Episode 5 Story Quest Chapter 3

Dark Blast [Loser] Unlocking Condition B

  • Clear [Incarnation of Knowledge] on SH+


Apprentice Form

Dark Blast [Apprentice] Unlocking Condition A

  • Clear the Episode 5 Story:  神国エピックの王として [Ruler of the Kingdom of Epic] 

Dark Blast [Apprentice] Unlocking Condition B

  • Defeat [Omega Apprezina] OR [OF Apprentice] on Super Hard or Higher.


Double Form

Dark Blast [Double] Unlocking Condition A

  • Clear the Episode 5 Story:  フローの願い [Flo's Request] 

Dark Blast [Apprentice] Unlocking Condition B

  • Defeat [Omega Dourumble] on Super Hard or Higher.


You can set Dark Blast to the sub-palette and activate it within quests.


Dark Blast Gauge

Inflicting damage to enemies will increase the gauge, but the rate of which it increases will depend on several factors:

  • About every 5%, the gauge will go on a short cooldown.
  • The gauge will fill faster as the quest lasts longer.
  • Inflicting damage to bosses will fill the gauge less than usual.


Activating Dark Blast

Unleash the power of Dark Falz and transform with the Dark Blast ability. This unique feature gives you increased strength and stamina to stamp out any enemy forces in your path. Dark Blast can only be used once per quest.


Defeating enemies will reward you with Dark Blast EXP at the end of the quest. This can be confirmed at the Quest results screen for:

  • 獲得EXP | Earned EXP
  • 所持EXP | Owned EXP


Any unused EXP will be consumed when leveling up skills. The amount that you currently have is indicated in the yellow box in the screenshot above.

  • 未使用EXP | Unused EXP


9 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 5: Dark Blast”

    People expect this to be instantly OP. But it is NOT!
    For this to stop being weak, die easily and have low dps you need to actually level it. Now without the tons of def / hp upgrades, the attack upgrades, damage increase and the individual skill upgrades it's super weak and killing bosses takes forever.

    Only do so when you have spend a large amount of exp getting 2/3 or so of the upgrades, you can't expect this to get even remotely close to good players dps otherwise.
    If it would, all the strong upgrades would mean when maxed it can oneshot everything.

    In the first place using it on bosses means you die or it ends before the boss is dead and you get 0 exp, you just wasted your time.
    When used on mobs they die fast no matter what and you get a lot of exp.

    1. Early bosses are extremely easy with it I got an eq for a gwanada in the middle of a desert exploration run on hard(using a lv23 gunner) and the gwanada lasted about five seconds

    2. Actually I used the luther form on a big boss fight on very hard and I defeated it easily I just went straight in towards its weak point and one two three four hits and it was dead.

  2. like Photon Blast, I'm not sure how to activate Dark Blast (not using it, just activate it, so it can be use), some time it fast to activate, some time very slow. perhaps some players knows better on this one?

    1. There's some useful information on Dark Blast charging on the JP-wiki; I'll talk about it here. Hopefully someone will find this useful.

      The Dark Blast gauge is filled in a similar manner to the Compound Tech gauge; it fills more as you damage enemies. However, there are still some idiosyncrasies unique to Dark Blast:

      * There is a cap on how quickly the gauge can be filled (no more than 5% per 2.5 seconds; approximate)
      * Damage dealt to bosses will not fill the gauge as quickly as damage to normal enemies (1/4 speed for medium bosses, 1/2 speed for large bosses; no clarification as to "medium" and "large" is made, but I'd assume "medium" are normal quest-end bosses and "large" are EQ bosses)
      * The rate at which the gauge fills increases as time passes (1/8th speed for the first ~2.5 minutes, 3x speed after ~8 minutes, 9x speed after ~10 minutes, and 27x after ~12 minutes)
      * The first "bar" on the gauge fills twice as slowly

      Additionally, some quests (mainly EQs) may have custom Dark Blast charging/usage rules; a majority of EQs are balanced such that a player with decent DPS should have Dark Blast available by the end of it. Exceptions to this would be Tower Defense-style quests and mobbing-focused EQs, such as Valentine's/White Day.

  3. It's unclear exactly when this change occurred (swiki speculates July 11, but SDMAX3000's comment on the Loser Form page indicates at least as far back as June 2) but Loser Form can also be unlocked by defeating a level 70 or higher Omega Angel now:

    It's possible that it might have been as early as Enchanted Forest's implementation as a permanent free field exploration quest

  4. I can't activate dark blast, is there a special weapon for its activation? if so why not all weapons can activate it, this is too favoritism and unfair

    1. Oh, we have the same problem. It seems like it unlocked after defeating bosses jn emergency quest (i haven't done any story episode) It seems i cant really activate it, is it like class restricted? Like elder form for hunter, or maybe apprentice form for force and double form for ranger?

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