PSO2 Episode 5: Conqueror's Crest

Conqueror's Crest (覇者の紋章)

Conqueror's Crest is a new exchange item that can be traded in for certain ★14 weapons at Zieg's Exchange Shop. These crests can be picked up through a variety of means outlined below:

  • Drops from Erythron Dragon (Crimson Castle Crusher)
  • Drops from Dragon Atrum (Dark Demolisher)
  • Title from Extreme Quest: Phanatical Phantoms (独極訓練:狂想と幻創)
  • Drops from certain Emergency Quests to be announced in the future.
  • Rewards from specific Titles to be announced in the future.
  • Rewards from specific campaigns to be announced on the front page.

It is imperative to check the front page for future methods of obtaining the crest! These methods may change on a week by week basis, so be sure to take note on the duration of each campaign.


Accessing The Weapons

Zieg Menu


Conqueror's Crest Exchange Shop

Icon Name Exchange
Quelle Scarlette
Jupiter Tullus
Spread Needle
Quelle Windea
Eternal Psycho Drive
Lavis Cannon
Rykros Staff


It is your responsibility to take note of the campaign period.

8 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 5: Conqueror's Crest”

  1. You mean you can only receive the rewards for each goal once? That would only amount to 50 crests which isn't enough to get anything. Unless you meant "one time only" as in for this event in particular which I understand.

    1. In every campaign, unless otherwise stated, the rewards are (1) per account per goal. So you need to wait for the next campaign to get another shot of rewards.

  2. The real question is, can you do 3x Harukotan TA or would you need to do 3 different TAs? Likewise, do you have to do 3 different XQs now or can you do the same one 3 times?
    Anyone tested this in the past with another campaign where you had to do several TAs or XQs?

  3. those 14* is max grind at 30? Really? I just see in exchange menu in goods list not exchange it yet If it true gonna farm the class excube at hell.

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