PSO2 Station #18 Recap

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Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

April 7th Stream


Omega Falz Loser

  • The boss's behavior has changed since the first iteration.
  • This time he's weak to Dark And Light. Take note of this.

Dark Blast Loser

  • The Clawdem series have a potential that's useful for Loser Form.
  • Recall that the Detonation Series had a potential for Elder Form.

Incarnation of Knowledge

  • The ★14 weapons have some unique potentials.
  • The Launcher has a partial homing ability with its potential.
  • The ★14 Talis' potential makes support Technics' charge-time 0.
  • Conqueror's Crests may also drop in the quest.
  • Clawdem Series can also drop. Clawdem supports Super Special Abilities.

Easter Event

  • You can get a Leontina's Certificate as a Bingo Reward
  • Trade the certificate in at her shop for a +30 Ray Weapon.

Arks Boost Rally

  • Arks Boost Rally will cover Urban, Seabed, and Kuron
  • Alta Feina will drop during the event.
    • Potential is similar to other Alta weapons in the series.
  • The Val Series will drop!
  • There's also a new Super Special Ability.

Wild Easter

  • This time it will take place in Las Vegas
  • The collection file contains a color variation of Las Vegas weapons.
    • These weapons will support Super Special Abilities.
  • The 14 Star Wired Lance is known as [Quelle Glitter?]
    • Powers Up Grapple PAs when at Max Gear.
    • Just Guards create a temporary effect that stops Gear consumption.

Crimson Dragon Trigger

  • It's coming in the future, but they didn't say when.

The Next ★14 Weapon Category:

  • Easter is adding a ★14 Wired Lance.
  • After that, the next seasonal ★14 is a Bow.
  • At present, they do not have plans for a ★14 Gunslash

New Boost Event

  • They're planning to have a boost event for Magatsu and Vardha in the future.

When Was PSO2 Cloud Planned?

  • They started the project about a year ago.
  • But development actually started to advance around May/June.
  • It went pretty fast since they didn't have to create something new like Vita/PS4.

Conqueror's Crest Ranking (March 27th)

  • 1st Place: Eternal Psycho Drive
  • 2nd Place: Quelle Scarlet
  • 3rd Place: Lavis Cannon

Extreme Quest Clear Rate (March 27th)

Terran Phantoms

  • Participation Rate: 31.7%
  • Clear Rate: 73.3%

Phanatical Phantoms

  • Participation Rate: 28.6%
  • Clear Rate: 38.2%



Road Map Correction

New Roadmap

  • The Roadmap has slightly changed.

Early Summer Changes

  • Standard Class Level 85 Cap
  • New Skill Added
  • New Free Field [Enchanted Forest]
    • Special E-Trial: Recover 1 Dark Blast Usage
    • They're adding weapons that can be upgraded into 14 stars.
  • New Enemies
  • Episode 5 Story Chapter 4
  • New Collaboration Live Event
  • New Collaboration Scratch
  • New 4-Player [Endless Quest]
    • How far can you advance?

Summer Changes

  • PSO2 6th Anniversary Web Event
  • Event Limited Quest Added
  • New 8 Player Raid Boss
    • Not 12, but 8 Players.
  • Added New PA/Technic
  • Dark Blast Semi-Transparent Form
  • New 12 Player [Mother & Deus] EQ

The 14 Star Eggs should be coming around summer time.


More To Be Added


March 20th Stream

I'm pretty sick so expect delays.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase to receive several items.
    • 3月24日ライブシンパシー2018開幕
  • You have until March 28th's maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items will be delivered to the Visiphone.


PSO2 EQ Boost Poll

  • Crimson Castle Crusher
  • +50% Enemy Damage (XH)
  • +300% Rare Drop Boost
  • +300% EXP
  • March 20th @ 23:00 JST (Concert First)


Mid-April Update

  • Re:Zero Collaboration Scratch (Start Over Zero)
  • Rem, Ram, and Ferris – Costumes, Hairstyles, Accessories
  • Subaru and Emilia – Costumes & Hairstyles
  • Rem's Morning Star Weapon Camo
  • Puck Mag Device
  • Re:Zero Lobby Action


Mid-April Update

  • Phantasy Star Universe's Voloyal Set!
  • Tylor's outfit from PSPo2 Infinity
  • Hopscotch Lobby Action


Mid-April Update

  • A remnant of [Loser] has suddenly appeared in Cuent Canyon
  • Battle an even more ferocious [Loser].
  • As you progress through the battle, Loser's movements will change.
  • He toys with the ARKS by changing the speed of his attacks.


Mid-April Update

  • Knowledge Personified Collection (You can suggest a better name)
  • [Loser] style ★13 Weapons can drop.
    • Known as the Claudem Series (You can suggest a better name)
  • New ★14 Weapons will appear!


Mid-April Update

  • Dark Blast Loser form added!
  • Move swiftly and master aerial combat.
  • Overwhelm your enemies with long distance attacks.
  • Furthermore, you can change its color.


April 18th Update

  • Shining Revival Scratch to celebrate Shining Resonance Refrain's release on PlayStation 4.


Late April Update

  • Easter Lobby (~6/6)
  • Easter 2018 Bingo (Front and Back)
  • You will be awarded with a "Leontina Certificate" as a Bingo Reward.
  • You can trade this certificate in at Leontina (ARKS Handbook Lady) for a ★13 weapon.
    • Her exchange shop lists Ray weapons at +30 grind.


Late April Update

  • New Advance Quest on Kuron
  • An Arks Boost Rally will also be held!
    • City / Seabed / Kuron Advance Quests
  • The Boost Rally will also drop the ★13 weapon "Alta Feina"


Late April Update

  • PSO2's 5th Anniversary Item Design Contest Winners!
  • Winners Design 5 Side A
    • Costumes, Accessories, Face/Body Paint Designs
    • Weapon Camo and Tai Chi Lobby Action Designs


Late April Update

  • Winners Design 5 Side A Scratch

    • Huge T Sword Unit (Acc)
    • Shoulder Armor (Acc)
    • Octopus Tail (Acc)
    • Gothic Style Makeup (Face Paint)
    • Fornis Paint (Face Paint)
    • Inner Style Paint (Body Paint)
    • Arkuma Star Cleaner (Camo)
    • And More…


Late April Update

  • This year's Easter EQ will take place in Las Vegas.
  • Many Phantoms will appear.
  • Izane or Empe Rappy has a chance to appear.
  • Easter 2018 Collection
    • Calamity Blazer (DB)
    • Tridia Shooteyr (TMG)
    • Vardes Zapper (Rod)
    • Vardes Scythe (Wand)
  • Red Rappy Suit Mini and a new ★14 weapon will drop.

Outdated Roadmap

Warning! This Roadmap Is Outdated!

Early Summer

  • Level 85 Cap for Standard Classes
  • New Skill, PA, and Technics
  • Enchanted Forest for Omega
  • New Enemies
  • EP5 Chapter 4
  • New Collaboration Live Event
  • New Collaboration Scratch


  • PSO2 6th Anniversary WEB Event
  • Event Limited Quest
  • New 12-Player Raid Boss Emergency Quest
  • New Dark Blast Form
  • Dark Blast Semi-Transparent Implementation
  • New 12-Player Mother & Deus Emergency Quest

Warning! This Roadmap Is Outdated!


Buy Premium Set Campaign

  • Purchase 90 day Premium Set between 3/22 ~ 4/25
    • Perched Rappy
    • Bonus Key Kazuchi Raid
    • Tribooster +150% (x3)


A.I.S Black Ver. Plastic Model

  • Coming August
  • Freeze Projectile also included!


PSO2 The Trading Card Game

  • Starter Deck and Limited Edition Release (4/12)
  • Limited Edition (6000 Yen) comes with Item Codes for (TCG Memory x6)
    • Trade TCG Memory for an Exclusive Lobby Action
  • TCG Memory Exchange Shop
    • Half Doll
    • 50 Grinders
    • 50 Synthesizers
    • 30 Lambda Grinders
    • Ragol Memory
    • *C.A.R.D
    • Lobby Action: VR Card Game (Costs 3 TCG Memories)


Live Sympathy Blu-Ray & CD Albums

  • Sales Date: July 26th
  • Price 7,500 Yen (BR) 3,800 Yen (CD)
  • Blu-Ray item Codes
    • PS 30th Anniv Sticker
    • VO Performance 6 LA
    • Musical Instrument Revival
  • CD Item Codes
    • PS 30th Anniv Sticker
    • 5 New Music Discs
    • Other Music Disc Revivals

Live Sympathy Nico Nico Stream

  • Evening Session will be streamed on Nico Nico
  • March 24th @ 18:00 JST
  • Some parts will not be streamed.


PSO2 Cloud Launch

  • PSO2 Cloud Launches April 4th
  • You can download the application today, March 20th!

PSO2 Cloud Registration Campaign


Story Quest Campaign 3

  • Clear [Worrying Matoi] 心配性なマトイ within the new Story Quest to receive several items.
    • Bonus Key Tokyo Silver
    • Free Salon Pass
    • Perched Nyau
  • Clear [Luther's Original Personality] ルーサー本来の性格?within the new Story Quest to receive several items.
    • +150% Tribooster
    • Bonus Key Kazuchi Raid
    • *Liberation
    • Conqueror's Crest (x10)

We will talk about this during March 22nd's Maintenance.


PSO2 Cloud Starters Guide

  • Sales Date: April 4th
  • Price: 1,500 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Star Dust (Acc)
    • [EX] +75% EXP
    • Free Salon Pass


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es' 4th anniversary Event


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es 4th Anniversary Campaign
  • Campaign Period: 3/28 ~ 4/18
  • Login after April 1st for 30 Rappy Medals and Little Hero More chip
  • Bust through Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in the Story Season 2 for the Nyau chip.



PSO2es Update

  • The final chapter of Season 2 will release!
  • What is the truth behind Duna's birth?




PSO2es Update

  • Material chips meant for grinding or unlocking will now be stacked.

Quick Search Bonus Feature

  • Each time you do a Quick Search, a bonus will be counted.
  • Once the bonus count reaches 15, a bonus will occur.
  • This will enable you to perform a complimentary 5x Quick Search in one playthrough.


Eternal Tower Ranking System

  • The Eternal Tower will now show the standings of other players.
  • Your playtime is automatically counted when you reach the [30th] or [60th] floor.
  • This ranking is different from the Emergency Quest Ranking System.
  • It will rank based on the total time taken to X floor.
  • Ranking Reward: Bloodspear Vlad Bram Chip
  • Tower Reward: Seiga Javelin Chip


PSO2es New Chips

  • 48 Hour Limited 4th Anniversary Chip
    • Celebrate Heroines [Anniversary]
    • April 1st ~ April 2nd


PSO2es New Chips

  • Slave Cannon (3/28)
  • Ares Partisan (3/22)
  • Pristine Armor Blades (3/28)


New Chips

  • Seiga Javelin (3/22)
  • Bloodspear Vlad Bram (3/22)
  • Full of Love Duna (3/22) Exchange Shop
  • Calamity (4/11) Final Chapter-14
  • Slash Rave (4/11) PA


Side Stories

  • Lutyrus (3/22)
  • Windmill (3/28)
  • Rikauteri (4/4)
  • Evil Curst (4/11)

Final Chapter Cleared Character Stories

  • Graceful Arks Gene
  • Stra
  • Calamity

Weaponoid Potentials

  • Egg Paska
  • Evil Curst-NT
  • Evil Curst
  • Rikauteri


PSO2es Event

  • Special Quest (3/22 ~ 4/11)
    • Collect Chip Fragments 2018 for Full of Love Duna and other items.
  • Eternal Tower (3/22 ~ 3/28)
    • Eternal Tower first Ranking Event
      • Bloodspear Vlad Bram Chip
    • Eternal Tower Drops
      • Three new ★13 Weapons
  • Emergency Quest: Tyrannical Surge (4/4 ~ 4/10)
    • Raete Lipher
    • Raete Shootyer



May Update

~ The Enchanted Forest Revisited ~

Omega Gryphon




Flame Diamos



~ The Holy Kingdom of Epic ~

The Divine Queen of Epic
~ Margaretha of Epic ~
CV: Nao Tōyama


~ Es-Ars Federation ~

Es-Ars First Successor
~ Flo Arlequin De Es-Ars ~
CV: Rie Kugimiya


~ Omega Apprentice ~

~ Omega Apprezina ~

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