PSO2 Station #18 Recap

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Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

April 7th Stream


Omega Falz Loser

  • The boss's behavior has changed since the first iteration.
  • This time he's weak to Dark And Light. Take note of this.

Dark Blast Loser

  • The Clawdem series have a potential that's useful for Loser Form.
  • Recall that the Detonation Series had a potential for Elder Form.

Incarnation of Knowledge

  • The ★14 weapons have some unique potentials.
  • The Launcher has a partial homing ability with its potential.
  • The ★14 Talis' potential makes support Technics' charge-time 0.
  • Conqueror's Crests may also drop in the quest.
  • Clawdem Series can also drop. Clawdem supports Super Special Abilities.

Easter Event

  • You can get a Leontina's Certificate as a Bingo Reward
  • Trade the certificate in at her shop for a +30 Ray Weapon.

Arks Boost Rally

  • Arks Boost Rally will cover Urban, Seabed, and Kuron
  • Alta Feina will drop during the event.
    • Potential is similar to other Alta weapons in the series.
  • The Val Series will drop!
  • There's also a new Super Special Ability.

Wild Easter

  • This time it will take place in Las Vegas
  • The collection file contains a color variation of Las Vegas weapons.
    • These weapons will support Super Special Abilities.
  • The 14 Star Wired Lance is known as [Quelle Glitter?]
    • Powers Up Grapple PAs when at Max Gear.
    • Just Guards create a temporary effect that stops Gear consumption.

Crimson Dragon Trigger

  • It's coming in the future, but they didn't say when.

The Next ★14 Weapon Category:

  • Easter is adding a ★14 Wired Lance.
  • After that, the next seasonal ★14 is a Bow.
  • At present, they do not have plans for a ★14 Gunslash

New Boost Event

  • They're planning to have a boost event for Magatsu and Vardha in the future.

When Was PSO2 Cloud Planned?

  • They started the project about a year ago.
  • But development actually started to advance around May/June.
  • It went pretty fast since they didn't have to create something new like Vita/PS4.

Conqueror's Crest Ranking (March 27th)

  • 1st Place: Eternal Psycho Drive
  • 2nd Place: Quelle Scarlet
  • 3rd Place: Lavis Cannon

Extreme Quest Clear Rate (March 27th)

Terran Phantoms

  • Participation Rate: 31.7%
  • Clear Rate: 73.3%

Phanatical Phantoms

  • Participation Rate: 28.6%
  • Clear Rate: 38.2%



Road Map Correction

New Roadmap

  • The Roadmap has slightly changed.

Early Summer Changes

  • Standard Class Level 85 Cap
  • New Skill Added
  • New Free Field [Enchanted Forest]
    • Special E-Trial: Recover 1 Dark Blast Usage
    • They're adding weapons that can be upgraded into 14 stars.
  • New Enemies
  • Episode 5 Story Chapter 4
  • New Collaboration Live Event
  • New Collaboration Scratch
  • New 4-Player [Endless Quest]
    • How far can you advance?

Summer Changes

  • PSO2 6th Anniversary Web Event
  • Event Limited Quest Added
  • New 8 Player Raid Boss
    • Not 12, but 8 Players.
  • Added New PA/Technic
  • Dark Blast Semi-Transparent Form
  • New 12 Player [Mother & Deus] EQ

The 14 Star Eggs should be coming around summer time.


More To Be Added


March 20th Stream

I'm pretty sick so expect delays.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase to receive several items.
    • 3月24日ライブシンパシー2018開幕
  • You have until March 28th's maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items will be delivered to the Visiphone.


PSO2 EQ Boost Poll

  • Crimson Castle Crusher
  • +50% Enemy Damage (XH)
  • +300% Rare Drop Boost
  • +300% EXP
  • March 20th @ 23:00 JST (Concert First)


Mid-April Update

  • Re:Zero Collaboration Scratch (Start Over Zero)
  • Rem, Ram, and Ferris – Costumes, Hairstyles, Accessories
  • Subaru and Emilia – Costumes & Hairstyles
  • Rem's Morning Star Weapon Camo
  • Puck Mag Device
  • Re:Zero Lobby Action


Mid-April Update

  • Phantasy Star Universe's Voloyal Set!
  • Tylor's outfit from PSPo2 Infinity
  • Hopscotch Lobby Action


Mid-April Update

  • A remnant of [Loser] has suddenly appeared in Cuent Canyon
  • Battle an even more ferocious [Loser].
  • As you progress through the battle, Loser's movements will change.
  • He toys with the ARKS by changing the speed of his attacks.


Mid-April Update

  • Knowledge Personified Collection (You can suggest a better name)
  • [Loser] style ★13 Weapons can drop.
    • Known as the Claudem Series (You can suggest a better name)
  • New ★14 Weapons will appear!


Mid-April Update

  • Dark Blast Loser form added!
  • Move swiftly and master aerial combat.
  • Overwhelm your enemies with long distance attacks.
  • Furthermore, you can change its color.


April 18th Update

  • Shining Revival Scratch to celebrate Shining Resonance Refrain's release on PlayStation 4.


Late April Update

  • Easter Lobby (~6/6)
  • Easter 2018 Bingo (Front and Back)
  • You will be awarded with a "Leontina Certificate" as a Bingo Reward.
  • You can trade this certificate in at Leontina (ARKS Handbook Lady) for a ★13 weapon.
    • Her exchange shop lists Ray weapons at +30 grind.


Late April Update

  • New Advance Quest on Kuron
  • An Arks Boost Rally will also be held!
    • City / Seabed / Kuron Advance Quests
  • The Boost Rally will also drop the ★13 weapon "Alta Feina"


Late April Update

  • PSO2's 5th Anniversary Item Design Contest Winners!
  • Winners Design 5 Side A
    • Costumes, Accessories, Face/Body Paint Designs
    • Weapon Camo and Tai Chi Lobby Action Designs


Late April Update

  • Winners Design 5 Side A Scratch

    • Huge T Sword Unit (Acc)
    • Shoulder Armor (Acc)
    • Octopus Tail (Acc)
    • Gothic Style Makeup (Face Paint)
    • Fornis Paint (Face Paint)
    • Inner Style Paint (Body Paint)
    • Arkuma Star Cleaner (Camo)
    • And More…


Late April Update

  • This year's Easter EQ will take place in Las Vegas.
  • Many Phantoms will appear.
  • Izane or Empe Rappy has a chance to appear.
  • Easter 2018 Collection
    • Calamity Blazer (DB)
    • Tridia Shooteyr (TMG)
    • Vardes Zapper (Rod)
    • Vardes Scythe (Wand)
  • Red Rappy Suit Mini and a new ★14 weapon will drop.

Outdated Roadmap

Warning! This Roadmap Is Outdated!

Early Summer

  • Level 85 Cap for Standard Classes
  • New Skill, PA, and Technics
  • Enchanted Forest for Omega
  • New Enemies
  • EP5 Chapter 4
  • New Collaboration Live Event
  • New Collaboration Scratch


  • PSO2 6th Anniversary WEB Event
  • Event Limited Quest
  • New 12-Player Raid Boss Emergency Quest
  • New Dark Blast Form
  • Dark Blast Semi-Transparent Implementation
  • New 12-Player Mother & Deus Emergency Quest

Warning! This Roadmap Is Outdated!


Buy Premium Set Campaign

  • Purchase 90 day Premium Set between 3/22 ~ 4/25
    • Perched Rappy
    • Bonus Key Kazuchi Raid
    • Tribooster +150% (x3)


A.I.S Black Ver. Plastic Model

  • Coming August
  • Freeze Projectile also included!


PSO2 The Trading Card Game

  • Starter Deck and Limited Edition Release (4/12)
  • Limited Edition (6000 Yen) comes with Item Codes for (TCG Memory x6)
    • Trade TCG Memory for an Exclusive Lobby Action
  • TCG Memory Exchange Shop
    • Half Doll
    • 50 Grinders
    • 50 Synthesizers
    • 30 Lambda Grinders
    • Ragol Memory
    • *C.A.R.D
    • Lobby Action: VR Card Game (Costs 3 TCG Memories)


Live Sympathy Blu-Ray & CD Albums

  • Sales Date: July 26th
  • Price 7,500 Yen (BR) 3,800 Yen (CD)
  • Blu-Ray item Codes
    • PS 30th Anniv Sticker
    • VO Performance 6 LA
    • Musical Instrument Revival
  • CD Item Codes
    • PS 30th Anniv Sticker
    • 5 New Music Discs
    • Other Music Disc Revivals

Live Sympathy Nico Nico Stream

  • Evening Session will be streamed on Nico Nico
  • March 24th @ 18:00 JST
  • Some parts will not be streamed.


PSO2 Cloud Launch

  • PSO2 Cloud Launches April 4th
  • You can download the application today, March 20th!

PSO2 Cloud Registration Campaign


Story Quest Campaign 3

  • Clear [Worrying Matoi] 心配性なマトイ within the new Story Quest to receive several items.
    • Bonus Key Tokyo Silver
    • Free Salon Pass
    • Perched Nyau
  • Clear [Luther's Original Personality] ルーサー本来の性格?within the new Story Quest to receive several items.
    • +150% Tribooster
    • Bonus Key Kazuchi Raid
    • *Liberation
    • Conqueror's Crest (x10)

We will talk about this during March 22nd's Maintenance.


PSO2 Cloud Starters Guide

  • Sales Date: April 4th
  • Price: 1,500 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Star Dust (Acc)
    • [EX] +75% EXP
    • Free Salon Pass


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es' 4th anniversary Event


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es 4th Anniversary Campaign
  • Campaign Period: 3/28 ~ 4/18
  • Login after April 1st for 30 Rappy Medals and Little Hero More chip
  • Bust through Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in the Story Season 2 for the Nyau chip.



PSO2es Update

  • The final chapter of Season 2 will release!
  • What is the truth behind Duna's birth?




PSO2es Update

  • Material chips meant for grinding or unlocking will now be stacked.

Quick Search Bonus Feature

  • Each time you do a Quick Search, a bonus will be counted.
  • Once the bonus count reaches 15, a bonus will occur.
  • This will enable you to perform a complimentary 5x Quick Search in one playthrough.


Eternal Tower Ranking System

  • The Eternal Tower will now show the standings of other players.
  • Your playtime is automatically counted when you reach the [30th] or [60th] floor.
  • This ranking is different from the Emergency Quest Ranking System.
  • It will rank based on the total time taken to X floor.
  • Ranking Reward: Bloodspear Vlad Bram Chip
  • Tower Reward: Seiga Javelin Chip


PSO2es New Chips

  • 48 Hour Limited 4th Anniversary Chip
    • Celebrate Heroines [Anniversary]
    • April 1st ~ April 2nd


PSO2es New Chips

  • Slave Cannon (3/28)
  • Ares Partisan (3/22)
  • Pristine Armor Blades (3/28)


New Chips

  • Seiga Javelin (3/22)
  • Bloodspear Vlad Bram (3/22)
  • Full of Love Duna (3/22) Exchange Shop
  • Calamity (4/11) Final Chapter-14
  • Slash Rave (4/11) PA


Side Stories

  • Lutyrus (3/22)
  • Windmill (3/28)
  • Rikauteri (4/4)
  • Evil Curst (4/11)

Final Chapter Cleared Character Stories

  • Graceful Arks Gene
  • Stra
  • Calamity

Weaponoid Potentials

  • Egg Paska
  • Evil Curst-NT
  • Evil Curst
  • Rikauteri


PSO2es Event

  • Special Quest (3/22 ~ 4/11)
    • Collect Chip Fragments 2018 for Full of Love Duna and other items.
  • Eternal Tower (3/22 ~ 3/28)
    • Eternal Tower first Ranking Event
      • Bloodspear Vlad Bram Chip
    • Eternal Tower Drops
      • Three new ★13 Weapons
  • Emergency Quest: Tyrannical Surge (4/4 ~ 4/10)
    • Raete Lipher
    • Raete Shootyer



May Update

~ The Enchanted Forest Revisited ~

Omega Gryphon




Flame Diamos



~ The Holy Kingdom of Epic ~

The Divine Queen of Epic
~ Margaretha of Epic ~
CV: Nao Tōyama


~ Es-Ars Federation ~

Es-Ars First Successor
~ Flo Arlequin De Es-Ars ~
CV: Rie Kugimiya


~ Omega Apprentice ~

~ Omega Apprezina ~

41 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #18 Recap”

  1. WIll you ever stop calling Luther as Loser….
    Luther – name for male person.
    Meanwhile, loser is a noun that means contemptible or worthless individual.
    Moreover his name is「ルーサー = RUSA = LUTHER」not「ルーザー = RUZA => LOSER」

    1. I once thought as you do but then I changed my mind. Dark Falz [ELDER], Dark Falz [APPRENTICE], Dark Falz [DOUBLE], … So, why wouldn't it be Dark Falz [LOSER] ? The words between square brackets have never been first names but titles.

    2. You do know that Loser's DF name is a giant pun on the fact Luther and Loser are written the same, right? Japan loves their fucking puns.

      Also. You know. The fact the JP info parts have called him Loser numerous times. His name is Loser.

    3. Dark Falzes have pretty much always different names than their hosts though.
      Gettemhart -> [Elder]
      Luther -> [Loser]
      Eucreta / Aurora -> [Apprentice]
      ??? -> [Double]
      MC -> [Persona]

      And tbh. Luther pretty much becomes a worthless individual once he becomes a DF so the name fits.

    4. It occurs to me I should say what the name IS… okay, so for example first, Elder's name is read as "Colossus" or "Large Being". Said as Elder, but written as that. Fits.

      Apprentice is, if I recall, "Young Person" or "Beautiful Person". I can't quite recall exactly. Double is simple and was like "Twins", being super obvious.

      Loser? "The one who lost", "Vanquished one". In other words….. the one who lost. A loser.

    5. @ISAMIONI>
      no. noone is going to stop referring to [loser] as [loser].
      look here, little clueless fellow:
      and now look here:
      as you can see, via these character bio cards from PSO2's official website, which print the names IN ENGLISH, when he's revealed his true nature as a falz, his name is Loser.

      now you can stop whining about people calling him by his name, because you are properly informed.
      yeesh… I thought the meme about the western community making it up was debunked years ago. those bios are from ep3's lifetime, ffs.

    6. It should be noted, for the boss fights, their names are spelled out in katakana.

      Elder is ダークファルス・エルダー, while Loser is ダークファルス・ルーサー. It's spelled the exact same way, except when it's 【敗者】, when it's said the same way as Luther, which is spoken the same way as Loser.

      In short, Luther = Loser.

    7. yeah we getcha, his actual name is Dark Falz Luther; but the original translation team saw the "Loser" pun PS Crew made there and felt they had to preserve it somehow

    8. to JUNANAGOU:
      In PSO2 there're no such usages as Dark Falz + bracket. Every name that uses Dark Falz has Interpunct before name [which is written in katakana]: エルダー, ダブル, ルーサー.
      to ROXADOO:
      I've already mentioned that katakana words have different hieroglyphs for S and Z lines. Same as Peter[ピーター] is not Beater[ビーター] or Heater [ヒーター].
      to -Z-:
      Thanks for clarifying this to me…I've skipped omnibus quest cutscenes [they didn't share translation with ep1-3…at least when I was doing them for campaigns] and I haven't noticed that his bracketed version was Haisha that appeared to mean Loser.
      to XROS:
      What's pretty weird tho, [Haisha] appears for the first time in chat bubble when Luther turns into Dark Falz, tho he didn't look disappointed on that fact [probably realizing that Profound Darkness was a failed attempt to copy Xion thus becoming part of it would probably lead to becoming omniscient].

      It would be more logical if [Haisha] (as name) appeared after Luther was killed by Regius and devoured by [Double] who'd call him loser/haisha for dying so fast [without brackets]. And then it would become a logical explanation for "[haisha] doppelganger" enemy appearance created by those who gave him that kind of name.

    9. @ISAMIONI – I was sure they had been written that way at a time. Well, it appears I dreamt. =/

    10. Luther is a host to dark falz Loser, its not Luther that is called Loser, its dark falz that eroded his body.

      Arks and Dark Falzes don't WRITE エルダ or ダブル or ペルソナ to refer to dark falz. Thats what you hear, but in text form it will be【巨躯】,【双子】and 【仮面】. Its peculiar that they also never pronounce "futago" for instance, its always "daburu" in voice.
      You're confused at Luther because DF name pronunciation clashes with the name of the host.
      You can only see romaji written エルダ on the name of the particular "enemy", because thats how notation for enemies work.

      So, there are four naming cases: original character name – dark falz written name in brackets – dark falz pronounced name – name of the game enemy.

    11. The latest story episode is called "Investigation of Loser", don't you feel dumb now?

  2. Thanks for the information (and look after yourself). "Knowledge Personified Collection (You can suggest a better name)." Doesn't 'All-knowing Collection' sound better ?

    1. Was it presented as a title that translated to that? Or is the "Knowledge personified" part a description? If it's the second, then we could use "Gnosis" (greek for Knowledge)

  3. So for the switch, we can download it now, and we need to link our account to it before the game goes live? Any idea how to do that?

  4. Just a heads up, the shortcut word only seems to work if the numbers are in full-width, like so:


  5. FWIW, it's probably supposed to be "apregina", insofar as "regina" meaning queen and apprentice being the queen of her hive of bugs. portmanteau of "apprentice" and "regina". (would the "apprentice" of a queen be a princess…?)

    it's little suprise that double's face is unhidden… but I do wonder where the catch is. could the twins start out not being evil and then be corrupted after the fact? we don't know anything at all about double pre-falz after all… but where there's double, there's trolling, so.
    and margaretha's appearance means they're keeping it under wraps whether we're gonna see not!aurora or not!oldprentice. what curveball shall they throw us…?

  6. Kinda disappointed they haven't gone into detail on the upcoming news Skills, PA and Compounds / Technics. Guess next Live stream is gonna have them.

  7. will any online western site be selling the card game items? i must own the limited edition collection box set that playmat needs to be in my life.

  8. so that's … what, around 22% of the playerbase clearing the newest xtreme cancer? one wonders the cause of the low participation rate, whether to do with people losing concern for the flag or whether to do with the playerbase falloff that ep5's messy start has caused, or something else.

    >pushing back the PA/techs
    hisssss. primrarily about the wand PA.

    1. Because pso2 has become boring, very boring, always the same recycled content again and again, it's a farm game only, farm and play is not necessarily the same thing and many players are fed up with this.
      They still do not understand that they have to propose new difficulties for the complete game and not just an XQ or something closed.

    2. @CYD
      You just described literally every online games ever exist that go for more than 1 year. What's the differences between new diff level, which probably only have more HP and attack, with the new XQ? It's the exact same thing.

    3. Hey, maybe you're right, maybe its like every other online game now, like those many online games that people didn't play and prefer to go to Pso2 instead all this time. Good thing its not different anymore, eh!

    4. What? PSO2 has that kind of draw power? I mean ever since beta i always play this game in conjuction with other games till now. Yes, it feels like other games from beta till now.

    5. Its not the difficulty itself that people miss, its the progression as a whole that comes with it. Separate difficulty meant a lot of implications for next gear level, revisiting fields, likely a new field too to go with increased level cap. We had lvlcap last year, and there will be another one soon, and it does absolutely nothing for progression or anything really. In fact it will be the first time when players will OUTLEVEL all existing enemies in the game.
      Its been two years on low gears, where game relied severely on overhauls, scheduled events and raids, and the only progression in here would be replacing one sidegrade with another and hoarding different sorts of 13stars for fodder. We have arrived to a situation where you collect badges to get singular 14s in the game through logging in.
      Two years is a big time, considering how much has happened between ep1 and ep3. Things seem to get better this spring-summer, but if they're planning to flatline back into events for the rest of the year, then its not exactly the same fun as back then.
      Its cute that you want to defend current mediocrity by saying that it was never good in the first place, but take notice that this is the first episode that audibly annoyed the japanese as well.

  9. What initially made PSO2 appealing and lasting was conjunction of DMC-like combat and randomly generated maze-like maps.
    After Episode 3 they first did away with maps and then with Summoner they did away with combat, leaving all new content being some generic WOW-clone tier where you have the same map with the same layout every time and combat system where you just point at enemies' general direction and game fights them itself.

    Then in EP5 they completely removed maps leaving us with big flat square without any geometry. Buster quests are even flatter and blander than OG tower defense EQs.
    And while Hero does feel like sort of return to the original combat concept, it feels more like dynasty warriors class than DMC class. It's fast and flashy, but you just mash buttons and win. You can't just mash buttons and win with say Gunner or Fighter.

    Kimura has to go back, return to 2014 and tell his team to start making complex randomly generated maps and complex fun to use classes, not brain-dead generic mmo non-content.

    1. It should be like that from the beginning of the mess. But knowing the (majority of) players want big numbers for damage and 'easy play easy win' method, they end up with these stuffs.

      So, in the end one can say that it's due to fulfilling player 'needs'. Well, since player nowadays want imba everything they like and complain to nerf everything they hate. "Oh i like this class/hero/unit pls buff him more and more" and "Meh i hate this guy, nerf him pls." often happens.

      Remember that people want challenging content, then sega gives them the content. It end up with asking for nerf or low participation and clear rate. So might be wondering if the portion of people asking for challenge are also the one that ask for nerf because they can't clear it while slacking.

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