PSO2 Station #23 Recap

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September 8th Stream

Ultimate Quest Lillipa Renewal

  • Dark Empe Rappy Can Appear
  • Recovers Dark Blast Usage when defeated.

Ultimate Quest: Naberius Renewal

  • Dark Empe Rappy Can Appear.

Regiment of the Wicked

  • Acht Series Factor: PP Consumption Reduced when [Just Attacking] different PAs/Technics (S2)

Perpetual Madness Buster Quest

  • Can be cleared 2 times.
  • Charailah Series Potential is related to Double's Dark Blast Form.
  • (Charailah still needs spelling suggestions)

New 12 Star Unit (Perpetual Madness Buster Quest)

  • The unit will drop from Omega Hunar type enemies. It can also drop in Enchanted Forest, etc.

PSO2es: Quick Search

  • Made adjustments to ★13 appearance rate.
  • Added ★14 Weapons.
  • Implemented approx Sep ~ Oct or something.

Elder Pain Omega

  • They are thinking about making Elder Pain Omega easier to obtain through drops in the future.

Las Vegas Advance Quest

  • At present, they currently have no plans for a Las Vegas Advance Quest.

Dark Blast Extending Weapon

  • A person requested having a weapon with a potential that extends the duration of all Dark Blasts. They're looking into some way of addressing this request.

Hero's Coat Series Weapon

  • A person wanted to know if we're getting Hero's [Coat] Weapon Series from the Story as a weapon camo. They think you'll be able to get it eventually when the story settles down.

Seasonal EQ Item Revival?

  • A person wanted to know if we'll have a chance to receive Steady Parfait again. They responded that they'll plan for an opportunity to obtain limited emergency quest items. They think they might do a follow-up report regarding this in the future.

Most commonly equipped 14★ Weapons at Lv.80+

  • Sword: Atra Farder
  • Wired Lance: Quelle Glitter
  • Partizan: Gilde Girola
  • Twin Daggers: Appress Grudge Omega
  • Double Saber: Quelle Scarlette
  • Knuckles: Gear Experience
  • Katana: Kazami-no-tachi
  • Dual Blades: Jupiter Tullus
  • Gunslash: Atra Ars
  • Assault Rifle: Spread Needle
  • Launcher: Yasminkov 4000FJ
  • Twin Machineguns: Atra Radda
  • Bullet Bow: Atra Agria
  • Rod: Eternal Psycho Drive
  • Talis: Demonia Talis
  • Wand: Lavis Cannon
  • Jet Boots: Zirenheit-NT
  • Takt: Rykros Staff


Early October Balance Adjustments

Click Here For Latest Balance Adjustments





August 28th Stream

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below in chat to receive prizes.
  • 夏休み最後の夜は長時間放送を視よう
  • Rewards include
    • Nasunacan's Nasu Voice Tickets
    • Nasunacan's Nakanishi's Voice Tickets
    • Nasunacan's Sweet & Sour Pork (x5)
  • You have until September 5th's Maintenance to complete this task.




Early September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby & Bingo ( ~10/10)
  • Bow Weapon Camo (Bingo Reward)
  • Ultimate Lillipa Renewal
    • Random Lv 85 Enemies.
    • Enemy Stat Adjustments.

Early September Update

  • PSO2es Election Weaponoids will appear in the lobby.
  • You can get their partner cards if you clear their client orders.
  • You can obtain items like Niren Kamui-NT and Lightning Espada-NT through Client Order Rewards and the Exchange Shop.
  • You can also obtain their weapon camos through Emergency Trials.
  • The Exchange Shop will also contain items such as Gram weapon camos.


Early September Update

  • Galaxy Weaponoid (AC Scratch)
  • Weaponoid Costumes from the General Election.
  • Weaponoid Pose 1 ~ 4 Lobby Actions
  • Posters will also be available.


Early September Update

  • Regiment of the Wicked 2018 (EQ)
  • Kuronians and Toy Darkers will appear.
  • PSO2es Weaponoid E-Trials are also available.
  • Izane/Empe Rappy has a chance to appear.
  • The final boss will be the [Moonlight Guar Zigmorde] & [Moonlight Gigur Gunnegam]


Early September Update

  • Regiment 2018 Collection
    • Acht Weapon Series
  • Regiment of the Wicked 2018 Partial Drop List
    • Black Rappy Suit Mini
    • ★14 Knuckles [Powerful Blow]


Late September Update

  • Soul of Reincarnation (AC Scratch)
  • Luce will have 2 Costumes
  • Accessories, Hairstyles, and Posters will also be available.
  • Lobby Action Contest Winners
    • Weapon Stance
    • Two Shot (A photograph of 2 people)
    • Dangling


Late September Update

  • Soul of Reincarnation (AC Scratch)
  • Es-Ars Civilian Wear
  • Flo and Clarissa Outfits
  • Flo and Frau Pose (Lobby Action)


Late September Update

  • Buster Emergency Quest: Perpetual Madness
  • An 8 Player Buster EQ on a New Map with New Gimmicks
  • You can heal a tower with the [Healing Cannon]
  • Different types of Darkers will appear.
  • There could even be a Double Accident.


Late September Update

  • Omega Dourumble will appear!
  • Devil Castle Buster Valace will have new attacks.
  • Protect the towers from the enemy's attacks!

Late September Update

  • Perpetual Madness Collection
    • Shalailah Weapon Series (You can Suggest A Better Name)
  • New ★14 Weapons [Daggers of Gibril] & [Boots of Gibril]
    • Photon Color Changeable
  • New ★12 Units


Late September Update

  • The Buster Medal Shop will be updated with new items.
    • Rappy Star Coat
    • Rappy Star Dress
    • Rappy Star Band (Acc)
    • Rear / Rappy Shine +10
      • Rappy Soul
      • Arm V
      • Shot Resist V
      • Spirita II?
      • Blow Resist V
      • Mind Resist V
  • Ultimate Naberius Renewal
    • Random Level 85 Enemies
    • Enemy Stat Adjustments


PSO2es Update

  • New Season 3 Story Quest
  • Akhtar's true character will be revealed.
  • If you clear this quest to the end you'll receive a new chip.
    • Destiny Confronting Gene
  • Leisure Coin Exchange Shop (Sep 1st)
    • Greatsword Pose (Lobby Action)


PSO2es Update (September 19th)

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Collaboration

  • Claude
  • Riley
  • Raz
  • Kai
  • Minerva
  • Crymaria
  • Ragnarok
  • Fenrir

PSO2es Update

  • Austere Galland (9/12)
  • Nemesis Saber (8/29)
  • Axeon (9/19)


PSO2es Update

  • Lightning Espada [Moonlight] (9/12) (Special Quest)
  • Ares Rifle (9/1) (Exchange Shop)
  • Dalz Soleid (8/29)
  • Seiga Launcher (9/5)
  • Demolition Comet (9/12)

PSO2es Update

  • Nemesis Saber (Side Story) 8/29
  • Lightning Espada [Moonlight] (Side Story) 9/12
  • Akhtar (Side Story) 9/12
  • Ark Flan (Side Story) 9/19

Weaponoid Potentials (8/29)

  • Fighting Beat-NT / Shooting Drive / Assassin Claw-NT


PSO2es Events

  • Clan of Nemesis and Slave (Series Quest) 8/29
  • Nove Ringadarl Emergency Quest
    • Arion Series / Raete Series
    • Gen Oboroyo Chip
  • Special Quest: AAF Election: Moonlight Knight
    • Obtain Lightning Espada [Moonlight] (Basks in Moonlight)


PSO2es Update

  • Koi & Yakan & Gene & Duna Chip
    • 8/29~ Login Present
  • If you purchase the Four Cell Manga [Phantasy Star Online 2 es Koi & Yakan Galaxy], you'll receive [Koi Yakan Memories] and a mat.


PSO2es Update

  • If you purchase [Dengeki G's Comic] October issue that goes on sale August 30th, you'll receive [Koi Yakan Memories] and a mat.
  • You can trade in the [Koi Yakan Memories] for an LA or other mats.



PSO2 Cloud

  • The Nintendo Switch version of PSO2 will finally gain support for 60 fps. This update is scheduled for mid September.


PSO2 x Border Break

  • PSO2 Weapons will appear in the PS4 version of Border Break
    • Muse Frau, Saint Beam, Clarissa III
  • Guld Milla and Double Rappy Canon that appeared in the Arcade version will also make an appearance on the Playstation 4 version of Border Break


Dollfie Dream Matoi

  • Price: 92,000 Yen ( ≈ $827 USD)
  • Sales Date: September 8th (Volks Shop)


PSO2 x OIOI Collaboration

  • OIOI aka Marui will be selling PSO2 merchandise for a limited time.
  • Various items will be sold: T-Shirts, Jackets, Badges, Bags, Pens, etc.
  • The shop will debut at the Shinjuku Marui Annex (9/15 ~ 9/24)
  • Afterwards it will move to other Marui stores around Japan.
  • It will also be available on the Marui Web Channel


PSO2 x OIOI Collaboration

  • If you spend 3000+ Yen at the limited shop, you'll receive item codes for Bonus Key Tokyo Gold, +150% Tribooster, and +150% EX Tribooster.
  • Those who enter this Item Code during the campaign period, will receive the [Marui Pose] lobby action at a later date.



Monster Hunter x PSO2

PSO2 x Monster Hunter Frontier Z Collaboration

  • Eruzerion from MonHun will appear in PSO2
  • The Partnya Suit will also appear.
  • An early demo will be available at the Tokyo Game Show 2018


Double Dark Blast

~The 4th Transformation Releases October ~



IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga & PSO2 Linkage

  • You can earn IDOLA Points for each day you play IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga
  • You can use these points to obtain special items for PSO2.

PSO2 Item Get Campaign (Currently Running)

  • Pre-Register for IDOLA using the same SEGA ID you use for PSO2 and receive 100 Star Gems and 100 Conquerer's Crests at a later date.


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • After amassing 100,000 Pre-Registrations, the ★5 Quna Character will be awarded to everyone who pre-registered.


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Quna will also have a [Side Story Quest] in IDOLA!


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Quna will play as the rare class [Bard] in IDOLA.
  • She has special moves like [Bravery Flow] that attacks enemies with notes from her guitar, and [Healing Beat] where she does a little dance to heal her allies.


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • The Pre-Registration Campaign isn't over just yet! A new reward was recently added! If IDOLA amasses 200,000 Pre-Registrations, players will receive the エリュシオン (Elysion) Weapon Symbol.


26 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #23 Recap”

  1. I know that servers will close someday, but I want to play PSO2 forever. Or at least until I die.
    Do you think Sega will patch in some post-service availability like offline mode from previous games? Or maybe public server code?
    I know that private servers are illegal, but I almost wish PSO2 would get one or two after its official closure.
    Also congrats to all switch players that will finally be able to play it in 60 fps glory.
    120 fps support for PS4 when?

    1. I'd love to see that. A lot of stuff already happens on the client, such as mob enemy UI, character movements and attacks.

      There was already a project to make server software for PSO2, but I don't know what happened with that.

    2. There's technically a private server that's far from being very playable, but by the time PSO2 shuts down, who knows?

    3. if they will close PSO2 server, then why they release the Nintendo Switch? i sure someday they will make another Episode again… i think… 🙁

    4. Because they mentioned 10 years long business plan in some interviews as well as admitting that engine did not aged all that well and it's increasingly difficult to introduce new classes with new gameplay mechanics.

    5. nobody said "ten year business plan". they said "we want it to last ten years". westerners have been attaching their own ideas ever since, usually as excuse for whatever crap they're bitching about on any given day.

  2. MHF might not have a western release, but apparently there was a westernized spelling (Why? Because it's cool, Japanese does that sometimes) of that new collab monster: Elzelion, spelled with L. Please take it into consideration.

  3. >let's make sacbite into a PP recovery tool instead of a powerup
    >because after all the increases to PP recovery-on-hit and such clearly HU sword's problem is PP
    >it can't have anything to do with the global mediocrity of it's PA output or anything
    >so just buffing things enough to offset the loss of damageboost from sacbite should totally be enough, right?
    and so, eyes rolled across entire towns. thanks for nothing, sega. (and don't give me "oh but ingnite's DPS is good!", that is dependant on a tight parry frame to be worthwhile and you can't parry anything during boss stun phases anyway)

    >while GU gets point relief it doesn't even need, and HU still hasn't gotten any in years but has at least five skills that could seriously use the "5pt max" treatment
    >while BO finally gets some actual buffs via the new mobility options with jetboots and all that jazz
    >while BR gets new mobility and a touch of the point relief they need to actually be able to use both weapons at once, and stops needing an outdated weapon to improve the cooldown on a skill bow is overdependant on
    >while FO gets penalized less for not using EPD (admittedly -after- they made it something you can get as a matter of time instead of a matter of RNG fuckery)

    no wonder the canon player character switched to Hr.

    1. Both Bow and JB get huge flexibility improvements and nothing at all improved about the incredibly sluggish Wand. I guess no one at Sega bothered to unequip Lavis in a long time.

      Techs still suck completely on Te. There is still no reason for Te to equip Talis outside of Anga and Phaleg. Both Problems could be easily fixed by giving Te a mainclass Talis exclusive Element Conversion which also grants PP Charge Revival. But eh fuck it that'd require Sega to play the class to notice the issue.

    2. So many complain, yet why are you still play this again?

      I glad jet boots got lots buff, especially Gran Wave dash. Because it's so awkward dashing toward enemy while cannot turning corner I have to relay using Safoie-0 to do a quick corner turning toward mob. This dash buff will also effect on battle arena jet boost in the future.

    3. *hurr durr why ya'll still playing when complaining*

      If we didn't complain Regular classes would still be stuck in their pre-EP5 state. You have to realize that a lot of fixes Sega has done would never happen if everyone were happy 100% of the time due to Sega's "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach.

    4. @ATKH: Who tells you that those who complain here are playing? Like me, they may have stopped months ago but still come here to see the news, and, like me, do it sarcastically because anyway there is nothing else to do to this game, but I admit that pso2 is filled with whiner who should rather stop this game, it would be the best lesson to give to Sega.

      Do they plan to finish their adjustments before 2030 or ?

  4. "If we didn’t complain Regular classes would still be stuck in their pre-EP5 state."

    We already got tons buff for regular class, like updating buff for 3-4 times. And yet some of you guys still complaining. In the end, no one satisfied and keep asking for more.

    1. Ok? That doesn't change the fact that the stuff we mentioned still wasn't being taken care of despite them being issues that existed for a long time. With how amazing the changes are to JB and BB I expected similar treatment to Wands, because they really need it, but Sega seems to think slapping Heavy Hammer on it fixed the class in it's entirety despite a lot of Japanese 6th anniversary interview Q&A's practically begging for information on future Wand PA/improvements.

    2. This IS the example keeping asking about more. When Hr release last year, everyone complain Hr too op because too easy to use, or keep dreaming about next advance class coming. Now most regular classes are powerful, or more powerful than Hr, yet someone still not satisfied.

      Before simple compound and hammer smash update, people complain about Te was a slave buff without lavis cannon. Now has simple compound and wand pa, some still not satisfied keep asking more for improvement.

      I wanna say is, people are greedy keep asking more and never satisfied in the 1st place.

    3. Simple compounds are a Fo buff, not a Te buff.
      Te doesnt have the Damage multipliers to make them work properly and the high PP costs make the added utility moot.
      At most Te got a tool to stay in the air easier during magatsu but gameplay wise thats about it.
      You‘d have known that if you played the class. Te is still a buff slave and Lavis is the only wand that makes bonking fun and competitive

  5. Um …. around 39:24 on livestream (the one about information, Q&A section) …. it's about Collection File, right?
    Any translation for that part? o-o

    Thanks! 😀

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