Oct 10th 2018 – Balance Changes

Episode 5: Balance Adjustments

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2018 Feb 21st Oct 10th    


Some adjustments were slightly altered from the previous livestream.


Hunter Adjustments

PA: Sacrifice Bite + Sacrifice Bite Type-0 Effect Adjustments

  • The effect will not vanish from your Swords when switching weapons.
  • The effect has changed to restore PP upon the PA's hit, as well as provide a [Minor Natural PP Recovery Effect] for a limited time.
    ※Due to this, the [Power Up Effect] provided by the PA has been removed.

Hunter: Sword Attacks

  • Increased Sword's power for all of its attacks.
    ※With this adjustment, the final power will be (greater than or equal to) as if using Sacrifice Bite before this update.

Hu Sword Normal Attacks

  • Increased Power

PA: Rising Edge

  • Increased power
  • Adjusted the power distribution, and upgraded the power in non-charge and first stage of charge
  • Relaxed Just Attack Timing

PA: Twister Fall + Twister Fall Type-0

  • Increased power

PA: Nova Strike

  • Increased power

PA: Ride Slasher

  • Increased power

PA: Overend

  • Increased power

PA: Stun Concido

  • Increased power
  • Relaxed Just Attack Timing

PA: Sonic Arrow

  • Increased power
    ※Also Applies to Skill Ring [JG Sonic Arrow]

PA: Cruel Throw

  • Increased power

PA: Guilty Break

  • Increased power
  • Reduced charge time

PA: Sacrifice Bite + Sacrifice Bite Type-0

  • Increased power

PA: Ignition Parry

  • Increased power
  • Increased power of successful counter

Just Guard

  • Increased power


Ranger Adjustments

Skill: Dive Roll Shoot

  • You can now cancel by jumping during Dive Roll Shoot with Launcher.


Gunner Adjustments

Skill: Dive Roll Shoot

  • You can now cancel by jumping during Dive Roll Shoot with TMGs.

Skill: Zero Range Advance 2 

  • Max Skill Level will now be Level 5. Each level will be adjusted accordingly.


Force Adjustments

Skill: Elemental Conversion

  • Different Element Conversion Rate will be 45% at Level 5
  • Same Element Conversion Rate will be 50% for Levels 1 ~ 5.
    ※Eternal Operation Device & S4: Refined Providence's [Different Element Conversion Rate] will be adjusted so that the final damage will be the same as prior to this adjustment.


Braver Adjustments

PAs: Master Shoot / Penetrate Arrow / Banish Arrow

  • Adjusted so that you can attack and move with directional input.

PA: Chase Arrow

  • Relaxed the timing you start falling

Skill: Rapid Shoot

  • Cooldown is now set to 110 seconds.

Skill: Combat Escape / Katana Gear Boost / Bullet Bow Charge Bonus

  • Max Skill Level will now be Level 1. Effect values will be adjusted accordingly.

Skill: Snatch Step

  • Buffed its power and added a PP recovery effect.


Bouncer Adjustments

Jet Boots In General

  • When you perform the derivative action during Step, the normal attack derivative will occur.
  • It's now possible to move during normal attack's derivative and improved its JA opportunity.
  • It's now possible to move during the weapon action. The Just Attack timing has been relaxed as well.
  • Relaxed the Jump Cancellation timing during Step Attacks
  • The attached element will no longer be discarded if the Jet Boots Gear became empty.

Jet Boots Normal Attack

  • Increased power

PA: Gran Wave

  • Made it possible to turn during the rushing phase.
  • Improved JA Timing and Step Cancellation timing

PA: Strike Gust Type-0

  • Increase power
  • Improved JA Timing during attack
  • Improved the timing when Step becomes possible.

PA: Distract Wing

  • Made it possible to turn during the rushing phase.

Skill: Break SD Bonus

  • Increased the effect


Summoner Adjustments

Skill: Alter Ego Harmony

  • The player will no longer become invincible while using Alter Ego.
  • The player will be granted with Super Armor status instead.
  • 20% Received Damage Cut for Pets.
  • 80% Received Damage Cut for Players.
  • Status Effects and Stuns will be negated.
  • 50% (Transmitted) Damage Cut from Pets

Relaxed Difficulty in Obtaining Candy & ★13 Pets


Technique Adjustments

Re Fomelgia

  • Decreased the initial PP cost.
  • Increased its power during the rushing phase.


Item Adjustments

L Rings: Air Reversal / Step Jump / Step JA Combo / J Reversal JA Combo

  • Will now be added into the skill tree for each class.
  • The skill unlocks when you reach a certain class level.
  • The skill will not require skill points.
  • Corresponding rings will be removed from the Ring Shop.

Divine Raikou

  • In regards to the "Rapid Shoot" skill itself, its cooldown will be adjusted to match Raikou's Lv.3 Potential prior to this update.
  • In exchange for the above situation, Raikou's potential will instead change to a [Damage Increasing] effect during Rapid Shoot.


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