IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Battle System and Mechanics

The Forces of Law & Chaos

In the world of [Idola: Phantasy Star Saga], are two forces that compete for dominance. Characters within this world follow one of these paths.


Characters who follow the rule of "Law" value order and justice. These characters typically hold skills in healing and protecting allies. 


Characters under "Chaos" value freedom from restraints. These characters have high attack power and posses status effect abilities.


Some characters have decided to remain in a "Neutral" position and are neither Law nor Chaos. These rare characters can join up with any party.


New Characters

Rosalinde (CV: Mikako Komatsu)

  • An imperial princess who manages the 'Law" side of the Aries Knight's commando unit.


Jasper (CV: Soma Saito)

  • The former leader of a group of bandits who now manages the "Chaos" side of the Aries Knight's commando unit.


Battle System

Phantasy Star Saga returns to the series roots by offering a command style battle system. When you choose a method of attack, the character will automatically target an enemy with an advantageous element. You can also perform a concentrated attack by specifying the target.

There are various settings you can choose from such as [2x Speed Battle], [Auto Battle], and [Skipping Elemental Blasts].


During battle, the elemental value will increase based on the various actions that characters perform and by the element of the defeated enemy. This will lead to advanced skills and even strengthen your normal attacks.


Consuming your Elemental Value allows you to release an [Elemental Blast], a special move inherent to the character.


Stella's Elemental Blast, [Aries Starlight], deals heavy damage while recovering the party's HP.


Uly's Elemental Blast, [Mark Star Riser], damages the enemy with a series of slashes.


Switching Parties

During battle you can switch between parties of Law and Chaos.


Switching between these parties can unleash an all out attack called [Reverse Rush]. Use this power to change the tides of battle!


Fate Divergence

Fate Divergence Idola Phantasy Star Saga

Fate Divergence is a special event that occurs once a character reaches their max [Bond level]. This allows the player to choose the path of either "Law" or "Chaos" for that character. If you're not happy with your selection, you can change their fate again by using certain items.


Whichever path you choose for them will not only change the character's appearance, but also their skills and elemental blast.


Fate Divergence can also change the tactics used in battle. For example, if a Chaos Wizard diverts to Law, then the attack power for Law will be strengthened. If a Lawful Knight diverts to Chaos, then they'll place themselves in the defensive role.


Fate Divergence also changes the conclusion to a character's story.


A Chaos Version of Stella!?


Idola Battle

Idola Battles are raids where you join forces with friends and players nationwide to defeat the Idola.


However, Phantasy Star Saga has one other trick up its sleeve. For the first time ever, you can become an Idola and battle other players.


Idola Battle

  • If you're [Battling the Idola], you'll earn a bonus if you defeat them.
  • If you're [Playing as the Idola], you'll earn bonuses as you defeat many players.

Even Idola vs Idola battles are possible within the story and other quests.


The Various Idola

Various kinds of Idola are available within the game.

  • Aries: Excels in Defense and Recovery
  • Leo: Has overwhelming destructive power.
  • Gemini: Has phantasmagoric dual-style attacks.


Some lower ranking Idola include:

  • Chamaileōn: An Element Changing Idola
  • Lupus: A quick witted and agile fighter.
  • Cetus: Attacks with devastating rays.

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  1. You've put waaay too much effort in this post mate, I don't think anyone care about this game if the rating of the last YouTube video is of any indication.

    1. As a Phantasy Star fan, I like to know about the different series just so I have the option to see what it is like so I can decide whether or not to play it. Personally, I appreciate the effort put into this post. But that's just me.

    2. It's their and your choice to not like this game but i do *care* and you shouldn't put a word over my mouth. Just like how EP5 got so many dislike but a lot of people still enjoy it regardless.

  2. This game would be super cool if it wasn't a mobage cashcow pretending to be a celebration of 30 years Phantasy Star

    1. This. The Law and Chaos gimmicks look cool at first glance but I bet there will be higher level stuff where you can only use one of the 2 and if your party ain't good enough you'll need to roll for characters

  3. I was somewhat interested to see if this was going to incorporate at least some mechanics from PSIV into it, but I'm not seeing any aside from "its turn based combat with a party", so yeah it's mostly a FGO clone then; I wouldn't mind that if they didn't try to pass it off as a game for fans of the older games.

    1. Other than being tunr based and having similar type of character sprite i don't see anything similar to FGO. Then again, FGo itself is a copy of a lot other turn based games before it.

    2. If Phantasy Star returned to its pure J-RPG origins, wouldn't it be called a Final Fantasy clone then? (Although it came waaay before FF, but nvm).

      I agree that they could ressurrect the combo system tho. That was pretty cool.

    3. Maybe I don't fully understand fgo but from what I've played of it the only thing that's similar is the turn based combat and the idk what idola calls it but the craft essenses but id say idola has at least a little more depth and I think characters matter alot more here than in fgo I played through fgo grinding it through cus a friend wanted me to play with him after world 7-8 I was just done as the combat lacks any sort of thought I basicly blazed through the whole game with one character and almost any other characters I got seemed practically useless I can see the comparison but I think they put in some level of thought for idola with the switching mechanics buffs and heals and I just feel comparing anything to fgo is kinda just sucky as fgo is maybe one of the worst mobile games I've ever played in my life. Again maybe I'm playing it wrong but I was able to go through a load of game content without any knowledge that I may be missing indicating that fgo has some serious flaws not defending idola just hate fgo for wasting my time

  4. Well I forgot to pre-register after I failed so many times on the captcha. It's useless for me to register now I guess.

    1. Pre-registration is still ongoing. You can still get all the goodies if you sign-up. They still haven't announced when pre-registration will close or even when the game will launch.

  5. aside to those who aren't kneejerk hatebombing, in case you were wondering – mainchara dude is being listed as "Uly" now because his proper name is apparently Ulysses.

    1. The first time I saw Eusis (PS2) romanization, I thought Yusis was shortening for Ulysses. I know it sounds ridiculous now, but I was young then and it's just a small coincidence I wanted to share.

  6. why is everyone keep bothering about this game (for everything) ?, when the rest of franchise itself has more suffered than this.

    1. How has the rest of the franchise suffered?
      The only low point of Phantasy Star was Universe, and even then that's way better than this mobile slot machine.

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