Grab Weaponoid Camos, Outfits, and Partner Cards In PSO2

~~ September 12th, 2018 ~~


Regiment of the Wicked 2018

Autumn's staple Emergency Quest returns for another round of Darker and Kuronite suppression. This year's iteration changes the quest structure and offers new item drops such as the ★14 Knuckles "Powerful Blow" along with the "Black Rappy Suit Mini." Joining the fray are Weaponoid characters from PSO2es who might give out special rewards if you complete their Emergency Trials.


パワフルブロウ | Powerful Blow


Regiment 2018 Collection

Our latest Collection File features weapons inspired by the "Hiei" designs. These "Acht" weapons are golden in color, covering Sword, Double Saber, Assault Rifle and Wand within the collection file. In addition, the collection will also contain ★13 eggs for Synchro, Jinga, and Viola. 


Otsukimi Bingo 2018

This year's bingo focuses on Emergency Quest enemies and Weaponoid client orders. As you progress towards completing the objectives, you'll receive rewards such as [Leontina's Certificate] and [*Hikarimaizuru].


Ultimate Lillipa

Next up in line for the Ultimate Quest renewal is Planet Lillipa! This update adjusts enemy stats and provides the chance for Lv. 85 enemies to appear. Joining the lineup is Dark Empe Rappy, who can refill Dark Blast usage upon defeat.

Weaponoids Event

The winners of the Weaponoid General Election, Twin Kamui, Lightning Espada, Shooting Drive, Nox Cadina, and Lavis Blade, will all make their appearance as NPCs in the Shopping Area. Complete their client orders to not only unlock their partner cards, but to also receive [Lightning Espada-NT] and [Niren Kamui-NT] as actual weapons.


Niren Kamui also has an exchange shop, where one can trade [Rainbow Ribbons] for various items such as the weaponoid posters!


Fight alongside the Weaponoids for a chance to obtain their weapon camos. These Emergency Trials can appear in Regiment 2018, Advance Quest [Kuron], and all the Free Fields excluding [Enchanted Forest].


Weapon Camos



Galaxy Weaponoid (AC Scratch)

The top ranking outfits from last year's Weaponoid Costume General Election will have their outfits, hairstyles, accessories included within the scratch lineup. Players can even make their character pose just like Weaponoids in their chip artwork with four new lobby actions!


ニレンカムイF[Ba][In] | Niren Kamui F [Ba][In]
ライトニングE服・M | Lightning E Wear M
ライトニングE服2・M | Lightning E Wear 2 M
シューティングドライブ[Ba][In] | Shooting Drive [Ba][In]
ノクスカディナ[Ou][Ba] | Nox Cadina [Ou][Ba]
ラヴィス=ブレイド[Ba] | Lavis Blade [Ba]
442「ウェポノイドポーズ1」| Weaponoid Pose 1
442「ウェポノイドポーズ1」| Weaponoid Pose 1
444 「ウェポノイドポーズ3」 | Weaponoid Pose 3


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting 60fps support. This groundbreaking new feature will launch on September 12th.

7 thoughts to “Grab Weaponoid Camos, Outfits, and Partner Cards In PSO2”

  1. Wait, are the Weaponoid NPCs humanized versions of the weapons, or are the NPCs the characters of the players who designed them?

    1. Weaponoids are humanized versions of the weapons. They had a costume election last year, and the top 3 winners (except for 1), were made into NPCs based on their pso2es artwork.

  2. New *recycledEQname*! Now with *wownew14name* and *anotherColorMiniRappy*!
    The staggering amount of unique new content!

    1. The alternative is nothing… given the insane amount of work they dragged themselves into(a bit foolishly), they really can’t be giving too much atm.

      Still to blame though… they realy should of took the backlash seriously with BQ and Hero early on and started working on different things rather than sitting and waiting on a bomb. By the time they saw the effects they were clearly too far into development of stuff people didn’t want.

      In other words… we have this or nothing. It’s fine to be upset about the state of things but you gotta come to terms with what we’re dealing with

    2. That's your opinion Honesty.
      I love buster quest and buster EQ. I hate noobs who join them having Nox weapon +0 and think they'll be perfectly fine there at Grade 3 battle.
      What it exactly is lacking is good drop. Buster medals are good for SG and outfit only [if some1 likes that outfit at all].
      I can solo one lane with any class [All capped in one year since started last July]…but hey….3 other towers already broken cuz those assh*les put attack of all 3 of them and ignored beam-towers for whole match. *Applaud*

      LQ buster was boring tho…run forward…kill few packs of monsters…maybe kill hunar if he appears…and run directly to final stage…rip-off from BQ.
      Enchanted forest was boring too…just follow the corridor for 10 minutes to get no Elder Pain Omega in the end as always [while sometimes those dumbasses won't even aim sword in 50% cases and just kill Hunar instead].

  3. It's might look a bit remake because they just need to add rare enemies and make it be raid quest change with some re-make map and feature but still keep its atmosphere by not changing it too much and added new 14* to cover with it,
    And Dark Rappy Suit is what some japanese people always want to obtain so they report their opinion to SEGA or Idea, SEGA didn't even care about you guys outside japan they just want japanese people to feedback SEGA by some idea

    Why don't you just support them by reporting your idea to SEGA then, If you believe SEGA didnt make a unique content because some group people can always ran out of idea sometimes but still have to keep doing it insanity because it's their work..
    they work hard on this though… more than you think

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