PSO2:NGS JP Closed Beta Test Site Now Open

The Closed Beta Site for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is now open! Here you can view various details about the game with several YouTube recordings that explain certain features. The closed beta also has space for its own forums for players to communicate.

Players who were selected to participate in the closed beta can login at this website to get the installer to pre-download the game.

Closed Beta Test 1 Schedule

Time Time
January 29th 15:00 ~ 21:00
January 30th 15:00 ~ 25:00
January 31st 12:00 ~ 22:00

※Gameplay data from the 1st closed beta will be discarded and not carried into the 2nd closed beta.
※Participants will be given 20,000 Arks Cash to spend in the 1st Closed Beta.


Quick Recap: Fields

Thanks to the new graphics engine, PSO2: NGS will utilize vast open fields.

  • Exploration Section: A field mainly used for gathering materials.
  • Battle Section: A field mainly used for battling many enemies.


Exploration Sections

Exploration Sections will be indicated by a green icon next to the field's name. Not many enemies will spawn in this area, so you can safely gather materials at your own pace. However, please be aware that in rare circumstances, high level enemies and powerful bosses can spawn.


Battle Sections

Battle sections have a red icon next to the field's name. These are dangerous areas where many enemies will spawn. An "E-Marker" will also be displayed indicating the spawn locations of enemies.


Ryuker Device

Scattered across the field are Ryuker Devices. These devices give access to teleportation, storage, and block transfers.


Resta Signs and Reverser Signs

You can pick up Resta Signs and Reverser Signs to aid you in battle. Resta Signs will heal HP, while Reverser Signs can revive an incapacitated ally. Both of these can be placed on your sub-palette for quick access.


Gathering Materials

Vegetables, fruits, and ores can be obtained as gathering materials in the field. These items can be used for creating meals and grinding materials.


Time Passage

The strength of some enemies will be affected by the weather and time of day.  Bad weather situations, such as thunderstorms, could cause powerful enemies to spawn.



You can reach new heights when you photon glide on the updrafter.


Message Packs

A familiar staple from the Phantasy Star Online series return again in New Genesis. Access the message pack to learn helpful information.



There are three types of containers on the field. You can obtain items by destroying them. The number of red containers that spawn for each account is limited.


Quick Recap: Emergency Quests

Certain quests will spawn suddenly and are available for a limited time. Since these quests are quite dangerous, only players with a certain number of "fighting strength" can participate in emergency quests.

Sidenote: Fighting Strength is a new stat that combines your weapon and unit's performance with your character's stats. This stat will allow players to participate in certain quests, (such as EQs), as long as they meet the required threshold.


An announcement will be made about 15 minutes before an Emergency Quest occurs. The location of the quest will then be displayed on the world map. You can participate either at the location of the quest or by joining from within the World Map!


Let's join up with 8 players and take down the Pedas Vera!


16 thoughts to “PSO2:NGS JP Closed Beta Test Site Now Open”

  1. "Fighting Strength" should really emphasized more, since it's the answer to the life-long question of, well, fighting strength of players, that determines who's leeching, who's carrying, who's eligible for expert matching etc.
    Surely these systems are big sources of elitism of toxicity in other PVE games, but they also just work and allow hardcore players filter out casual ones and leeches to optimize their gameplay.

  2. To all those people who wanted JP server to play together with the global server, you should be happy that we remain split, or do you want the toxicity from the global server to infect JP as well and most importantly let's not forget about global's DOUBLE "Standards" for censoring.

    1. Yes having the JP server isolated from NA is a blessing
      The issue is the translations being up to date, but is a small price to filter the west

    2. Considering the Global team couldn't even translate "You can't use NSG costumes in PSO2 story scenes" correctly… yeah I'm happy for the split too.

    3. Boosts Hunter Katana Gear
      Malevolent Void Tigger
      Depth 1 Copleted
      Precision VI – Range Power +45
      Precision Will – Boosts Critical Hit Damage
      Precision Stance – Boosts damage when attack Weak Spots.

    4. What does Global have to do with this post at all? Living in that microscopic brain of yours, it kinda makes sense why they live rent free up there I suppose….?

    5. I don't understand what you mean about any Key Gameplay Features being censored. If dolling up your character to be featured in softporn is the only thing that remotely motivates you to play, I'm glad Fighting Strength is a thing to filter out those too broke from fashion to not have their priorities in order in an action rpg mmo.

      Stay in the city shouting for ERP.. Fuckin' Loser

    6. LMFAO, I love how you just jumped to the conclusion that I'm so kind of slacker that's into ERP just for mentioning "censorship" I have 2 chars, 1 male and 1 female, yes so what if I have a female char with a slightly revealing costume to show off some abs, that doesn't mean I go around and doll it up like you say. As for why I even mentioned global, this was just a reply to a past post that I recently checked out, because I obviously don't have as much free time as others have.

    7. Commenting people who want to focus on fashion as "dolling up your character to be featured in softporn", I'm glad that JP and NA is really separating the server to filter out cancerous/dirty minded guy like you. Have fun in NA server then, good day.

    8. What's wrong with "dolling up your character" anyways? Lol that's actually one of the biggest features PSO2 gives to players and is a big reason why people shell out money for scratches. It's not called Phasion star in Japan for no reason and NGS further expounds this feature with more options for character creation.

      Besides you'd be surprised, most whales I know who has end game affixes (the really expensive ones) usually have expensive fashion items slotted to make them stand out.

    1. Depends on whether sega wants to simply protect against m-m-m-maximum leeching where one doesnt even use store-bought weapon or if they want to follow the path of (failed) MMOs.

    2. You're already stuck with it in PSO2 as is, unless you're hardcore leech wearing ungrinded welfare units.

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