PSP2i DLC Item: Border Break

PSU Character Import Service to End!

On August 11th, 2011, the ability to import a character from the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Universe into the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Portable/Phantasy Star Portable 2/Infinity will end.  You can still acquire the title, "Former Guardian" by importing your PSP1 save into PSP2/PSP2i.


Another set of hard to translate names due to German influences. It's almost like PSO2 in PSP2i. Border Break is a Japanese Exclusive Arcade game featuring multiple robots battling each other. These items will release 7/14/2011.


クーガーⅠ型 バリエーションパック (Cougar I Model: Variation Pack)
Male Cast Parts (2 in one set)
300 Yen


LZ-ヴェスパイン LZ-Vespine
RIfle 50% Light
200 Yen


プラズマカノン・ネオ Plasma Canon Neo
50% Fire Laser Canon
200 Yen


SW – ティアダウナー SW – TearDowner
50% Ice Sword
200 Yen


LM-ジリオス LM- Sirius
Neutral Saber
200 Yen


ワイドスマック Widesmack
50% Ground Shotgun
200 Yen


Mission Codes

  • Name: Mother Break
  • Area:漆黒 Black
  • Boss: Mother Brain
  • Monster: Machinery / SEED
  • Effects: Enemy ACC x 1.10、Drop Rate +30%、Attribute Granted+4


  • Name: Entrusting Friendship
  • Area: 繚乱 Profusion
  • Boss: Adahna Degahna
  • Monster: Machinery / Neudaiz Primitive
  • Effects: Enemy ATK/TEC x 1.10、Reward Type Point x 1.50、Attribute Granted+5

Speaking of PSO2, in that email she sent, apparently Bonkohara wanted to show the "Character Make" screen but Sakai said no, that feature can't be shown until ______.  (Yes she censored it.)

This left 2ch speculating:

 ID:qZTiy7YO  キャラメイクはTGSか…αテストはキャラ固定ってことかな
Character Make screen at TGS? Alpha Test characters might be uneditable (fixed)?

ID:t3mWp+Ok αはデフォルトキャラでプレイって可能性も
In the alpha test there's a possibility we could play as default characters.

Sorry there's no way to know for sure officially when Sakai wants to show that screen at this time.

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