PSP2i DLC Item: Item Design Contest Volume 2

Winners from the Item Design Contest will have their outfits and weapons released this week at the Japanese Playstation Store! 

Item Design Contest Pack Volume 2

Croce Segmentata クローチェセグメンタータ (Female Parts)


Imperial Cross インペリアルクロス (Male Clothes or Parts)


Double Waber ダブル・ウェーバー  (Neutral Double Saber)
Ushinokoku ウシノコク (50% Dark Crossbow)
Grave To グレイヴトゥー (50% Dark Machine Gun)
Denial ディナイアル (50% Ground Saber)
Acknowledge エクノレッジ (50% Lightning Saber)
Revolution Will リパルション・ウィル (50% Ice Double Saber)
Unity Will ユナイティー・ウィル (50% Fire Twin Saber)
King of Vlad キングオブブラッド (50% Dark Twin Claw)
Sleipnir スレイプニル (50% Lightning Grenade)
Sengetsu センゲツ  (50% Light Axe)
Bigetsu ビゲツ (50% Ice Axe)

Item Design Contest Weapon and Costume Pack Volume Two releases on 4/7/2011 at the Japanese Playstation Store. Yes they are FREE of charge!


Double Waber Stat Modifier

When Ethan and Lumia are in the party, your stats increase!

Double Waber stats are modified by the presence of the Wabers. If you add Ethan to the party while the weapon is active, he adds 50 ATK to your stats. Lumia adds +50 DEF and +50 MND. The weapon also adds +10 STA automatically.


Stats dropped when Lumia and Ethan were kicked.


Mission Code

The Ancients' Calamity Revived 甦りし旧文明の災厄

  • Mission Code:The Ancients' Calamity Revived
  • Release Date: 4/07/2011
  • Area: Unexplored Region
  • Boss: Orga Spiritos
  • Monster: Neudaiz / SEED
  • Effects: Dark Weapons are 50% more likely to drop. Light Shields are 50% more likely to drop. Exp x 1.20

You can download this FUN FUN FUN Mission Code at the Japanese Playstation Store!


Toro and Kuro Infinity Adventure Diary

トロとクロの∞冒険日記 Toro and Kuro's Infinity Adventure Diary.

  • Name: Toro and Kuro's Infinity Adventure Diary
  • Release: 4/6/2011
  • Access: Story Mode
    Extra Mission > Clad 6 [エクストラミッション > クラッド6]
  • Description: Toro and Kuro have returned! After returning via subspace, Toro and Kuro want you to grant their wishes and achieve their ambitions. What kind of turmoil will they create this time?


Mission Information

This Toro and Kuro mission requires you to play more than once to get the true ending. To S Rank this mission it is essential to keep Toro (the white cat) alive when he is about to be crushed by the moving trap.  Also you will receive Toro and Kuro's partner cards even if you didn't play their first mission introduced in Portable 2.

When you play this mission a second time you'll have the option to donate 96,000 meseta to receive the Nyackles.


Within this mission you are able to receive the Nyackle featuring the heads of Toro and Kuro.


ToroStation  Terebi-san (Room Item)
9803 9803

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