PSP2i DLC Item: Sakura Wars and Nico Nico

Hello! Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity DLC will release on July 7th, 2011 JST.  Sakura Wars related Clothes and Weapons, the Nico Nico Item Design Contest Packs, and 3 Exclusive Mission Codes will be available to download. Next week we'll have a new mission as well as the distribution of a Shock* Collaboration Item.

*Corrected Dengeki to Shock


大神一郎スーツ Ichiro Ogami Suit
Male Clothes or Parts
300 Yen


真宮寺さくらドレス Sakura Shinguji Dress
Female Clothes or Parts
300 Yen


霊剣・荒鷹 Reiken Arataka
100% Light Saber
200 Yen


神刀滅却/光刀無形 Shintou-Mekkyaku and Koutou-Mukei
50% Lightning Twin Saber
200 Yen


太正桜に浪漫の嵐 A Storm of Romance Amidst Cherry Blossoms
Visual Unit
100 Yen


ハツハナツキ Hatsuhanatsuki
Female Clothes or Parts
FREE of Charge


ドレッドノート Dreadnought 50% Light Doublesaber
PFダイノバイト PF Dinobite 50% Fire Sword
メンティスマリー Maintismari 50% Light Shield
FREE of charge

Various DLC Images

Maintismari Blocking Effect


PF Dinobite


Shintou Mekyakku / Koutou Mukei


Hatsuhanatsuki Outfit


Mission Codes

  • Name: 天上の守護者 Protector of the Heavens
  • Area: 創生 Creation
  • Boss: Heaven Mother
  • Monster: Stateria / Humanoid
  • Effects: EXPx1.50、Enemy Boost Ratex3.0、Drop Rate+20%、Type Points x1.35


  • Name: さらば強き英雄よ Farewell Great Hero!
  • Area: 幻想: Illusion
  • Boss: Olga Flow Final Form
  • Monster: SEED / Machinery
  • Effects: EXP x 1.50、Enemy Boost x 3.0、Drop Rate+20%


  • Name: 還らざる魂の終わりに End of the Unreturning Soul
  • Area:  幻想 Illusions
  • Boss: Olga Flow First Form
  • Monster: Parum Primitive / Moatoob Primitive
  • Effects: Enemy HP x 0.8、Attribute Rate +3、Enemy ATK/TEC x 1.10、EXP x 1.5



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