PSP2i DLC: Maximum Attack Infinity IV

Last week we achieved 100% giga phone by amassing 49+ million kills. This week our reward weapon is Esperanza, whose goal is 55million kills. I think he's making it too easy for us.

Esperanza Twin Saber: 55 Mil Kills for 100%

At 50 million kills, our clear result reward weapons that you receive in the mission results screen will now have 30% ~ 50% elemental rate. But Sakai wrote we actually should aim for more than 60million kills this time, because another reward panel is waiting to be unlocked.


In Maximum Attack Infinity IV, players will battle on the ark, destroying SEED cores before they reach 100%. If they reach that amount, you will receive damage and your field of vision is slightly obstructed with a purple haze.


This time the main attributes you should use is light and dark. At 52 million kills, the bonus block unlocks! At the end of the mission you will fight Dark Falz Dios.


Did you know you can now change the BGM for each MAI mission to "Entrance Infinity?" (Ok actually I think that's overkill.)



  • Name: Maximum Attack Infinity IV
  • Date: June 23rd, 2011
  • Mode: Internet Multimode Only
  • Description: Due to our efforts with an all out attack, a path to center of this "unknown space" has opened.  Break into the Ark, Destroy the SEED, and reclaim Clad Zero. Defeat Dark Falz Dios and catch the future!

Maximum Attack Exchange and Rapico Merchant will be updated on June 23rd, 2011. Maximum Attack Infinity III will be available for Multimode and Internet Multimode play on that date as well.

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Twin Heaven Punisher

Twin Heaven Punisher is a new item you can trade tickets for in the Maximum Attack Infinity Trading Mission. Refer to the Exchange post for details.

Rapico has a new item in her shop. This time it's the Puyo Puyo Gun ぷよぷよ砲. You can trade 3 feathers for it.

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