Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test: Winner Announcement Date

Today, PSO2admin sent an email newsletter to announce the date for when the winners will be announced.

Hello everybody, we've been working diligently on developing Phantasy Star Online 2. We have finally decided on a date to announce the winners of the alpha test. In addition we've provided a special wallpaper for those of you who registered for the alpha test…

Next week, June 24th, we will send an email to the first phase of candidates  who were chosen to participate in the alpha test!  To have many of you participate, we will also increase the amount of chosen candidates. But regardless, the first wave of selected candidates will be notified via email on June 24th.

  • June 24, 2011: First phase of winners selected
  • Summer 2011: Alpha tests begins

Regarding the wallpaper, it depicts a picture of friends running through unknown grassy plains as they embark on infinite adventure…

As for the official site, we've placed several screenshots and a promo movie. Though these are under development screenshots, it gives you the atmosphere of the battle and field in great force. If you haven't already seen them, check  them out at the official site!


 Next time, you can enjoy a follow-up report!


Phantasy Star Shino Too!

Racaseal Shino Ver. APSY
Plastic Modeling Kit
October, 2011
Preorder: AmAmi or Play-Asia

Shino is composed of a black, glossy, molding with several additional parts. Her weapons include; H&S25Justice, Beryl Knuckle, Agito, and a Handgun.


You can change her eyes to look forward, right, and left.


Fans will recognize the Varaha mag from PSO!


The weapon parts are also compatible with Elenor!


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