Unleash the Darkness Within Through the Power of the Dark Blast

~ October 25th, 2017 ~


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Dark Blast

Unleash the darkness within through the power of the Dark Blast. Fueled by Dark Falz energy, this new form possesses high health and mighty attacks that can alter the course of battle.


As a prerequisite to harnessing this new source of power, you'll have to clear [EP5: Chapter 2] of the story, or the [Endless Belligerence] Emergency Quest on SH+. Once the condition has been met, the Dark Blast ability will be available to all characters on your account.


The Dark Blast can be set to the sub-palette for quick access, and has an activation gauge that fills as you damage enemies. Save it for just the right moment, as you'll only have one opportunity to use it per quest.


A unique skill system is available for the Dark Blast that allows you to add abilities and stats by spending EXP earned at the end of quests. Additional features can be unlocked by completing whatever tasks are required for a skill. The pose your character performs when transforming can also be customized.


Ultimate Impact

  • Amasses Photons in both arms to discharge a powerful blast.
  • Can only be used once per transformation.


Darkness Wall

  • Generates a barrier that attracts enemies.


Physical Dash

  • Performs a high speed dash for a limited time.


Bloody Heal

  • Heals both you and your nearby allies.


Dark Blast Training Quest

Test out and hone your newfound powers in the Dark Blast Training Quest!

Endless Belligerence

Aquatic Darkers swarm the wastelands of Omega alongside the Demons in its first Emergency Quest! Omega Hunar takes to the field with the entire destructive force of its expanded moveset. To make matters worse, a new [Bomber Dahgash] foe will be encountered that impulsively darts towards the towers and explodes.


Claim Omega Hunar's weapon for your own with the release of the ★14 [Elder Pain Omega] Sword. It is available as a drop from the quest.

Endless Belligerence is pre-scheduled and can be cleared twice per ship during each occurrence. In line with other Emergency Quests, it will support every difficulty except Hard.


Extra Hard, however, will require a main and sub class level of 80.


Endless Belligerence Collection

The Endless Belligerence Collection introduces the [Detonation] series of ★13 weaponry.


New Advance Quest

The Floating Facility joins the Advance Quest family! To play this quest, you'll need 'Advance Capsule a' for Very Hard, and 'Advance Capsule d' for Super Hard. Either the Nepto Cassadora and Rheo Madullard duo, or Falz Dourumble will await players as the final boss.


Arks Boost Rally Round 2

The ARKS Boost Rally returns for a second round, featuring the Advance Quests of the Ruins, Skyscape, and Floating Facility! Each time you clear the aforementioned quests, you'll enjoy a boost to the Rare Drop, Meseta, and Experience rates. Weapons not normally seen within these quests will have a chance of dropping during this two-week event.


Storage Improvements

You can now pay the required items for Advance Quests and Extreme Quests directly from the Material Storage. In addition, the Storage search function will also look up unlocked Special Ability Factors.


Various Improvements

The Quest Details window will now display the main characters appearing in the selected event for EP5 Story and Omnibus Quests.


The preview window will now display the wielding animations for characters maining Hero.


You can now toggle the display of autowords in Options.


Other Adjustments

Buster Quest Adjustments

  • Changed the play stamina limit for [Main Match] & [MM: Advanced] to 120.  The initial play stamina will be set to 120. This will restore 120 times max every morning at 5 am.
  • Free Matches will recover two stamina and apply a boost for two Main Matches.
  • HP of Buster Towers and Piles will change based on the number of participants at the quest's start.
  • Buster Points and Grade will be shared account-wide.
    • After Oct 25th, the highest BP and Grade from the account will be applied.

Collection File Period Changes

Due to March 21st, 2018 being a holiday in Japan, the following Collection Sheets will have their expiration dates modified to March 20th, 2018.

  • Aura Collection
  • Evleda Collection

Balance Adjustments



Bluesy Requiem and Avenger

Two popular Weaponoids from PSO2es will populate the Gate Area for a limited time. Bluesy Requiem and Avenger come complete with client orders, partner cards, and even an exchange shop!


The pair will also be present during certain Emergency Trials that occur during Free Field quests and the Floating Facility Advance Quest. As a reward, you may receive the ★13 [Bluesy Requiem-NT] Partisan or [Avenger-NT] Assault Rifle.


Receive [Silver Bullets] and [Gold Bullets] by clearing their orders and trade them in for room items, weaponry, and more!


Alchemist Replica (AC Scratch)

PSO2 has conjured up a collaboration with Koei Tecmo's popular long-running "Atelier" RPG series for a new AC Scratch! Cosmetic items based on title characters from [Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book] and [Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky] will appear.


ソフィー・レプカ | Sophie Repca
エスカ・レプカ | Escha Repca
ロジー・レプカ | Logy Repca
プラフタ・レプカ | Plachta Repca
*エスカの杖 | Escha Staff
*ソフィーの杖 | Sophie Staff


Darkness Conviction (SG Scratch)

~ November 1st, 2017 ~

This SG Scratch offers players another chance at obtaining previously released Dark Falz outfits. New items include the outfit worn by PSO2es' Lord character and an additional Persona costume.


ロード戦闘衣M [OuBaIn] | Lord Battle Suit M
【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣M | [Persona] Standing Collar Battle Suit M
【仮面】襟立ち戦闘衣F | [Persona] Standing Collar Battle Suit F
DFワープ | DF Warp

Some Battle Suit names will be shortened to fit the game's textbox.
Some sections contributed by Lostbob117


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