Arks Boost Rally

Arks Boost Rally

ARKS Boost Rally is a limited-time event that increases several boosts each time you clear a series of quests. As you clear these quests over and over, your boost gauge will gradually rise, allowing you to experience increased EXP, Meseta, and Rare Drop rates.

Simply clearing the same quest over and over again will not increase the gauge. However, by repeatedly clearing all the quests targeted for the event, your boost gauge will rise until it reaches the cap.


Qualifying Quests

Arks Boost Rally #3
~ April 25th ~ May 9th ~

Advance Quests
Japanese Name English Name
特務先遣調査:市街地 Special Survey: Urban
特務先遣調査:海底 Special Survey: Seabed
特務先遣調査:黒ノ領域 Special Survey: Kuron



Arks Boost Rally Progress

You can view your current progress by opening the Quest Counter menu.

  • ABR対象クエスト | ABR Qualifying Quests
  • クリア状態 | Clear Status
  • ABRブースト効果 | ABR Boost Effect

Other Notes

  • Access the event by clicking [Campaign Quests] at the Quest Counter.
  • The boost gauge will gradually increase each time you complete all qualifying quests.
  • The ABR Boost only applies to the qualifying quests.
  • [Super Hard] increases the boost gauge at a higher rate than [Very Hard].
  • ABR drops weapons that don't normally appear in the quest.



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