Phantasy Star on iTunes! Urgent and Battle Missions and Tropical Rainforest, and More!

Phantasy Star Soundtracks on iTunes

Has Sakai gone mad? It's like he's changing so many things within SEGA. Eight Phantasy Star Soundtracks has been officially announced on iTunes Store on November 25th, 2009. With over 299 tracks, you can relive the sounds and wonders of Phantasy Star's "Universe" on your iPod.


Sakai recalls the day in Warsaw Poland where the recorded the orchestral piece for Phantasy Star universe. It was recorded in Febuary in extremely cold temperatures. It was a large orchestra of about 120 people.

Also we'd like to announce a soundtrack for Phantasy Star Portable 2! It is titled "Phantasy Star Portable 2 Original Soundtrack: Wings of Universe". Hideaki Kobayashi takes an active role in this soundtrack again composing the theme song "Living Universe" and other event music. The soundtrack's cover will feature art by Mizuno.


Speaking of music, there is a function called "Jukebox" ジュークボックス in the retail version of the game. If you click on your partner Machine and select it, you can listen to various pieces of music in your room like the Theme of Burning Rangers! You can add music to your room by locating various music discs!

Burning rangers

[via inside games]

Tropical Rain Forest


Sakai writes, "although this might look like a Neudaiz area, it is in fact a Moatoob field!" (Though Mr. Sakai, we would not have thought that if you didn't re-skin Habirao Forbidden District…) Anyways, this area takes place in Chapter 2 of Story Mode. This is near the village of the Kashu family where Yuto lives. Most of the monsters in this area are ground attribute including the Sand Rappy.

bag degga

The boss, "Bug Degga" (Bag Degga) roams this land. This boss has very strong armor and a painful electrical shock that emanates from the whole body.


Famitsu Scan


[view entire scan]

Emergency mission
A new mission concept similar to the rare missions in Phantasy Star Universe! Here a mission will show up randomly. Playing this mission gives you a high amount of type points, meseta, and it also includes a 300% drop boost rate. The mission included in the scan shows "Scorched Valley" of Operation Firebreak.

Battle Mission
Two new battle missions were revealed in the scan. The first one is a "meseta collecting" mission! The second mission is called "Electric Shock Death Match" where players fight each other in a small ring!

Famitsu Collab Item
Famitsu Magazine will feature a collaboration item. It is a shield that says "Famitsu" in Japanese characters when the shield is out.

New Character
Natsume Shuu, the president of the Inherit Company for hyperspace research! You will meet him in Chapter 3.

Meet Miss Capliko!

Miss capri

Well, Senior Director Terada posted this week about his medical condition. It appears he may have gastritis… Anyways, let's introduce a new character. Mountain Climber "Miss Capliko!"  Everyday Capliko trains vigorously climbing the pink mountains of Neudaiz. Oh by the way, Miss Capliko is a man? "How U doin?"

  • Terada will give some insight into the truth about Capliko tomorrow.
  • "Her" name is kind of a play on words, "Capli daughter"
  • Speculation that it may actually be a "daughter of a man"

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