Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Japanese Release Date and Preorder Gifts

Sega has announced the Japanese release date for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity! It will be released on February 24th, 2011.

  • Game Information
    • Sony PSP
    • February 24, 2011
    • 5,040 Yen (UMD Version)
    • 4,500 Yen (Download Version)

Additionally Sega is holding a campaign titled "Kizuna Infinite Power!" For those who pre-order the game at special participating game shops in Japan, you will receive 3 product codes. The codes are on a card called "Kizuna Infinity Set." You can only get this card if you reserve, and the code may only be used once.

The card includes product codes for:

The Duman's Main Weapons
メネシスクルス  Nemesis Cruz | Twin Sabers
フォルトゥナ  Fortuna | Sword


A Special Kizuna Mission Code with a boss fight for Dyla Bravas!


Heathcliff Flowen, and Red Ring Rico Outfits.


Downloadable Version

Typically, customers are not able to pre-order the downloadable version at the Playstation Store. Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment have come to an agreement to make the reservation gifts available to you free of charge if you purchase the downloadable version of the game from February 24th, 2011, to March 2nd, 2011. Those who download the game during this time will have the PSO outfits , the Kizuna Mission Code, and the Duman weapons downloaded into their game.

This new addition has been reflected on the existing preorder page.


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Sega's Next 360 Action; Could it be Phantasy Star?

Sega uploaded a new teaser site about it's Next 360 Action. We don't know what it means either but we'll lay down some facts as it comes along.

URLから見えてくるものもある! ぜひ予想してみてください。

Today's countdown number is 9.
Something to be seen from the URL. Please expect it!

  • It is the next Phantasy Star because:
    • The image started with the number 10. The number 10 could coincide with PSO10th Anniversary
    • Phantasy Star Portable 2 had a similar teaser site counting down to it's reveal.
  • It is not the next Phantasy Star because:
    • 360 likely means Xbox 360, having the next Phantasy Star console game exclusive to one console (especially not PC) isn't very practical.
    • It doesn't say "Action RPG" but it's very close. Most likely an Action based game. 
    • The last teaser site of this fashion specifically stated that it was a "New Rpg" 

The game was revealed to become a new VIRTUA ON, which I guess is somewhat cool for nostalgia lovers.



Official Phantasy Star Channels for Youtube and iTunes

As Maximum Attack X undergoes EXTENDED server maintenance, we'll do some catchup with items that are now currently on the Japanese Playstation Store.

All Maximum Attack related missions and exchange items will be updated within the original Maximum Attack X Overview post. Please consult it as I add data collected by users through the various Japanese wikis.

マキシマムアタッククロス II

Maximum Attack Cross II: A new mystical space was discovered within the Ark. This time this location simulates the Planet Parum. Continue investigating and uncover the mysteries of the Ark.

Download Items for 4/28/10

凍剣アンカーキング (Frozen Sword Anchor King)
50% Ice Sword
FREE of Charge


ファイアーアーム (FireArm)
50% Fire Rifle
200 YEN

コンゴウラ (Kongora)
50% Ground Wand
200 Yen

アンク・ギアズ (Ank Gears)
50% Lightning Axe
200 Yen


The next download item will be a present from the winner of "Gurhal's fastest".

Social Media Awareness

Phantasy Star JP now has an official Youtube Channel including an iTunes video podcast. Enjoy the Phantasy STARCH!