Phantasy Star Portable 2: Dragon Sakai Suit and School Uniforms

Ah yes, Spring has sprung in Japan at least. Looks like the cherry blossoms budding and waiting to fill the world with their precious colors! A new download item will be ready just in time for April fools day!

So today Sakai is introducing the Dragon Sakai Suit for both men and women! This sparkly outfit comes with an incredibly huge bowtie! Also, Space Channel 5 enthusiasts will enjoy the Hal Dress, PEAK UP!!! (I'm expecting these outfits to sneak inside that PSUJP 2nd Update.) These outfits are available only at the Japanese Playstation Store on March 31st.


Download Items

ドラゴンサカーイスーツ [Dragon Sakai Suit]
(Men OR Women Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen


ハルドレス [Hal Dress]
(Women Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen



One of the cool things I like about DLC is how you can introduce new story elements out of nowhere, thus the "Disciplinary Committee Executor" was born! The next download item for April will include brand new school uniforms! Executors keeps peace and order within "Clad Academy." Wait a minute, Clad Academy? Where did this come from?


Disciplinary Committee Executor

Each of these or what you could call "elite hall monitors", will proudly show their status through a nifty armband. There's also a signature flower like logo on top of their overcoats which will act as a lineshield changing color based on the element. The executors also come with a unique weapon but Sakai didn't want to reveal what it is at this time.


PSP2 Items in PSU Japan

Two items from Phantasy Star Portable made their way into the game as well as lots of other outfits but that will be in another post.

Twin Blaze (Double Saber)


PanzerFaust (Grenade Launcher)


Phantasy Star Portable 2: Now we can all play Little Wing Grand Prix

What Will Sakai Do Next Part 4

This time Sakai was quoted again about PSO's 10th Anniversary. It's another minor quote but it opens up for some more speculation. "Following the previous "Phantasy star Portable", since many are enjoying it at this time. For the next work, I want to expand (or widen) more of the user base. There's still some way to go, though it's still in the "thinking" stages. Please wait while your playing Phantasy Star Portable 2 (Laughs)."

Sakai also says they will continue to release new quests and download items for PSP2 in the future. I guess from this it could mean the next game would appeal to more casual as well as hardcore gamers? Or maybe it will be easier to play and gets more strategic later on?

[via Famitsu LWGP Interview]

Little Wing Grand Prix

Finally, Sakai will be releasing the Little Wing Grand Prix mission for all players. In case you didn't know, Little Wing Grand Prix is a tournament where two players would compete for the fastest time. The tournament is now officially over, however Sakai had to release this mission early and had to push back the "Gamega" Collaboration Mission further down. Everyone will be able to participate in not one but TWO missions from the event. These missions are very short but the point is to try and time attack them anyway.



Seguntal doesn't understand the meaning of crowd surfing…

FIRST STAGE: The first stage will take place in the abandoned ruins, here you will fight Go Vahra and Astarks, at the end you will fight Fazuntal and Seguntal as a boss. Your personal goal should be to complete this mission within 4 minutes, the fastest time recorded was 2 minutes and 13 seconds.



SECOND STAGE: In this stage you will run through PSO Caves, and will defeat Poison Lilly and Pal Sharks. PSO Dragon will be waiting for you at the end. Your personal goal should be to complete this mission within 4 minutes, the fastest time recorded was 2 minutes and 57 seconds.

These are CHALLENGE Missions, however you can choose the combat type at the start of the mission. All players will be fixed at Level 50. With a time attack challenge in mind, you might want to reach the boss at the 1 minute mark. However the time it takes to defeat the boss will just be based on SKILL and LUCK. These challenge missions are available 3/10/10



THIRD STAGE: In this stage you will run through Forgotten Fortress, and will fight the final boss. Your personal goal should be to complete this mission within 5 minutes, the fastest time recorded was 3 minutes 18 seconds.


More Evangelion

Test Plug Suit Asuka
Available: 3/17/10


Plug Suit Kaworu
Available: 3/17/10

Expect two more Plugsuits from Evangelion to be released next week only at the Japanese PlayStation Store!


Blog Updates

  • Captain T posts "Blazer Drive" released their 6th manga volume. I smell new DLC.
  • Phantasy Star Universe PC/PS2 Shut down March 31st.
  • "Easier Communication" a goal for the next "PSP2" game supposedly… [shougai]

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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Moyashimon and Jump Mission

Well we have several new features coming up this week. This includes the Moyashimon Visual Unit and 邪王降臨 collaboration mission.


What's New?

The "Jump 邪王降臨" mission follows the theme of "friends saving friends." In this mission, you rescue the three Naura sisters! As you play there will be several gimmicks to impede your victory! At the end of the mission you will fight the rare boss "Olga Dyran."  It appears this mission will play similar to "The Big Push", where you must protect the sisters from receiving damage.

This mission will be very difficult, but Sakai describes it also as DELICIOUS, because of the rare drops! It appears the previous Shonen Jump collaboration weapons will drop in this mission. Now you'll be able to obtain those weapons with different elemental percentages. Download this mission on 2/24/10.


Moyashimon World
6269 2230

The Moyashimon World Aura Unit will release on 2/23/10. You can obtain it by inputting a special password in the Vision Phone located in your room!


Blog Updates

  • Several new Evangelion DLC outfits will release sometime soon
  • Obtain your 3 Extend Codes by playing Maximum Attack's Exchange Mission in Story Mode.
  • Server Maintenance 2/24/10


Whats Next For Sakai Part 2 *

Shougai PSO posted a minor minor update about the next game in the Phantasy Star Series. In a recent Dengeki article, Sakai comments, "Phantasy Star Portable 2 can be seen as a compilation of the Phantasy Star Universe Series. Therefor, I think that next [game] will be a new "leap" for the series. As for [making] the Phantasy Star Series, "challenging" is one of the concepts. So there's an opinion that we should just make a console version of PSP2, however, I think that this [new] thing should be something more different from that. I want to not only draw in new players, but also deliver a game that older fans can approve of."

Shougai PSO speculates that a brand new game for the Phantasy Star Series is in development. They speculate the new game will not be the "Gurhal" series of PSP2, since he stated it will be "different thing" but may draw upon the flow of PSO's "Ragol Series", since he stated it would be a game the older fans approve of.

I would say from all of  this, this next game will be completely new, just as PSZero was, but may follow some older traditions that we've come to love throughout our years of playing Phantasy Star.

[via shougaipso]

* Will move to next new blog post in the future.