Phantasy Star Portable 2 Official Site Updates: Ursula and Chelsea, Nanoblasts, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Collaboration

The official site updated yesterday which pretty much is a rehash of information already released. It's kind of sad to see how the official site has less information than the official blog, but to make this worth your while, we'll insert minor new details.

New Characters

Chelsea the Cast

Chelsea! My Age is a Secret ♪

Chelsea, the receptionist and accountant of Little Wing. She's a very hard worker, but it's very easy to misunderstand what she's saying due to her strange intonation. She has been acquainted with Emilia for a looong time, you could say Chelsea is like her big sister…


Ursula Rollan

Ursula Rollan, 32 years old.

Ursula embodies intelligence and beauty, and is very talented amongst various fields of work. However, she had to sacrifice her private life due to her busy work schedule. She has known Crouch and Emilia before the establishment of Little Wing.


New Items

Many new items will appear in the game. It's said that the game has more than 2000 items, and over 1200 weapons. Some of these include:

svaltia tomahawk

Svaltia Tomahawk (Axe)


nightmare dust

Nightmare Dust (Twin Claw)


dilan slayer

Dilan Slayer (Sword)



black nanoblast

In addition to the 4 main nanoblasts, three new versions will be added. Kill monsters quickly with the new gold and silver nanoblast. A new berserk "Onyx Black" nanoblast can be activated under a certain condition.

You will unlock nanoblasts by surpassing a certain level. The first nanoblast that is available to you at Level 10 is the "speed" and "defense" forms. At higher levels you will unlock the gold and silver versions, which has a chance of unlocking the black version. For more information read here.



By equipping SUV units, your Cast can unleash a SUV. Four additional SUV has been added to provide more variety to the game.

vivian punisher

Vivian Punisher
(Shoot a laser of high power!)


air ride cluster

Air Ride Cluster
A prototype model in which you attack in the air on a board


bigs impact

Bigs Impact
Throw out a powerful gigantic "Jet Hammer"!


flame panzer

Flame Panzer
Burn enemies with an army "Flame Thrower" with vast range!


Phantasy Star Online Monsters

pso enemies

Relive your favorites with Sinow Beat, Astark,
Nano Dragon, Sand Rappy, and Poisonous Lily.


Phantasy Star Online Fields will also appear.
You may even see some PSO monsters outside of PSO fields.


pso dragon

Even your favorite PSO Dragon makes his appearance…


psp2 dragon

…in his new PSP2 upgraded form!


Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Collaboration


The weird and wacky Yoshio Sawai creates some exclusive items for PSP2. The outfit "Platinum Tiger" and weapon "Angry Roasting marshmallow" will make it's appearance in the game. Expect more collaboration from manga artists to be revealed in the upcoming weeks.


Alternate Opening Theme


Remember when Sakai said the opening theme in "PSP: The Best" will be slightly different? Mike from Pso-world posted the opening movie on his youtube account. Check it out and leave a comment!  Thanks Mike. (… maybe we can convince him to post parts of the PSU Chronicle Movie…)

[via mike]

Other Contest Items

queen berry

Queen Berry (Handgun)


edge qualia

Edge Qualia (twin dagger)
Can be seperated.


chyou hi

Chyou Hii (Spear)
The weapon represents a bird's wingspan.

Blog Updates 10/9/ – 10/10/09

mysterious boss

A blurry boss? Who could it be?
(Is it Sil Dragon?)

  • Sakai asks "Won't other bosses from PSO appear?"… hmm…
  • Sakai will reveal details of the trial demo of PSP2 in the next Fun Fan Episode.
  • NPCs will react if you use a lobby action in front of them while in a mission.
  • The PSO Dragon boss battle was not shown in Fun Fan 3, because he played it on a different day…

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