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As Maximum Attack X undergoes EXTENDED server maintenance, we'll do some catchup with items that are now currently on the Japanese Playstation Store.

All Maximum Attack related missions and exchange items will be updated within the original Maximum Attack X Overview post. Please consult it as I add data collected by users through the various Japanese wikis.

マキシマムアタッククロス II

Maximum Attack Cross II: A new mystical space was discovered within the Ark. This time this location simulates the Planet Parum. Continue investigating and uncover the mysteries of the Ark.

Download Items for 4/28/10

凍剣アンカーキング (Frozen Sword Anchor King)
50% Ice Sword
FREE of Charge


ファイアーアーム (FireArm)
50% Fire Rifle
200 YEN

コンゴウラ (Kongora)
50% Ground Wand
200 Yen

アンク・ギアズ (Ank Gears)
50% Lightning Axe
200 Yen


The next download item will be a present from the winner of "Gurhal's fastest".

Social Media Awareness

Phantasy Star JP now has an official Youtube Channel including an iTunes video podcast. Enjoy the Phantasy STARCH!

Phantasy Star Portable 2: The Executors, Gemaga Overview and Tips

Coming 4/14/2010, the 風紀委員エクスキューター (Disciplinary Comittee Executor) outfits and weapons will be arriving to a Japanese Playstation Store far from you! Unfortunately the outfits cost money, which is a shame considering they look pretty cool.  Finally the long awaited End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate Anchor King collab item will appear next as DLC.

Executors Execute!

(Male OR Female Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen


スパークフィスト Spark Fist
50%  Fire (Knuckles)
200 Yen


バンブーブレード Bamboo Blade
50% Ground (Sword)
200 Yen


バンブーブレイズ Bamboo Blades
50% Lightning (Twin Saber)
200 Yen

スクールバッグ School Bag
50% Ice (Wand)
200 Yen

Gemaga Rebellion Overview

This week the ゲーマガ 天守閣の乱, Rebellion of the Keep, was released, and it provided a breath of fresh air to the game. The mission is accessed in Story Mode ストーリーモード. In the mission counter select Extra mission, エクストラミッション, then Clad 6, グラッド6. If you see a green DL, then you have it!

The mission is side scrolling just like Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle. As such you will fight humanoid enemies most of the time.  These enemies can be very brutal as they resort to Guerrilla warfare tactics of hit and run. The mission also includes rare spawns which is noted by 、Little Wing Rosk、リトルウィング・ロスク and Dilnazen pattern. The other rare spawn is noted by a Guardians Rosk, ガーディアンズ・ロスク and Ardite Pattern.

No matter what level you are between Level 50-180, the enemies will be 10 levels above you. It's best to stock up on all healing items, scape doll, a tech mag or wand with resta. The Hunter class is best for this mission, but I completed it with a Beast Braver as well.


At the beginning of the mission you will meet  Kuno and Bask. Kuno will tell you that you can't use Nanoblast, Mirage Blast, and SUVs. Bask will tell you to exchange 2 Gemaga Tickets to receive a Gemaga Goody bag. In order to obtain the Gemaga Ticket, you must complete the mission.

In your first incompleted playthrough of the mission, there will be one portal that leads to a boss fight with the Vol Brothers. One of them may or may not have a boost. During the second playthrough, the second portal will open up and leads to a boss fight with 3 Shizurus. An additional Shizuru will be boosted to King status.

At the end of the boss battle you will fight Bruce's Cargo Ship! It's very easy if you use two handed weapons such as the knuckle, claws, or double sabers. It's not based on how strong the attack is, but rather the amount of times each portion gets hit.


Gemaga Tips?

I suggest having your class as Hunter, you'll need the HP and hit power. I suggest getting Ice Resist (refer to Maximum Attack Little Wing Cup) and equipping it to the line shields. Use ground line shields in the first block, then dark line shields in the second block. Both should have Ice resist.

Personally I used claws with ice status effects since it helped in freezing enemies. Being a Braver class also nets you EX trap usage. If you are a braver, add the Burst Bomber バーストボマー Ability in the Battle shop. This ability adds extra damage to traps. You can effectively place EX traps in front of doors which can kill two spawns of enemies instantly.  Traps are also useful against the bosses. If you manage to save most of them, you can spam Fire EX traps during the Vol Bros and Shizuru Boss fights to kill them quickly.

Shizuru's boss fight is especially tough since you have three attacking you with great amounts of damage. I suggest Just Guarding or Blocking with a shield most of the time. Shizuru isn't meant to be attacked in a brute force manner, unless you're good and can manage it.  Try to attack Shizuru after he attacks, because there is a short period of time where you will see red lightning sparks on him and he doesn't move. During this time he is completely vulnerable to chaining.

Do you have additional tips? Comment Below!

  • Typestatic
    • Twin Claws: Fukamisaki. フカミサキ 
    • Photon Art: ソウガチョウセッカ
  • Boudoir
    • High level techs; Wand and Shield Combo

Gemaga Goody Bag

Lots of neat stuff in this Goody bag. You will generally receive a weapon and a room item. You must hold less than 59 items in order for Bask to give you the prize.

*Information gathered via pspo2 wiki

Weapons Room Item
Crea Doubles
Wood Tile
Cooking Set
Curse of the Pumpkin
 Frying Pan
Light Festival Decor
Dream Fisher
Raigutas Storm
Okiku Doll
Double Sabac
Maybe: OkikuWell
Sweet Deathic
Maybe: Hanging Scroll
Double Agitoc
Maybe: Lantern
Maybe: Touro
Alseba Kuc

Phantasy Star Portable 2: Dragon Sakai Suit and School Uniforms

Ah yes, Spring has sprung in Japan at least. Looks like the cherry blossoms budding and waiting to fill the world with their precious colors! A new download item will be ready just in time for April fools day!

So today Sakai is introducing the Dragon Sakai Suit for both men and women! This sparkly outfit comes with an incredibly huge bowtie! Also, Space Channel 5 enthusiasts will enjoy the Hal Dress, PEAK UP!!! (I'm expecting these outfits to sneak inside that PSUJP 2nd Update.) These outfits are available only at the Japanese Playstation Store on March 31st.


Download Items

ドラゴンサカーイスーツ [Dragon Sakai Suit]
(Men OR Women Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen


ハルドレス [Hal Dress]
(Women Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen



One of the cool things I like about DLC is how you can introduce new story elements out of nowhere, thus the "Disciplinary Committee Executor" was born! The next download item for April will include brand new school uniforms! Executors keeps peace and order within "Clad Academy." Wait a minute, Clad Academy? Where did this come from?


Disciplinary Committee Executor

Each of these or what you could call "elite hall monitors", will proudly show their status through a nifty armband. There's also a signature flower like logo on top of their overcoats which will act as a lineshield changing color based on the element. The executors also come with a unique weapon but Sakai didn't want to reveal what it is at this time.


PSP2 Items in PSU Japan

Two items from Phantasy Star Portable made their way into the game as well as lots of other outfits but that will be in another post.

Twin Blaze (Double Saber)


PanzerFaust (Grenade Launcher)