Create Skill Rings and Cuisines With PSO2's Gathering System Update

~ March 9th, 2016 ~


Gathering System

Gathering Spots

The new Gathering system allows players to acquire various materials in Free Field quests through Mining and Fishing. You'll first need to find a Gathering Spot, indicated by blue or green rings. These can be found on the Forest, Ruins, Coast, and Tokyo fields. Each field will have its own set of unique rare materials.

Mining and Fishing will both consume Stamina, which will gradually recover over time or by using particular items.


Franca's Café

Franca's Cafe Lobby

Franca's Café is open for business! Inside you'll find the Cuisine Shop and Skill Ring Shop, offering a chance to exchange your gathered materials for a variety of items. Speak with gathering expert Sophia to learn all about the new feature. She and the dapper Yerkes also have a selection of gathering related client orders.


New Franca
Franca is debuting a tasteful new look as well!

You may enter the café by either going inside its entrance near Franca in the Shopping Area, or by simply opening the Quick Menu and selecting the 'Go To Franca's Café' option.


Cuisine Shop

Cuisine Shop

Cook up delectable dishes with Ida by trading in your gathered food at the Cuisine Shop! Cuisine are consumable items, capable of granting temporary effects to the user. Some of these effects can even help with gathering materials. You can increase the number of meals you can make by unlocking certain gathering achievements.


Skill Ring Shop

Skill Rings

The Skill Ring Shop introduces a brand new equipment category! By equipping Skill Rings, players can gain access to a host of different skills. There are two types of rings, L-Rings and R-Rings, which can be equipped on either the left or right hand.

L-Rings are used to either modify a weapon's behavior, or support a main class skill. Boost the stats of these rings by grinding them at the Item Lab.

  • L/JGヘブンリーF (JG Heavenly Fall)
  • L/フロントSロール (Front S-Roll)
  • L/RRフィールド (R-Reverser Field)
  • L/ショートコンバット (Short Combat)

R-Rings give effects equivalent to that of a class skill. With these, you'll be able to use the skills for classes that aren't set as your main or sub class.

  • R/マッシブハンター (Massive Hunter)
  • R/キリングボーナス (Killing Bonus)
  • R/フォトンフレア (Photon Flare)


List of Skill Rings and Descriptions



New Pets

Meet Marron and Melon, the latest pets to join the Summoner's ensemble!


Melon Attack

Their bodies grow bigger as they receive damage from enemies. Hurl them at your foes in this state to cause an explosion, dealing heavy damage. However, the explosion will incapacitate them for some time. While a bit tricky to use, this duo can become a powerful ally when skillfully utilized. 


EP4 Story Events


New events on the Story Board introduce Enga (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya), Hitsugi's older brother. Due to his sarcastic nature, the two siblings frequently argue with one another whenever they're together.



We learn more about Hagito (CV: Kenichi Suzumura), the president of the YMT Corporation and creator of popular apps used on Ether connections. He's known for being a military enthusiast, with a particular fondness for the battleship Yamato.


White Day Event

Fenwolf Camo
*フェンヴォルフ (Fenwolf)

Out with the pink and in with the blue. The White Day Lobby continues the teddy bear and heart decor of before. A new White Day 2016 Bingo card gives players a chance to earn the [*Fenwolf ] Dual Blades and a WD Lillipa Strap accessory!


Boisterous White Day 2016

Fly high among the blue skies of Amduscia's Skyscape field in the seasonal [A Boisterous White Day 2016] Emergency Quest! Let's go together and defeat enemies to earn quest points and increase the spawn rate of bosses and rare Emergency Trials.


White Crystal Quartz Dragon

The special 'White Crystal' Quartz Dragon can drop the Aste Unicorn, a multi-class weapon usable by the Force, Ranger, Braver, and Fighter classes. In addition, Pietro will make his first Emergency Trial appearance during this quest.


Seven-Eleven Collaboration

Seven-Eleven Oracle Branch 2016

The Seven-Eleven Oracle Branch returns with a lineup of room items both new and old for you to spend your FUN points on!


You can also obtain a number of Seven-Eleven themed basewear by participating in the Sega Lucky Kuji and purchasing prepaid cards available in Seven-Eleven stores across Japan.


Seven-Eleven Store Tokyo

While dashing through the Phantom-infested streets of Tokyo you may spot a Seven-Eleven store!


Other Features

Other New Features

  • New Premium Drinks will be available at the Medical terminal.
  • Support Partners will now be able to wear Layered Costumes.
  • You can now set the number of items you wish to obtain for certain items at the Recycle Shop.
  • Instead of 10, you can now register up to 15 pets.
  • Streamlined the Client Order list from Klotho.


Streamlined Klotho's Client Orders (Updated 2/29)

The development team will be streamlining almost the entire list of Client Orders from Klotho. The goal is to get players to spend less time earning money through Klotho, and more time playing other contents.

The following adjustments will be carried out during March 9th's maintenance. A portion of the statements previously made were changed by the development team as they were made in error.

  • Client Orders in which you must clear the quest on [Hard] or [Very Hard] difficulties will be removed from the game.
  • The names for the [Normal] and [Super Hard] client orders will be changed, and the clearing conditions will be relaxed so that it covers [Normal or higher] difficulties.
    • "Let's See How Strong You Are (I,III,V)" and "A Carefree Quiz (I,IV)" will have their rewards buffed.
    • However, "A Trial of Body And Soul (I)" and "A Test of Strength (I)" will have its rewards nerfed.
  • In addition, they will add client orders based around the number of times you clear any Time Attack quest on Very Hard or higher difficulty.
  • The client order in which you must clear an Extreme Quest five times will be removed from the game.
  • However, the 1x and 3x Extreme Quest client orders will reward a higher Meseta payout.

Due to the above changes, clearing all of Klotho's Client Orders will result in earning 70% of the meseta you used to make. (Note: This is based on the perspective of the player who does all of Klotho's client orders, including all of the "Normal" and "Hard" varieties.)  However, you can earn most (but not all) of it back by doing the new Gathering Client Orders that will be appearing along with this update.


Planet Explorer (AC Scratch)

リグサバイバー Rig Survivor [in] / [Ba] / [Ou]
リグサバイバー ✪  Rig Survivor [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]

Gear up for gathering with highly protective outerwear and lightweight basewear designed for survival. Sporty ARKS themed layered costumes will also be included in the scratch.

Luckage Vest
ラッケージベスト ✪ Luccage Vest [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
レイディタッカー Lady Tacker [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
レイディタッカー ✪ Lady Tacker [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
ストレイトライナー✪ Straight Liner [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
ストレイトライナー ✪ Straight Liner [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
ルセリア・シリーズ Luceria Series
ルセリア・シリーズ ✪ Luceria Series
ラシオス・シリーズ Lacios Series
ラシオス・シリーズ ✪ Lacios Series
竜の翼 Dragon Wing 竜の角 Dragon Horn 竜の尻尾 Dragon Tail
竜の翼 ✪ Dragon Wing
竜の角 ✪ Dragon Horn
竜の尻尾 ✪ Dragon Tail



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