PSO2 JP Event & Reward Changes Accompanying NGS Release

With the release of New Genesis in June, the following specifications, events, and campaigns will change for the Japanese version of PSO2.

PlayStation 4 Version

During the maintenance of New Genesis release, the following changes will occur.

  • The Title [Phantasy Star Online 2] will be updated to [Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis]
  • The application data of PSO2 will be released as DLC.
    • In order to play the PS4 version of PSO2, you'll need to install the DLC.

Termination of PSO2 Login Bonus

PSO2 Login Bonus will no longer be available when New Genesis launches. Instead, a new Login Bonus will be created for New Genesis.

Items Still Obtainable Through NGS Login Bonus

  • Free Salon Pass
  • Star Gem
  • N-Color Change Pass

Items Obtainable Through PSO2 Arks Missions

The Arks Mission reward contents will be revised upon the release of PSO2:NGS. In addition, they will increase the amount in obtaining the following items.

  • Tri Boost +100%
  • Grind Great Success +50%
  • Ability Success Rate +30%
  • Lambda Grinder

Items Obtainable through PSO2 Featured Quests

With the release of NGS, the acquisition rate of the following items will increase for Special Gifts obtainable through Featured Quests

  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
  • Bonus Key Rappy F

Along with this change, Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver] and Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold] will no longer be within the Special Gift drop pool.

Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] will get added as a Special Gift.

PSO2 Day Changes

PSO2 Day will receive some changes with the release of New Genesis. In addition, an event for New Genesis will also be held on PSO2 Day. Details of this event will be revealed in the future.

PSO2 Day Campaign Contents for PSO2

  • Earned Fun +100%
  • Earned EXP +200%
  • Rare Drop Boost +200%
  • Gathering Fever Rate +100%
  • Rare Enemy Arks Rappy
  • Item Grind Success Rate +10%
  • Ability Affixing Success Rate +15%
  • NT Weapon Grind EXP +15%

PSO2 Day Content No Longer Available for PSO2

  • PSO2 Day Donuts within the SG Shop, as well as, PSO2 Day Donut presents for Premium Set Players.
  • Login Stamp +1 Bonus
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] presents

The 22 Star Gem Ticket (x2) will still be available as a present for PSO2 Day in NGS.

PSO2 Event Lobby and Seasonal Enemy Rotation

With the release of NGS, the following lobbies and seasonal enemies will be available in PSO2 as follows:

Month Event Lobby Limited Enemies
Jan New Years Drag Rappy + Noiya Nyau
Feb Valentines Love Rappy + Love Empe Rappy
Mar White Day Lovey Rappy + Lovey Empe Rappy
Apr Sakura Egg Rappy + Sakura Nyau
May None
Jun (Part 1) Wedding Frog Rappy
Jun (Part 2) Sonic Sonic Nyau
July Tanabata None
Aug Summer Summer Rappy + Summer Nyau
Sept Otsukimi Luna Nyau
Oct Halloween Latan Rappy + Latan Empe Rappy
Nov Arks Ceremonial Ceremo Nyau
Dec Christmas St Rappy + St Umblla

PSO2 Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest Changes

With the release of New Genesis, pre-scheduled Emergency Quests will no longer be available in PSO2. From now on, emergency quests will appear at random.

In addition,  the EQ [Darkness Twisted by Hatred], will now occur at random.

New Genesis has a policy not to give advance notice for Emergency Quests, except in special cases such as Events and such.

Returning Player Changes

Certain features for "Returning Players" will no longer be available.

  • Login Survey
  • Obtaining the ★12 Unit Stella Wall
  • Returning Player Bonus
    • +50% Tri Boost
    • An Additional Special Gift
  • Returning Player Icon

Friend Referral System Changes

With the launch of New Genesis, the Friend Referral System will no longer be available. Due to this change, you will no longer obtain [Arks Badge Blue]. You can still trade in your existing badges at the Badge Exchange Shop.


Gender Notation

Gender notation in PSO2 will change to match New Genesis.

PSO2 After New Genesis
Gender Motion Standard Type
Male Type 1
Female Type 2

Concerning Boost Events

Special Ability Affixing Boost Days will no longer be available once New Genesis launches.

In addition, the following events will continue to be held in PSO2:

  • +100% EXP Boost For All Advance Quests
  • +50% Challenge Miles that alternate weekly between [Mission: Start] and [Mission: Decision]





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