PSO2 JP Event & Reward Changes Accompanying NGS Release

With the release of New Genesis in June, the following specifications, events, and campaigns will change for the Japanese version of PSO2.

PlayStation 4 Version

During the maintenance of New Genesis release, the following changes will occur.

  • The Title [Phantasy Star Online 2] will be updated to [Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis]
  • The application data of PSO2 will be released as DLC.
    • In order to play the PS4 version of PSO2, you'll need to install the DLC.

Termination of PSO2 Login Bonus

PSO2 Login Bonus will no longer be available when New Genesis launches. Instead, a new Login Bonus will be created for New Genesis.

Items Still Obtainable Through NGS Login Bonus

  • Free Salon Pass
  • Star Gem
  • N-Color Change Pass

Items Obtainable Through PSO2 Arks Missions

The Arks Mission reward contents will be revised upon the release of PSO2:NGS. In addition, they will increase the amount in obtaining the following items.

  • Tri Boost +100%
  • Grind Great Success +50%
  • Ability Success Rate +30%
  • Lambda Grinder

Items Obtainable through PSO2 Featured Quests

With the release of NGS, the acquisition rate of the following items will increase for Special Gifts obtainable through Featured Quests

  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
  • Bonus Key Rappy F

Along with this change, Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver] and Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold] will no longer be within the Special Gift drop pool.

Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] will get added as a Special Gift.

PSO2 Day Changes

PSO2 Day will receive some changes with the release of New Genesis. In addition, an event for New Genesis will also be held on PSO2 Day. Details of this event will be revealed in the future.

PSO2 Day Campaign Contents for PSO2

  • Earned Fun +100%
  • Earned EXP +200%
  • Rare Drop Boost +200%
  • Gathering Fever Rate +100%
  • Rare Enemy Arks Rappy
  • Item Grind Success Rate +10%
  • Ability Affixing Success Rate +15%
  • NT Weapon Grind EXP +15%

PSO2 Day Content No Longer Available for PSO2

  • PSO2 Day Donuts within the SG Shop, as well as, PSO2 Day Donut presents for Premium Set Players.
  • Login Stamp +1 Bonus
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] presents

β€»The 22 Star Gem Ticket (x2) will still be available as a present for PSO2 Day in NGS.

PSO2 Event Lobby and Seasonal Enemy Rotation

With the release of NGS, the following lobbies and seasonal enemies will be available in PSO2 as follows:

Month Event Lobby Limited Enemies
Jan New Years Drag Rappy + Noiya Nyau
Feb Valentines Love Rappy + Love Empe Rappy
Mar White Day Lovey Rappy + Lovey Empe Rappy
Apr Sakura Egg Rappy + Sakura Nyau
May None
Jun (Part 1) Wedding Frog Rappy
Jun (Part 2) Sonic Sonic Nyau
July Tanabata None
Aug Summer Summer Rappy + Summer Nyau
Sept Otsukimi Luna Nyau
Oct Halloween Latan Rappy + Latan Empe Rappy
Nov Arks Ceremonial Ceremo Nyau
Dec Christmas St Rappy + St Umblla

PSO2 Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest Changes

With the release of New Genesis, pre-scheduled Emergency Quests will no longer be available in PSO2. From now on, emergency quests will appear at random.

In addition,Β  the EQ [Darkness Twisted by Hatred], will now occur at random.

New Genesis has a policy not to give advance notice for Emergency Quests, except in special cases such as Events and such.

Returning Player Changes

Certain features for "Returning Players" will no longer be available.

  • Login Survey
  • Obtaining the β˜…12 Unit Stella Wall
  • Returning Player Bonus
    • +50% Tri Boost
    • An Additional Special Gift
  • Returning Player Icon

Friend Referral System Changes

With the launch of New Genesis, the Friend Referral System will no longer be available. Due to this change, you will no longer obtain [Arks Badge Blue]. You can still trade in your existing badges at the Badge Exchange Shop.


Gender Notation

Gender notation in PSO2 will change to match New Genesis.

PSO2 After New Genesis
Gender Motion Standard Type
Male Type 1
Female Type 2

Concerning Boost Events

Special Ability Affixing Boost Days will no longer be available once New Genesis launches.

In addition, the following events will continue to be held in PSO2:

  • +100% EXP Boost For All Advance Quests
  • +50% Challenge Miles that alternate weekly between [Mission: Start] and [Mission: Decision]





56 thoughts to “PSO2 JP Event & Reward Changes Accompanying NGS Release”

  1. Well. We all saw this coming; soon it'll just be a matter of time before they find a way to bypass base game altogether before saying goodbye to the Oracle Fleet for good. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. Japanese CBT2 actually gave you the option to NOT download Legacy PSO2 files (aside from any of the gear or cosmetics so that they can render in NGS). It was made due to many requests in CBT1 since some didn't want Legacy PSO2 to be tacked on to bloat the game even further (Legacy PSO2 alone is ~80GB in size). So you can probably bypass having to download Legacy PSO2 as early as whenever NGS actually hits or just shortly after.

    2. SEGA is intentionally crippling PSO2 because they want to force people to move to NGS. I think many people can already see that NGS has too many steps backwards from PSO2.

      Ugly faces, ugly body models (I always spend weeks in character creation, I know what I'm talking about), ugly NPCs, almost all clothing is now shiny latex, huge empty maps, copy-pasted enemies from PSO2, heavier monetization, etc. Still feels very lazy and wildly inconsistent quality. These are all EXACTLY what I was worried would happen when they first announced NGS.

      I have a bunch of Japanese friends who've always played PSO2 since the beginning (like myself) and none of us are excited about NGS. But hey, if you're excited about it and want to enjoy it, go ahead.

    3. Exactly what's on my mind WHATEVER, it's too shady and full of laziness. And gesus those new animations, they don't even want to pay for some good motion capture.

    4. Yeah NGS is kinda overcasualized and simplified to appeal to a GlObAl AuDiEnCe. Removing JAs, the game being so much slower than it should be, and the game releasing within a year after announce is kinda sus. They already cut corners by excluding Braver, Bouncer, and Summoner from Day 1 and being saved "for a later date".

      Can't wait for the NGS Open Beta AKA launch.

    5. Removing JAs was a good thing.
      It being slow may change in the future. PSO2 at launch and in 2021 are two completely different game in terms of speed.
      And if you don't want to play "casual" games, don't play PVE to begin with.
      Go to Counter Strike or Dota if you want to be hardcore and competitive.

    6. Singleplayer and PVE games are by definition casual.
      You can just learn AI patterns and annihilate anything with ease.
      They only truly challenging and hardcore games are those where you play against thinking living people.
      Thinking otherwise is delusional.

    7. Implying people playing peeveepee think www
      Also wonder how you'll call sport champions who don't directly fight each other and veterans who pubstomp~

    8. Rather than eventually finding a way. NGS can be installed as a standalone with PSO2 component being entirely optional.

    1. Yeah no kidding, some of these (like 15% Affix Boosts on PSO2 Day) feels like too little too late. Sucks Magatsu Keys are being axed as well since those all give SG. The Mission Pass change feels a little pointless since the rewards are already provided elsewhere in Daily/Weekly Missions and can at least get the said rewards decently in bulk in alternate means. I would've preferred they just gave out Mission Badges to keep stuff in that shop in circulation but I guess they want to make them Astral/Ether/Mana caps basically die when Mission Pass dies.

      I do wonder if they'll ever bother to re-run seasonal EQs again accordingly to seasonal rotations, it'd at least make sense to do so to keep those quests alive in some way but guess not. (Also huzzah I don't ever have to hear Samba de Amigo in the lobby anymore).

  2. Huh.. Right on the money that OG PSO2 will basically have ghost ships when NGS drops. They're migrating us into a 1000 sleep. Game! We have BEEN ready to move on to escape the "NGS Waiting Room" for way too long. We need an exact date to know WHEN to knock the fuck outta our characters so they wake up to a better state when it's not boring!

  3. Still no method to get shop passes, zero new N-Outerwears so we can get Star Gems through new scratches … and now they're taking away Magatsu keys from Featureds too.

    Blue Protocol when?

    1. Yes, go play Blue Protocol, so people like you can leave this game and stop your b*itching and moaning about pso2 at last~

    2. Regent, you're too negative…time to use some filters on you to change that xP

    3. Nah, just every time checking it's the same airheaded people complaining about the simple things when really in most of these cases it's either they are either downright braindead, or they're just finding something to argue about with PSO2, like the shop pass for example, Sega announced they would remove it beforehand and yet here people are, complaining about shop pass. People complaining about price inflation, blame how easy it is to farm DD for meseta. Always the same people complaining, always the most bland excuses and reasons.

    4. It is also amusing to read posts complaining about people who post complaints.

    5. Don't expect too much from Blue Protocol, unless they completely redo its gameplay. I thoroughly played one of the betas and it was really bad, like playing a very, very old and outdated MMO, with the same inherent problems. I'm not exaggerating.

      As for Regent, AFAIK SEGA did not announce they would remove the shop pass in Japan. They added a tiny expiration warning to the FUN shop listings, and many Japanese were confused about what it meant. I saw them argue about it. I later searched for news items on the JP site and couldn't find an official announcement. I even asked a Japanese friend who always reads their news page, and they said there was no news announcement. The fact is many people DID NOT KNOW.

    6. To elaborate further on my Blue Protocol experience (note that some of these will likely change, or have already changed):
      – Uses latency-reliant distance-based combat (ie. like TERA, not hit boxes like PSO2).
      – Extremely huge city hub mostly devoid of meaningful locations, with everyone warping into the same two places (one in front of the bank), ensuring massive frame drops in those two areas.
      – A single location with upgrade terminals, also filled with people (and lag). The upgrading systems weren't interesting either, from what I remember.
      – Huge mostly empty world maps. You unlock a mount, but I recall it having weird limitations, where it can only be used for a brief period and then has a massive cooldown.
      – World spawn camping, like old MMOs (maybe you like that kind of thing?)
      – Nonsensical item management system. Very small inventory space when outside town, automatically transfers to storage upon returning to hub, meaning you constantly need to return to the hub.
      – Same old delivery-type quests where you kill for drops, talk to NPCs.
      – Everybody ran through dungeons kiting enemies to the next progress wall and kill them there, repeat. There was a common glitch where people would get stuck teleporting to the boss and had to wait for the dungeon to be finished.
      – Often waited forever in dungeon queue, just to have the queue get cancelled. If I remember right, you need to start with a full group and if someone leaves, you all get kicked out.
      – Every scheduled raid event required manual travel to a very distant end of a map and queueing up, while surrounded by high level enemies who would ram people off the cliff, killing them and removing them from the queue, requiring they run all the way back across the map (and miss the next raid, obviously).
      – Character creation and clothing was somewhat limited (to be expected in beta). No color sliders.
      – It's another of those MMOs where every player is the same protagonist. The story wasn't very interesting either, IMHO. I won't spoil it though.

      On the positive side, it's one of the few games that looks nice. If you're a fan of very old MMOs (imagine WoW classic, or a little before that time), maybe you'll still like BP regardless of its issues.

    7. @Whatever
      Thanks for the extensive info. Most of those problems sound fixable, just like most of the issues people have found with NGS so far. We'll see which team ends up more responsive to community feedback. I'm giving both a shot even if I've been with PSO2 since forever.

      Also, Regent: I'm basically parody Max with Gender Type 2, don't take me so seriously. If you're looking for braindead people though, just look for the ones buying these LAs at 300M. We complain and are so negative because Sega's effectively tossing PSO2 in a trash can after gutting every benefit the original has. I don't know if I'll like NGS yet, so why be so intent on killing the game I do like? Guess I'm the minority though.

    8. BP having Tera combat is a huge shocker to me.
      I expected it to be direct NGS competitor, but if it works like target-based game, it's worthless.

  4. Very excited to see what awaits in the future.
    As someone who has unconventional tastes, I hope the "random EQs" statement means some of the other EQs will be back.
    My guess is that PSO2 will be around for a while since NGS is starting from scratch. A new vanilla experience bundled with an 8 year content game is a really cool deal. PSO2 may still be the only option for some old PCs as well.

    1. take this with a grain of salt. but it says schedueled EQs will stop when pso2 ngs starts service. on tuesday june 9th there is no EQ lineup this could be subject to change but i think its going to be june 9th

    1. I'm hoping sega will add new male/female body "types" that will go with existing costumes and fix certain, mostly hips area, issues. Btw rappy isn't a body type! Don't even think about it, sega!

      Or they just called it types like they did with faces and make it sound "change body type" instead of "perform sex change operation".

    2. Capcom has been doing the exact same thing (MH Rise). It's clear Japanese companies are following the same guidebook.

      In actuality, people with gender dysphoria can no longer play as the gender they desire to be, only type 1 or 2. And people who believe there are more than 2 genders are also stuck with 1 or 2. Stay tuned for the inevitable future backlash.

    3. The only backlash they'll get is from the usual noisy, annoying western community. No matter how you slice it, there's "only two genders" when it comes to games unless you want them to spend ALL of their time creation extreme conditions for numerous types of genders and not focus on what matters, gameplay. What if you identify as NB but don't want a "Male or Female" type body? Guess what they have to spend time on doing? What if you identify as other and want a body type that's mix and you know what they requires from an itemization standard? Not a simple "Male/Female" designation, but the modeling alone would take up resources just to appease a small % of people. The most that will be done is how NPCs/Dialogue will refer to you pronoun wise.

      PSO/2 already offers INSANE amounts of customization and fashion items, do you really expect them to keep up the customization having to incorporate 7 billion Gender types and meet the inevitable expectation that gear will fit them no matter what?

    4. Let's just get this over with once and for all, whether it is real life or a game, there's ""ONLY 2"" frigging genders lol

    5. I was going to reply to MAX earlier, but I wasn't sure if they were necessarily serious. Seeing as how the others seem to have added to the discussion…

      The way I see it is that Type (I'd even argue gender does so as well) suggests the general structure to which we base our general system. For example, just because there are a few primary colors doesn't mean all the other colors don't exist. It just happens to be that the different combinations of values give birth to all these other colors that exist. Not that anyone would care about my personal interpretation though.

      That said, it is still useful to categorize these things from a game dev perspective, at this point there are thousands of customization options. Although they could hide these things from the player. Not that anyone would care about the devs though.

      In the end, I'm not even part of that demographic but I find it interesting when it comes to my videogames:)

    6. Yeah, if I there's no free shop passes that don't require AC then there's no point. If I get AC, I rather spend it on scratches and permanent inventory upgrades etc.

  5. They should just sell tickets with idle/walking/running animations.
    Monetize everything.
    No shop passes for free playing plebs either.

    1. A swimming animation is already in the Foundrs pack. Datamines also found running animations. So of course they're going to monetize EVERYTHING.

    2. Because almost unrestricted automatic trading is the only advantage PSO2 has (had) over other f2p online action games where you either gotta pay for personal shop or can only trade person-to-person without any automation.
      Now that it's gone how is this game any more free-to-play-friendly than warframe or POE or BDO?

    3. Meanwhile me a freemium got 100 shop passes in storage, I wonder how did I get it then.
      Joke aside, I don't think SEGA would cancel shop pass for nothing, I mean like, they mostly just want to migrate everything into NGS side. Though this is just my prediction, in future shop probably can be accessed through spending SG or another currency same like FUN at PSO2 side or even via daily login. Now the game is not even release and you guys are keep complaining about that.

    4. Imagine being new player who wants to catch up with the story in a month until NGS release.
      No shop pass for them.

    5. MAX you're completely absolutely correct. The RMT bots definitely did not use 3 Day Shop passes as a way to maintain easy access to the player shops. It'd also be very inconvenient for those bot owners to pay the player shop fees. I really don't know how people are going to be playing the story without 3 shop passes, SEGA may as well just shut the game down at that point, can't even play the story without them smh.

    6. All you can do is whine. Get to work and get the damn premium!

    7. Lmao new player, like they have something to sell for big money. Let's say they are rich enough to AC scratch, do you think they don't have the money to premium either?

    8. Blind defense of anti-consumer practices like this is why corporations get away with this.
      You could always earn more passes with cubes.
      You could always sell food and emper embrace.
      How dare I criticize p2w in f2p game!

    9. I'd say wait and see what sega does in NGS, maybe they'll just let people both buy and sell after getting that title thing as easily available shop passes didn't stop puso from having good f2pp2p player economy and being very profitable for sega.
      Also paywalling selling on market never stopped RMT in numerous other games so I'm hoping sega is not that stupid (tho it's sega so anything can happen) to gut core feature that made puso as good as it is.

    10. Ya I'm hoping being able to acquire shop pass is something down the line. I wouldn't even mind having to jump through some hoops to get it if they're gonna use that as a means to indirectly authenticate if a player is genuine. Even if it is ultimately something that I'll either need to scratch for or (hopefully) purchase with SG, I wouldn't mind having to work for it accordingly, they're already doing authentication checks just to be able to search for specific people to purchase from on the shops. I wouldn't be surprised if the go extra mile for that just to be able to access shop in general.

      I can see why paywalling this sort of thing only just hurts the player. I wouldn't be surprised if RMT Botnets use stolen or any other illicit cards and just sell off their wares before Sega catches wind of them and bans them swiftly.

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