PSO2 NGS Global Closed Beta Download Now Available

PSO2 New Genesis

Download the Global Closed Beta!

Invitations for the Global Closed Beta version of Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis are starting to be sent out. You may now download the game via the Microsoft Store.

Open the Microsoft Store and check your Library to see if you have the option to install the closed beta.

Alternatively you can perform the following steps:

  • Open the Xbox Insider Hub App
  • Click Previews
  • Click PSO2 New Genesis Closed Beta
  • Click Show in Store

Global Closed Beta Schedule

16 thoughts to “PSO2 NGS Global Closed Beta Download Now Available”

    1. Probably not, Microsoft/Sega enjoys wasting vast amounts of bandwidth so they can crush peoples hopes and dreams by not letting them in followed by uninstalling the game.

    2. Well, they did say first come, first served. So I imagine everyone who can install the game has the license to play it.

  1. lol, guys, the global server was never meant to be and I bet sega slightly cares about what happens in the global server, the only reason it even exists is to get a quick buck for NGS as it was mentioned on a several previous posts, heck it would be a miracle if its released for Switch, if it hasn't already, and even a bigger miracle if reaches PS4/PS5. In the end, their main audience remains the japanese people and new players.

    1. Correction: Ex-JP players and PSO1/PSU boomers who were scared of the Captcha boss

    2. How would it be a bigger miracle if it hit PS4/PS5 when the Switch version is not even technologically possible right now with our broadband infrastructure? We need full fiber optic but the cable companies keep pushing the inferior "5G WiFi" instead because it's cheaper for them to set up.

  2. I thought I fixed everything wrong with the Windows 10 app BSery and then the install button does NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    1. Oh and of course OTHER APPS install just fine which means I did in fact fix it but PSO2NGS CBT is giving shit anyway…

    2. Were you able to fix the problem?
      If not, then it might be possible that you didn't make the cut.

    3. That might have been the case if I had heard of anyone else having the problem but so far I haven't seen any sign of anyone else complaining about it. Besides, why would it even be on my account if that were the case?

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