PSO2 New Genesis Launches June 9th, 2021

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launches June 9th, 2021 after maintenance on both Global and Japanese territories. An extended maintenance will occur 1~2 days in advance. Due to this, the scheduling and contents of the Countdown Login Bonus Campaign will change in response to this early maintenance. Details will be posted in the future.

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    1. This was my concern as well. It's strange they didn't bother to communicate this yet, but if shop isn't either accessible by default or shop ticket a common drop from perma SG scratch, there's gonna be a lot of salty players. Nobody but premium players is gonna be able to afford to buy anything.

    2. i am guessing shop passes in the SG scratch. There must be more than outfits in them since they give us a free pull per day.

    3. If that happens and they don't provide the free pass then they should had gone subscription while we are at it.

    4. cbt had premiums in ngs's ac shop and classic ac shop…fun scratch didn't have shop pass already back then, strange that nobody payed attention to this except me..

      Thus I higly doubt they add it to SG scratch or SG shop, but we won't know till release…anyway U all (or at least part of U) remember Playpark's PSO2, which had no 3day shop pass at all

  1. Are there any other big events around the day in North America?
    As a domestic Japanese, I have no idea of it and wonder why they chose the date.
    Yep, students will be at their leisure (while school vacation in Japan begins late July).
    The leading graphic cards are still with a premium…

    1. Not sure why June 9th was selected as the release date. Maybe internal development was finalized and patching was completed earlier than expected?

    2. Nope, the 9th of June doesn't hold any special meaning or event in North America nor Europe.
      I really thought that they wouldn't release it until the very last maintenance of June, the 30th of the month.
      But I am pleasantly surprised that they are able to release it this early in the month.

      We'll have to see how much content the game has as it releases, probably not much. But we'll see.

  2. I seriously fear for NG, the "f2p" trend is going towards a very toxic direction, people are willing to throw money at companies for far less content than before, boosting the laziness of companies and allowing them to paywall QoL features that used to be a given.

    1. That's just Sega's trend for the past 10+ years. Just look at vanilla Persona 5 & nearly every Sonic game since then.

    2. I haven't really seen any f2ps lately to talk about trend.There was BDO which, as I heard, was a turbo mess and has little to do with it being f2p and there were a bunch of other typical low key, mainly Korean/Chinese MMOs, that used the same failure of a f2p model that most other K/C MMOs use (which is not PSO2 or Warframe model which relies heavily on free and paying player market interaction instead of paywalls). And then goes the gacha which is actually gambling (thus predatory as it abuses weakness of certain people, but unlike gambling it doubles down by also abusing underaged) with waifus instead of money rewards and super low production costs which absolutely everyone jumped onto but this has little to do with actual f2p model.
      If you have some good/popular examples, gimme some, I'm curious!

    3. That's literally the only reason ANY company makes a free-to-play game.

      The micro-transactions add up. If they took those out, there would likely be a super heavy price for a membership for PSO2, likely $30-50 monthly to make up for all the clothing/costumes/work that still gets put in.

    4. Ditto. I'm sticking around for launch so I can experience it and have fun … but unless we get market access back for free players, I doubt I'll be staying. There's no reason to have selling locked behind a subscription in a gacha fashion game unless you're looking to bleed your users for cash. At that point I might as well go to a MMO with a normal cash shop so I can buy what I want and be done with it.

      (And no, SG tickets aren't acceptable. You think SG will be as easy to get as FUN in PSO2? Big laugh there.)

    5. Warning: wall of text about f2p.
      @Violent Vodka
      Nono, 30-50$ is way too high, 20$ is industry standard and going above that will massively cut the player base thus the profits. Also the ONLY reason is get profit.
      Games go f2p for a reason – you get much larger playerbase thus potential spenders and, unlike p2p model, some players can spend way way more than 20$. It also helps to keep game alive as larger playerbase means it will always feel less empty. Considering how many there are f2p games and how many p2p switched to f2p and avoided dying, they are statistically more profitable too.
      Also, considering very low modern hardware costs, having more players barely strains the budget while always allowing more profits.

      I'd say there are 4 types of f2p:
      – Generic f2p like you said which relies on QoL paywalling (stick) and microtransactions that are not p2w. They need to be solid games (carrot) to get a large playerbase without big budget to be profitable. Path of Exile is one of those, tho inventory space could be considered more than QoL.
      – Classic p2w, which, unlike in the west, are accepted in China and I think Korea and get to the west only because they spend almost nothing to translate those. Rely on all kinds of paywalling and p2w shit to force (stick) people to "pay to enjoy the game", most likely to have gigagrind and PVP to flex your wallet (carrot for paying players). Some smaller ones are alive only because of just a few whales that enjoy being gods in those games, everyone else but those are "content" for them. BDO is an example of p2w.
      – Gacha have low development costs and either rely heavily on gambling mechanics (waifus as carrots) or limited stamina (stick). There are tons of examples of those as they are just too cheap to make and too profitable (legal gambling, underaged included, and without same taxes) to not make those. Most profitable ones like FGO or Arknights mainly rely on gambling (carrot) rather than stamina (stick). Fuck Genshin tho as they managed to waifu bait with both retarded stamina and somehow even worse gacha rates while still being a low cost mobile shit.
      – Outliers that have actual paying to free player market economy which is, judging by amount of shitty f2p games, not simple to make. Rely on well designed market system to let players with more money than time to exchange goods (carrots) with players who have more time than money, a win-win for both. Examples are Warframe and Puso.

      In Warframe you have time limited content (carrot) thus the market for no longer obtainable via gameplay items. And grind, in Grindframe.
      In Puso we have affixing with EQs (time limited, in a way that it limits amount of grind) and gacha nature of getting new cash shop stuff – people can scratch 10 cheaper than your usual MMO items and not get what they want but they can sell those 10 items to get items they want (carrot for paying players), thus items get supplied to market where non-paying players can get items (carrot) and supply and demand balances out item cash prices. To get those carrots, non-paying players supply affixes and other and if they are not able to do so, like when whatever they can offer has no value (high supply low demand which is not the case in puso as EQs and/or grind requirements reduce supply) or they simply can't (paywalling the market), they get left out of content (pay to get content, stick) which reduce number of players to enjoy the game with which leads to both less paying (non-paying friend(s) leaving their paying friend(s) for better game taking him along) and potential paying players.

      If you look at those 4 f2p types, games with more carrots and less (ideally no) sticks fare much better than others (reminder that Warframe was the most profitable Steam game of some year and Puso is one of the most profitable Sega games). I wanted to say that, yes, so

      TL;DR: f2p has more (carrot) options to be profitable than (stick) paywalling and they are more profitable.

  3. Eh what? I didn't know shop pass was such a requirement to "PLAY" the game. lmao
    I do hope we can at least download some content before hand, that way I don't leave my PS4 overnight, and then having to download the DLC on the next day. Oh well, it's not like pso2 will have scheduled EQs any longer

    1. Fug, wrong email, please delete email bumped, don't want a risk of data breach and more spam.

    2. It's not a requirement but it's still a strong incentive specially for people who like cosmetics for their character that play at their own pace. A game with a subscription model will last longer than a F2P game with a pay walled market aka pay to win.

    3. This man gets it. It made complete sense when SEGA pulled the cradle trigger and let loose a near infinite supply of cubes in legacy pso2 to sell off. Then to only cut out the completely f2players that are more concerned about looking good in a lobby WAITING for easy enough content to run (aka those sniping cradle triggers while not even joining those that drop a party beacon) to feed into the fashion gain.

      There's a reason most of the fashion is sky-high now cause HEY! Fun scratches don't drop 3day shop passes any more. Those that are actively supporting the game kinda have a right to price gouge those that don't. In comparison to any other mmo system out there, as long as just fluff is behind a pay wall that isn't directly sold or a necessary progressive point (aka, if classes were locked behind a cash money pay wall) why complain?

      Also, I highly doubt that the ones that are complaining about leaving the game cause they can't open up a shop immediately when NGS drops to make a profit, outnumber those that are wanting this NGS WAITING ROOM slog to finally end so we don't have to sit around and WAIT SOME MORE (at least, not immediately) for content to run.

    1. I don't want either subscription or P2W trash but subscription is still better than the P2W option. BTW many people have a life outside the game you know. BTW it's all conjecture for now, I'm willing to wait and see how it will be in a few days.

  4. Could possible they might just put shop ticket(last 30/60 days) into SG shop due to SG scratch doesn't cost a SG to roll if you just x1 a day. This way they don't hurt the f2p community if they manage their SG while the spenders if dump all their SG can still charge them for it

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