PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 4 Recap

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Character Creation Benchmark

JP Version | Global Version


New Locales

West Aelio (Exploration Section)

  • A new beautiful field by the ocean.
  • Aelio Town is located here!


Halphia (Halphilia) Lake (Exploration Section)

  • No enemies appear during normal hours, so it's great for screenshots.


Vanford Laboratory Ruins (Battle Section)

  • A man-made area that was abandoned due to the Dolls attack!
  • A pod-shaped autonomous turret called a Drone will become normalized after a certain amount of attacks, and will assist the player. The key to success in this area is using the drone to your advantage in battle.


Resol Forest (Battle Section)

  • A much more challenging battle section that requires high combat power.
  • This field has an electronic design at night.


New Enemies


  • It's designed to be similar to a manta ray, swimming in the sky.
  • As you wear them down, they pull out their tentacle form.



  • It has multiple arms that shoot out.
  • It uses its arms like a shield to protect its core.




  • It can fire off attacks from its tail.
  • It stomps around like a frog.



  • It's the DRAGON EX reskin!
  • It has the ability to strengthen enemies nearby.


Story Characters

New Character: Ran

  • A rookie operator who reports directly to Crawford.
  • She is the operator who appears during Emergency Quest announcements.


New Character: Crawford

  • The Central Leader of All ARKS on Planet Halpha
  • He has a gentle and warmed personality and always seems to be in a relaxed mood.
  • He feels it's his duty to make all residents on Planet Halpha to live as peaceful as possible.


PSO2 NGS Story

  • Players will start out in Aelio Town. Afterwards they'll visit Central City to meet [Crawford], the leader of all Arks.
  • The tower in Central City has a teleporter to enter the Command Center
  • After accepting his request, you'll head over to the Vanford Laboratory Ruins.


NGS New Characters

  • Liu Lin, Oranje, and Rossa, are other operators alongside Ran.
  • They are Ran's senior operators.


New Features

Simplified Movement

  • Adding the Simplified Movement button onto your palette allows you to perform actions such as normal attacks, technics, and photon arts, based on the distance from the enemy.
  • This feature is meant for players who are not accustomed to the high button technicality of action games.


Gather Party Members

  • You can now have party members teleport to your Ryuker Device location.
  • However, if a party member can not enter your [section], they will not be teleported.
  • Party members will receive a notification giving them the option to teleport to the requester's location.


Voice Chat Functions

  • Voice Chat will be available for both the JP and Global Versions
  • Voice Chat will not be available in the Cloud versions.

Preset Abilities (Preset Skills)

  • Preset Abilities have a low chance to appear on dropped items.
  • Preset Abilities can not be transferred to other equipment.
  • Example Preset Abilities increases the weapon's power, or reduces the damage received for your armor.
  • Each Preset Ability has up to 5 levels.


New Skills


Another Arts Skip Attack: Hunter

  • Using different photon arts consecutively with the same weapon will make the next normal attack skip to the 4th combo.
  • A similar skill also exists for Fighters.

Wired Anchor Advanced

  • Changes Wired Lance's Weapon Action movement based on directional input.


Fighter Skip Arts

  • Allows you to perform the latter half of a PA immediately.

Acceleration Drive

  • Lets you charge towards the enemy at a specific timing when using Twin Dagger photon arts.



Sticky Bomb Quick Reload

  • Reduces the cooldown timer for the weapon action.

Launcher Charge Grouping

  • Holding forward during a charged normal attack, tightens the AOE of the spread.



  • Increases the amount of PP recovered when attacking Non-bosses.

Attack PP Recovery

  • Increases the amount of PP recovered when attacking.



Elemental Bullet

  • When activating a Technic after successfully guarding with a Rod, a photon bullet of the same technic element will also be released.

Force & Techer

Tricky Capacitor

  • A gauge, which increases through attacks, can be consumed to release a special Talis attack.


Deband PP Recovery Boost Main Class Only

  • Increases the natural PP recovery of [Shifta Deband]

Wand Lovers

  • Temporarily prevents you from being knocked back or launched.


New AC Scratches

JUNE AC Scratch: Militant Soldier (Soldier Line)

  • Contains Central City and Aelio Town soldier uniforms.
  • New LAs:
    • Four Pose
    • Cheer Up
  • New Mtns:
    • Idle — Hand on Hip
    • Dash — Hover



JUNE SG Scratch: Passionate Spirit

  • Aina and Garoa outfits
  • Finger Lobby Actions
  • 5 New Stamps!


SG Scratch Changes

  • The price will be 50 SG per draw.
  • You'll get 1 Prize Slip as a scratch bonus for every 40 draws.
  • You get 1 free draw per day.


JUNE AC Scratch: Chastely? Bridal (Wedding Celebration)

  • Wedding dress and modern outfits.
  • LAs: Bow and Observe
  • Mtn: Idle — Turn Neck, and Glide — Dive
  • This is the scratch to get the NGS Beard.



NGS Rocket Start Campaign (At NGS Launch) Global & Japan

Story Clear Campaign

  • Clear NGS story to receive accessories.

Level Up Campaign

  • Reach a certain class level in NGS to receive Stamps

Friend Registration Campaign

  • When you register as friends with other players, you'll receive a present at a later date.

Join a Team Campaign

  • Receive a present at a later date when you join a team that has a certain number of members by the end of the campaign period.

NGS Launch Celebration Login Bonus

  • Receive useful items for your adventure from a login campaign being held for the launch of NGS.


Rappy Packy

Start Dash Rappy Pack

  • A NEW Rappy Suit is here, the 'N-Rappy Suit [Fu]'
  • You can buy this Pack for 4,900 AC from the AC Shop! (Can only purchase 1)
  • Acquire an Idle Motion and Glide Motion that'll flap your arms as if they were rappy wings.
  • Pack Contents:
    • N-Rappy Suit [Fu]
    • MTN [Idle: Rappy]
    • MTN [Glide: Rappy]
    • ST [Rappy: Love]
    • Premium Set – 15 Days (x2)
    • Material Storage – 15 Days (x2)
    • +50% N-RDR Boost (x3)
    • +10% N-EXP Boost (x3)
    • Free Salon Pass
    • N-Half Scape Doll (x5)
    • Monotite (x30)
    • Dualomite (x30)
    • Trinite (x30)
    • Photon Chunk (x50)
    • Photon Quartz (x50)
    • (Refer to the image for the Global Names)


Future Plans

June: Official Launch

  • Aelio Region
  • Six Classes
  • Class Level Cap at 20

July: PSO2 Series 9th Anniversary Event

  • Japan / Global joint Web Link Event

August: New Class "Braver"

  • Bullet Bows and Katanas
  • Defense Quest Added
  • Mag Evolution Device Share System
    • This shares the information from PSO2's Mag Evolution device into the New Genesis Mag.
  • Remove the Appearance of Mags

Fall: New Class "Bouncer"

  • Jet Boots and Dual Blades Added
  • Trigger Quests Added
  • Title System

Winter: 1st Major NGS Update

  • New Region Added
  • Level Cap to 35
  • New Skills and Technics


Summoner Class

  • To be implemented Spring 2022 or Later
  • Summoners will use Takts as their main weapon.
  • Pets obtained in PSO2 cannot be used as Summoner abilities in NGS. However, since many are fond of their pets, they are currently considering a system to allow those pets to be utilized in the new NGS Summoner in some way. Pet growth stats, as well as their candy box status, will not be carried over.


  • Gunslashes will not be available for the 6 initial classes, nor the 3 upcoming classes of Braver, Bouncer, and Summoner.
  • Instead, there will be a new class after Summoner that will utilize the Gunslash as its main weapon.
  • I wonder what this new class will be called? 🤔






36 thoughts to “PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 4 Recap”

    1. the bat luminmech probably uses the skeleton of the morfos from og pso. a reskin is more akin to taking the model of lets say a rock bear changing the textures and calling it a new enemy were as these models probably use the skeleton but are heavily altered.

    1. dude. let people play how they want. if they wanna use the simplified thing they can. it dosent make them any better or any worse then you. if its more accesible that means more players more players means more support for the game more support for the game the more content. neat things we can get in the future.

    2. Lots of content on most games do not deserve to be done manually. Even without auto, some enterprising ones will auto anyways.

      Like how some of my steam games have skill levelling which involve repeated use of skills. Why waste time on repetitive boring task when you can just run a script off it?

  1. I can run benchmark at 60~110 fps, never dipping lower. Nice.
    I just hope Arks-layer will keep supporting JP version like they were doing with PSO2.
    But even if they won't I'm absolutely not migrating to NA server.

  2. Hope we can choose English text in the JP version, in the Global beta we could just set everything to Japanese as well, if both clients are gonna have the same content it'd make sense to let us choose our language.

  3. Does my original PSO2 character need to have a PSO2:NGS face in order to play with that character on PSO2:NGS? Or can I just leave my character unmodified to play PSO2:NGS?

    1. Can be left completely unmodified, do note that using a Legacy PSO2 costume or layered however will change you to a default costume in NGS for cutscenes.

      Faces however I do not think are affected by this at all.

    2. " Legacy PSO2 costume or layered however will change you to a default costume in NGS for cutscenes."

      That is a lie, it's the other way around. You can't use NGS stuff for base PSO2 cutscenes.

    3. Apparently the info for Legacy PSO2 outfits in NGS cutscenes will change to default NGS costumes was a mistranslation on Global's part, no wonder why I can't find it anywhere anymore. Apologies for the

      I wouldn't be surprised if they do this or any times when finger animation WOULD be present it wouldn't animate the fingers, probably a bit too early to tell of this. But since there technically ISN'T a confirmation of this since they goofed up I can't really say for certain.

    4. Apologies for the incorrect info that I provided.*

      Not sure what happened to my comment there, must've accidentally deleted that part (probably overrode it with the space between the paragraphs) somewhere along the way when I was writing the comment.

  4. Finger Lobby Actions in the SG scratch: Did they mention whether or not getting one of these also unlocks the original lobby action it's supposed to be combined with?

    Not sure how they're going to work otherwise. New NGS player gets one = can't use anyway because there's no way to get the emote and they cost 300M – 1 billion in PSO2.

    (Also that Dash Hover action in the AC bonus is a real low blow to Casts, come on. Free movement option in PSO2 now a bonus? Or is that just for the Photon Dash?)

    1. As evident from Hero Pose+ & Phantom Pose+, You can only use the "+" variant and won't have access to the original version if you don't have it in the first place.

    2. Oh, okay. That's actually a really nice deal then. SG just got a lot more valuable.

    3. I think it's only for the photon dash. IIRC there's still the default "hover" option for normal running motion.

  5. the model of the eldi scythe is diffrent but its using the same skeleton like in most phantasy star games. the wolves are an example of this, its not a reskin. the new critters the otterica use zeros models for the seal enemies in that game

    1. It's not a simple reskin, more like recycled skeleton and motion. If this kind of thing bother you i recommend to not play any 3D online game or a long standing franchise like FF/Phantasy Star.

    2. It's called reusing skeletons, something literally every game on the planet that is in 3D does.

    3. the box duvals ultimate corrupted dragon is litteraly using the transmizer skeleton, if it was a reskin it would just be a transmizer with a dragon texture over it.

    4. Monster Hunter also recycles a few skeletons for some of its monsters too. Here's some to consider:

      Tigrex, Nargacuga, Barioth use a rather similar "Flying Wyvern" skeleton

      Arzuros, Lagombi, and Volvidon all use the "Fanged Beast" skeleton

      There's plenty of other examples like Kushala Daora, Teostra, Alatreon, but I think the above gives enough of a point of knowing the skeleton of the monster can somewhat give an idea of some of their moveset nuances (especially in the case of the Fanged Beast" monsters).

  6. This is all cool and all, I'm not against recycling skeletons and a few other things, but SGEA BRUH, why, oh PLEASE WHY are you bringing SU to NGS? Justice for BO!!!!

    1. I mean Bouncer's coming like a whole half a year or more into NGS well before Summoner. It'll probably have the usual initial hype of people wanting to try out the new shiny class then it'll more than likely stabilize down after that.

      By how the post is worded on the announcement I'm almost inclined to believe that Summoner might be overhauled in NGS. Especially since pet progress isn't carried over so it might be possible they'll just be used as maybe cosmetic skins of what ever they'll consider as the replacement for pets in NGS.

    2. My unreal fantasy world version:
      You equip wand in designated slot (like ring, but it still visibly hangs on your ass or something), and pets assist regular weapon attacks/do their own stuff automatically, depending on the main/sub class and pet type.

  7. Wanted to add some rather small details to some of the skills just for extra transparency.

    1. Fighter Skip Arts:
    It appears you trigger this one by not inputting any movement when activating the PA, similar to Etoile Double Saber's Stay Arts from Legacy PSO2. They seem to have accidentally omitted this detail when talking about the skills.

    2. Wand Lovers:
    Wand Normal Attacks also provide guard frames, I think this is what they mean by on the stream when they said that you can "Reflect enemy attacks".

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