NGS Bumped Live Stream Announcement

Join us this Saturday for our very first Bumped Live Stream. We'll be playing Global's PSO2 New Genesis Closed Beta with our guests [Azelyra] and [CammyCakes].

This stream will feature live commentary, open Q&A, and objectives for the guests to complete.

Stream Characters

  • lostbob117 (Host)
  • Ricardo (Dragged into this)
  • Azelyra aka Arcy (Guest)
  • CammyCakes (Guest)

Date & Time

  • Saturday (May 15th) @ 6:30 PM EDT

Youtube Link

30 thoughts to “NGS Bumped Live Stream Announcement”

  1. Probably would have tuned-in to this if it was just the Bumped crew, not really a fan of Azelyra. GLHF with the beta though.

    1. I'm having a love and hate relationship with azelyra, I really love his content but he sounds like he's imitating someone's voice in a very sarcastic way while I'm looking at a very cute anime girl.

    2. I'm not familiar with their content but I had the pleasure of meeting Azelyra in game for the level 200 Sodam quest. They seemed very arrogant talking down to another player whose character's appearance they didn't approve of. During the fight they barked about meeting various DPS thresholds throughout despite not even doing enough themselves to hold aggro. They also jeopardized the run contributing a death to the breath attack in the last phase. Please do not let a drawing of a character justify a personality that treats others this way.

    3. I feel the same as the others.
      Including Azelyra actually made me not want to join in. For me, I don't know what it is. I don't like their vibe very much and it's hard to explain. Judging by others' reactions to their inclusion, it seems somewhat justified, although it is just hearsay.

      I'm sorry, I really wanted to see who the people behind Bumped were, but gotta put money where your mouth is.

    4. He's ok, It's good to see energetic people from time to time. Not all youtubers have to be the serious analytical type. Go watch Anamana or someone else, they got into the beta too, I think. They all will make NG video guides for beginners when they end up the beta.

    5. Anamana? Do you want the newconers to be lead astray with no actual good knowledge? After watching a 15 minute video that could've been summarized in 5 or less?

    6. I don't recommend Armana, it was just the name that popped my mind as I didn't wanted to search on YT (I forgot many channels). My point is that eccentric annoying people are sometimes needed… They keep people awake.

    7. I felt really cringe whenever he tries to act and sound like Japanese. Like there's "moe" in what he does

    8. @– Did the man really get arrogant? Did that happen doing the Sodam quest with Sole Players or in a Guild? I used to play with some friends now they no longer play maybe they will come back when NGS is launched, now I am Sole Player but we almost always walked through block 1, to try to help those who were lost in the game, a separate point many entered with low DPS in the EQ almost always those who enter are Sole Players everyone knows that if you want to finish it quickly most of them enter with their Guild that most of its members have units with more than 300 SRT-ATK with SRT-DEF and full ATK weapons and DEF.

    9. Y'all sound very upset about this man's existence, why you letting him be on your mind if you don't like.

  2. I'm going sight-reading mode for NGS to relive the early JP days experience, but thanks for all those years of awesome content Bumped crew:)

  3. Lotta hate for this azelyra dude going on here.
    Let me jump on this train too, since I don't wanna hear him, I'll skip the stream.

  4. Would definitely preferred a stream done by a full Bumped team, I personally couldn't care less or more about the guests. I always wondered who the people behind Bumped are, we only see their names.
    Their personalities, the chemistry, the interactions between each other. I think people would be way more interested in the Bumped crew than the guests.

    Whatever happened to Kenneth or X? Would even have preferred Lynn F.

    Can you imagine a stream done with:

    Would have been really cool.

  5. Sadness for Kenneth!! ;( btw, which ship will ya'll be on? Got into the global beta (JUST visiting.. I ain't leaving JPN :P) Just like in the JPN version; i'm currently on ship 2. Obvious character name, of course. I gotta say with the limited time I had with it; Force, Ranger and Gunner feel amazing gameplay wise. With just 4 SP in all of them (got the other classes at lvl 8 at least, but these 3 in particular) they feel so stupidly broken in the the best possible way! 😀 Most open world boss monsters actually feel like they take awhile to go down, even with a rush of folks.. It feels.. fun again, personally speaking of course.

  6. Why would you invite Azelyra and pretty much any other NA YouTuber? No thanks. Also, it's pretty crappy that you didn't invite Kenneth.

    also you really need to stop hanging out with the wrong crowd bobbyboy

    1. ^ yes & while in ship #2 like most of us are, and most content creators who give easier guides.

      also barks at people for not being optimal or having proper gear setups despite not much better than them or can potentially throw the lobby/MPA entirely themselves.

      Cares about their channel growing, stays only in those areas.

      & you best believe they are watching these posts (or) will be responding anonymously.

      I may as well just become a content creator with how much you can get away with if that is acceptable from what everyone has stated so far. Don't worry I'll even cover the details too and I won't bark at you for them.

      See you guys in the next year or two.

  7. I'm not a fan of Azelyra either. I honestly don't understand what the hype is. Has one of the worst clear runs for HTPD Sodom 4-man. ( 10 seconds left for HTPD with his friends/team )

    (Even with a random lobby not even being in a party with them, I got a 2min+ clear time)

    When I carried a random MPA as well, I still hit his first time clear.
    (2 people said thank you to me in the same MPA)

    (I even have video footage of them telling me thank you for the carry, but honestly they are good players.)

    That is Just my own personal opinion, and I have had a few others tell me their experiences with this guy or (being in his team) in the past from very seasoned players.

    I just said hi to buy something from the market place from them.

    Instead linked me to their channels, told me to join their discord, and ignored me from there. Gave a rude remark to me about them recording footage.
    (Do I care to record a conversation with Azelyra? No I do not. )

    I only messaged this guy 1 time to say hello as the starting message to get that kind of comment.

    I don't support Azelyra, neither will I continue to do so through bumped.

    If that is your new direction, then you should be having all content creators who deserve to be in the spot light on here.

    I don't hate Azelyra, but I do feel that I wouldn't support or want to see a person who mistreats others to get ahead in the community as a role model.

    I am in 100 severs already for discord, so not like I could join the discord.

    (But I would have joined if that wasn't such a problem)

    1. Are you SERIOUSLY gauging the worth of a human being just by looking at his clear times on a game ? I'm getting too old for this kind of nonsense.

  8. Azelyra and other PSO2 ecelebs should just stick to their own thing: Offering up-to-date advice and nothing else. Keep your garbage gear and attitude out of my HTPDs, dude. (I know you're reading and seething from this)

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