PSO2 + NGS (JP) AC Scratch: Oracle Renew Collection 5

Oracle Renew Collection 5
(Until 6.9.2021)



N-ゼルシウス[Ba] | N-Zelsius [Ba]
N-ゼルシウス/2[Ba] | N-Zelsius /2 [Ba]



N-ゼルシウス/B[Ba] | N-Zelsius /B [Ba]
N-ゼルシウス/B2[Ba] | N-Zelsius /B 2 [Ba]



N-レイディタッカー[In] | N-Lady Tacker [In]
N-レイディタッカー/2[In] | N-Lady Tacker /2 [In]



N-バルクスタータ[In] | N-Vulk Starter [In]
N-バルクスタータ/2[In] | N-Vulk Starter /2 [In]



N-オールブリンク[Se] | N-Ol Blink [Se]
N-オールブリンク/2[Se] | N-Ol Blink /2 [Se]



N-オールブリンク/B[Se] | N-Ol Blink /B [Se]



N-オールブリンク/C[Se] | N-Ol Blink /C [Se]



N-マギアセイヴァー[Se] | N-Magia Savior [Se]
N-マギアセイヴァー/2[Se] | N-Magia Savior /2 [Se]



N-マギアセイヴァー/B[Se] | N-Magia Savior /B [Se]
N-マギアセイヴァー/B2[Se] | N-Magia Savior /B 2 [Se]



N-ウルティオン[Se] | N-Ultion [Se]
N-ウルティオン/2[Se] | N-Ultion /2 [Se]
N-ウルティオン/3[Se] | N-Ultion /3 [Se]
N-ウルティオン/4[Se] | N-Ultion /4 [Se]


Eyes and Makeup with the icon can only be used with the NGS Face Model.

Lobby Actions

  • 701「泡立てる」 | 701 "Lather"
  • 702「説明する」 | 702 "Explain"
  • 703「飛翔剣/魔装脚」 | 703 "Dual Blades / Jet Boots"
  • 719「「3」ポーズ」 | 719 "Three Pose"


  • マギアポニー | Magia Pony
  • ラフレイヤー | Rough Layer
  • ゼルシウスヘッドギア | Zelsius Headgear
  • マギアイヤリング | Magia Earrings


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
15 times
N-Color Change Pass
20 times
Tri-Boost +200%
25 times Ability Protection (6s or Lower)
30 times Oracle RC 5 Ticket
35 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
45 times
N-Color Change Pass
55 times EX Tri-Boost +250%
60 times Oracle RC 5 Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
30 times Oracle RC 5 Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.

※All of these items are untradeable.
※Oracle RC 5 Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.



6 thoughts to “PSO2 + NGS (JP) AC Scratch: Oracle Renew Collection 5”

    1. I'm not 100% sure but there might be one more scratch before NGS, if you remember the Costume ReNEWal voting on several previous posts. so we might still get that on June.

    2. @HKMR
      Yes. This is the last one and it ends in the middle of June.

      Designing and creating outfits based on voting isn't instant. Next week on Prologue 4 they are announcing the very first NGS-specific scratch. That is what will likely replace this last scratch once it expires.

    3. Technically, no. There's a Permanent AC & SG Support Scratch next week. This is the last TRUE scratch however.

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