Introducing Our New Bumped Site!

Hello everyone, we've moved to a fresh new site under the Bumped domain. PSUBlog has been up for almost a decade, becoming very overburdened with the amount of data it needs to fetch. With the new site, it gives a chance to redesign the look and feel of each page, giving it a much cleaner look.

A redesign is something we've talked about for awhile, and have made slight edits here and there towards making the site more modern. 

We hope you all move with us. It may take some time to adapt to the new design, but please feel free to give us your feedback! The site is still under construction and not all features are available yet. See you soon~


Move To The New Site

16 thoughts to “Introducing Our New Bumped Site!”

  1. Can you update the landing site for so that you can pick whether you want to go to PSUBlog (PSO2 and anything that came before) or Phantasy (NGS and beyond)?

  2. I like that new site uses more screen space but I don't like the new design too.
    Not sure if it's a modern crispy minimalistic approach or attempt to make something similar to NGS design but all that colorfulness looks a bit out of place – in NGS grey, dark grey and blue are main colors and the bright and a bit bleak colorful palette are the accents, here (/phantasy) the accents are the main colors…
    The top area takes more than half of the screen while carrying very little information. Background on main page is all white with smudgy transition to low quality picture but on articles/guides its a pattern and even worse/less consistent top part.

    All in all it's usable and that's what matters but the design is far from good.

  3. "Much cleaner look"? Uh… The old layout is much cleaner, much better organized, very readable and easy to navigate. No offense intended, but the new layout is a mess. It's too big, and with how plain it is it actually looks like it's unfinished.

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