Create Skill Rings and Cuisines With PSO2's Gathering System Update

~ March 9th, 2016 ~


Gathering System

Gathering Spots

The new Gathering system allows players to acquire various materials in Free Field quests through Mining and Fishing. You'll first need to find a Gathering Spot, indicated by blue or green rings. These can be found on the Forest, Ruins, Coast, and Tokyo fields. Each field will have its own set of unique rare materials.

Mining and Fishing will both consume Stamina, which will gradually recover over time or by using particular items.


Franca's Café

Franca's Cafe Lobby

Franca's Café is open for business! Inside you'll find the Cuisine Shop and Skill Ring Shop, offering a chance to exchange your gathered materials for a variety of items. Speak with gathering expert Sophia to learn all about the new feature. She and the dapper Yerkes also have a selection of gathering related client orders.


New Franca
Franca is debuting a tasteful new look as well!

You may enter the café by either going inside its entrance near Franca in the Shopping Area, or by simply opening the Quick Menu and selecting the 'Go To Franca's Café' option.


Cuisine Shop

Cuisine Shop

Cook up delectable dishes with Ida by trading in your gathered food at the Cuisine Shop! Cuisine are consumable items, capable of granting temporary effects to the user. Some of these effects can even help with gathering materials. You can increase the number of meals you can make by unlocking certain gathering achievements.


Skill Ring Shop

Skill Rings

The Skill Ring Shop introduces a brand new equipment category! By equipping Skill Rings, players can gain access to a host of different skills. There are two types of rings, L-Rings and R-Rings, which can be equipped on either the left or right hand.

L-Rings are used to either modify a weapon's behavior, or support a main class skill. Boost the stats of these rings by grinding them at the Item Lab.

  • L/JGヘブンリーF (JG Heavenly Fall)
  • L/フロントSロール (Front S-Roll)
  • L/RRフィールド (R-Reverser Field)
  • L/ショートコンバット (Short Combat)

R-Rings give effects equivalent to that of a class skill. With these, you'll be able to use the skills for classes that aren't set as your main or sub class.

  • R/マッシブハンター (Massive Hunter)
  • R/キリングボーナス (Killing Bonus)
  • R/フォトンフレア (Photon Flare)


List of Skill Rings and Descriptions



New Pets

Meet Marron and Melon, the latest pets to join the Summoner's ensemble!


Melon Attack

Their bodies grow bigger as they receive damage from enemies. Hurl them at your foes in this state to cause an explosion, dealing heavy damage. However, the explosion will incapacitate them for some time. While a bit tricky to use, this duo can become a powerful ally when skillfully utilized. 


EP4 Story Events


New events on the Story Board introduce Enga (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya), Hitsugi's older brother. Due to his sarcastic nature, the two siblings frequently argue with one another whenever they're together.



We learn more about Hagito (CV: Kenichi Suzumura), the president of the YMT Corporation and creator of popular apps used on Ether connections. He's known for being a military enthusiast, with a particular fondness for the battleship Yamato.


White Day Event

Fenwolf Camo
*フェンヴォルフ (Fenwolf)

Out with the pink and in with the blue. The White Day Lobby continues the teddy bear and heart decor of before. A new White Day 2016 Bingo card gives players a chance to earn the [*Fenwolf ] Dual Blades and a WD Lillipa Strap accessory!


Boisterous White Day 2016

Fly high among the blue skies of Amduscia's Skyscape field in the seasonal [A Boisterous White Day 2016] Emergency Quest! Let's go together and defeat enemies to earn quest points and increase the spawn rate of bosses and rare Emergency Trials.


White Crystal Quartz Dragon

The special 'White Crystal' Quartz Dragon can drop the Aste Unicorn, a multi-class weapon usable by the Force, Ranger, Braver, and Fighter classes. In addition, Pietro will make his first Emergency Trial appearance during this quest.


Seven-Eleven Collaboration

Seven-Eleven Oracle Branch 2016

The Seven-Eleven Oracle Branch returns with a lineup of room items both new and old for you to spend your FUN points on!


You can also obtain a number of Seven-Eleven themed basewear by participating in the Sega Lucky Kuji and purchasing prepaid cards available in Seven-Eleven stores across Japan.


Seven-Eleven Store Tokyo

While dashing through the Phantom-infested streets of Tokyo you may spot a Seven-Eleven store!


Other Features

Other New Features

  • New Premium Drinks will be available at the Medical terminal.
  • Support Partners will now be able to wear Layered Costumes.
  • You can now set the number of items you wish to obtain for certain items at the Recycle Shop.
  • Instead of 10, you can now register up to 15 pets.
  • Streamlined the Client Order list from Klotho.


Streamlined Klotho's Client Orders (Updated 2/29)

The development team will be streamlining almost the entire list of Client Orders from Klotho. The goal is to get players to spend less time earning money through Klotho, and more time playing other contents.

The following adjustments will be carried out during March 9th's maintenance. A portion of the statements previously made were changed by the development team as they were made in error.

  • Client Orders in which you must clear the quest on [Hard] or [Very Hard] difficulties will be removed from the game.
  • The names for the [Normal] and [Super Hard] client orders will be changed, and the clearing conditions will be relaxed so that it covers [Normal or higher] difficulties.
    • "Let's See How Strong You Are (I,III,V)" and "A Carefree Quiz (I,IV)" will have their rewards buffed.
    • However, "A Trial of Body And Soul (I)" and "A Test of Strength (I)" will have its rewards nerfed.
  • In addition, they will add client orders based around the number of times you clear any Time Attack quest on Very Hard or higher difficulty.
  • The client order in which you must clear an Extreme Quest five times will be removed from the game.
  • However, the 1x and 3x Extreme Quest client orders will reward a higher Meseta payout.

Due to the above changes, clearing all of Klotho's Client Orders will result in earning 70% of the meseta you used to make. (Note: This is based on the perspective of the player who does all of Klotho's client orders, including all of the "Normal" and "Hard" varieties.)  However, you can earn most (but not all) of it back by doing the new Gathering Client Orders that will be appearing along with this update.


Planet Explorer (AC Scratch)

リグサバイバー Rig Survivor [in] / [Ba] / [Ou]
リグサバイバー ✪  Rig Survivor [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]

Gear up for gathering with highly protective outerwear and lightweight basewear designed for survival. Sporty ARKS themed layered costumes will also be included in the scratch.

Luckage Vest
ラッケージベスト ✪ Luccage Vest [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
レイディタッカー Lady Tacker [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
レイディタッカー ✪ Lady Tacker [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
ストレイトライナー✪ Straight Liner [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
ストレイトライナー ✪ Straight Liner [In] / [Ba] / [Ou]
ルセリア・シリーズ Luceria Series
ルセリア・シリーズ ✪ Luceria Series
ラシオス・シリーズ Lacios Series
ラシオス・シリーズ ✪ Lacios Series
竜の翼 Dragon Wing 竜の角 Dragon Horn 竜の尻尾 Dragon Tail
竜の翼 ✪ Dragon Wing
竜の角 ✪ Dragon Horn
竜の尻尾 ✪ Dragon Tail



48 thoughts to “Create Skill Rings and Cuisines With PSO2's Gathering System Update”

  1. So how does it work.
    Can I get access to Fury stance without Hu subclass (which would be op af) or is it limited to only utility skills?

  2. "Due to the above changes, clearing all of Klotho’s Client Orders will result in earning 70% of the meseta you used to make. However, you can earn most (but not all) of it back by doing the new Gathering Client Orders that will be appearing along with this update."

    RIP TACO's, Thanks Sega. Assuming everyone wants to waste how long it would take to do gathering, fishing, and whatever nonsense. Why release new information just to annoy people. Might as well Ninja us with it at update.

    1. are you an idiot seriously

      I have no idea how the JP playerbase views the matter, but whether they like it or hate it not giving any advance notification of a major change to such an important moneymaking system would be approximately the *worst possible* PR move for SEGA to make.
      It would also be gratuitously obscurantist, serving no practical purpose whatsoever,

    2. The funny thing is i doubt Gathering quests would be as tedious as repeating a TA stage thrice just to get a few more bucks.

      I for one, glad sega decided to drop out that bullshit normal/hard only TA quests (although i'm annoyed that they also removed the 5x XQ one)

    3. I know I can barely muster the :effort: required to run merely the VH-plus-odds sets, so seconded.

    4. Once again, on another post, you trolls never cease to impress with your failed logic. It takes you maybe 2 hours at max to do every single CO from klotho from all the normal Time attacks to Extreme Quests. Only 2 hours in a single week.

      Big fricking deal, grinding levels, classes, gear, and doing other general tasks takes way more effort and work.

      There's nothing wrong with adding cool new content. Sure add it in, people like me will like it and get into it, but don't take away a player's free choice by forcing them to do something if their current focus is only trying to make meseta, and are you really trying to say fishing, mining, and general gathering work wouldn't take more time than spamming a bunch of easy CO's in 10 minutes each? Seems like you don't have much experience playing MMO's online in general.

      Before you start a senseless, illogical and flawed counter-argument take some time to think about the above and consider whether it makes sense logically or not. This isn't even about catering to Japanese players or not, before you pull that failed logical nonsense again, this is just about basic logic and reasoning; What makes more sense and what doesn't.

    5. >it takes maybe two hours
      character-dependant. not every class combo/build does things at the same speed and you should probably remember that while you're calling people trolls for disagreeing with you.

    6. Did you even bother reading my reply? I guess not, since you're just going to argue without taking a minute to think about it. I can clear those CO's in that speed i described alone.

      It takes you more time because character dependent? Ok no problem, find one of the many parties running Time attack quests through party finder, or if you have friends or a team invite them to come do it with you. In fact a party clears it in a mere 5-10 minutes easy, because I've done it with parties and its ungodly easy-mode.

      I'm not being unfair and illogical in my posts. Take the time to read what i'm saying again here and above in my previous reply and really think it over in your head. But those particular trolls up above only argue for the sake of arguing and because they act condescending and think they're better than anyone else here who doesn't have the same linear thoughts as they do.

      Refusing to discuss something and take in someone else's perspective is more arrogant than having a different thought on what is being discussed, and being condescending to others about it its downright immature and childish.

      I've had many posts from other users i read before that i didn't have the same idea as, but i still agreed with because their reasoning, explanations, and logic was crystal clear and provided an alternative perspective.

      I don't want to mince words, but don't attack me personally without reading the entire post chain. They acted condescending and called others "idiots". I called them trolls because that's what they are; keyboard warrior internet trolls who just flame and can't respect others online.

    7. The issue with TAs isn't really the time they take. It's that they're chronically tedious and anti-fun, particularly the early ones with their annoying switch/button gimmicks and far too much running back and forth.

    8. Okay, here goes. Current total of N-SH TA + XQ CO is around 2850k, 70% of it is 1995k. Current total reward from VH-SH TA + XQ CO is 2250k. The new CO will probably be like "Clear TA [insert quest name here] on N or higher" and "Clear any TA on VH or higher x-times", not to mention that eventhough they removed the 5xXQ CO they increased the remaining 2 CO payment. So even if it's pay less, the effort used is also reduced from current weekly VH-SH TA + 5XQ run. Hopefully the new gathering CO isn't as time consuming as doing N-H TA, repeatedly, on all of your characters. For me and all of my friend (and probably a lot of player too) doing N and H is just isn't worth the time, well, unless in dire need of easy meseta.
      On another note, if they just adding the new gathering CO as is with ez-mst i believe there'll be another inflation on player shop.

      TL;DR it's probably still the same or even less effort from doing all of Clotho's CO with a little less or maybe the same amount of reward. Just sit tight until it's fully revealed and stop spitting baseless shyds.

      Oh, and almost forget. You probably can do the gathering CO while doing daily CO or featured quest which shaves a lot of time instead of doing N-H TA.

    9. Well again we'll see. This is why in my first post i said just ninja us with updates. Post updates beforehand and then we have arguments, nonsense and people like me getting annoyed because we read stuff that sound stupid.

      Besides it's not much of a surprise if you know the new content beforehand, instead of just seeing it after a big update and trying it out.

      Another reason i said what i said was because i can make some logical predictions based on past extensive mmo gameplay experience. Usually gathering, crafting, collecting, mining, fishing in games tends to be somewhat tedious and requires quite a bit of effort. For example if they added a "catch a rare fish or something" client offer; well that's probably more time consuming and harder than just a 10 minute CO run from klotho.

      Either way we don't know for now until the update really comes and we see the changes and content in-game.

      Also player shop inflation's are nothing new….not the first game where this happens. Too bad oh well. It's what happens when you introduce character bound items and cash shop items in general, but they need to make their money some way lol they can't work for free obviously.

    10. Not telling about stuff in advance would be a gross violation of their established communications policy, not to mention basic good manners and the industry standards.

      Not telling about *controversial* stuff in advance would self-evidently be plain idiotic and a surefire way to lose consumer goodwill.

    11. "– and then we have arguments, nonsense and people like me getting annoyed because we read stuff that sound stupid."

      I have a pretty simple and obvious solution to your problem here.
      Stop getting nonsensically buttmad over inanities.

      I would also recommend ingesting a large enough dose of Perspective(tm) to grasp the self-evident fact that company to consumer communication policies are not, cannot and *should not be* based on whether a few random Special Snowflakes like you gratuitously get their knickers in a bunch over stuff.

    12. And those 2 hours are big to japs who are always on the go.

      This is not a english or a worldwide server. Its a japanese server catered to fit japanese lifestyle.

      Forgetting that while ranting simply means you dont know your place.

      Less time on TACO, more time doing the new stuf the japs like and SEGA and japanese players are happy. End of story.

    13. Cool story Gaijin,

      Meanwhile keep giving them money and hope they don't randomly Ban your account, after all you're just a money sink to them with no respect or dignity (apparently posters like you here have no self-respect either).

      Conveniently denying and forgetting that this game is not only played by "Japanese" players, and that many of us enjoy it alongside them is stupid beyond belief.

    14. Somebody's conveniently forgetting that non-Japanese aren't techically *supposed to be playing in the first place* (on the JP servers).

      We have absolutely no *right* to play this game; it's entirely a *privilege* SEGA is tactitly willing to grant us (since they have no real reason not to) and would be fully justified in arbitrarily revoking at any time for no reason whatsoever if they felt like it.

    15. Separating legit JP players from "gaijin" would be a logistical nightmare for Sega thanks to VPNs, false address info, etc., with mistakes made all around. Region IP bans are easily danced around, and I don't see them banning accounts in large quantities due to the possibility of mistakes (not to mention damaging their revenue).

      Basically, the terms of service needs to be a living document if it's to be taken seriously, not just words. If Sega won't act on the ToS, then it is just words. So until the day they decide to act by mass banning, I'm not going to kowtow to the "Japanese master-race" like a lot of people here and on pso-world like to do. They aren't doing me any particular favors… I'm the one sending them money.

      And yes, they CAN pull the rug whenever they want. Cool. Just that I don't care. Until they do I'm not going to play as a second class citizen, but as a full member of the PSO2 community. I suggest you do, too.

    16. Pretty sure you're missing the point. One reason SEGA roundly ignores our presence is certainly that it wouldn't be worth the effort to seriously try and boot us out, doubly so as we also bring in some revenue they'd otherwise be missing. (moneydearboy.jpg)

      This does little to change the fact that we in principle shouldn't be there in the first place, and more practically most assuredly are NOT the target audience who they're primarily courting if only because we're far too few to matter compared to the JPs.
      In we're duly irrelevant for their decision-making.

      To expect any different is nothing short of delusionally hubristic.

    17. Shouldn't you be complaining about 24 hour cooldown removal.
      Or fodder price nerf, where you were supposed to pick up absolutely everything that drops.

      If you want to play dozens of fixed underleveled fields that turn game into work for 20crate worth of meseta, no one takes this amazing opportunity from you.
      Don't use words "we" or "us" next time, please.

  3. Now this is a true godsend. Now I don't have to play outdated content on VH and SH difficulties and can spend more time with the refreshing new Summoner™ content!

  4. the obvious flaw in sega going "this is to make you spend less time on making money and more time doing other stuff" is that they're making you do more things to make the same amount of money.

    for such a claim to be accurate they would have to pay out the same or better amount with fewer orders/tasks. of course leaving all the money flowing from clotho's wallet doesn't incentivise the new system beyond it's own functionalities. . .

    in the mean time this comes on the heels of making fashion far more expensive on the market due to the whole ticket thing with layeringwear; while the livestream talking head brigade mentioned eventually doing something to make layeringwear more accessible/affordable to new players at one of the non-broadcasted Thanks Festa stops, this all certainly ain't it.
    ideally they should make it possible to de-register fashion-related ticket stuff; while it's nice having base/inner stuff not take up storage/inventory space, having it run afoul of the same problem as accessories on the market is a nuisance. being able to dereg this stuff and resell it would help bring the prices back down to reasonable levels.

    and of course, with 13*s becoming "the standard" now, I think it's time to cut the prices on doing stuff to them at the item labo. with that stuff being the main non-phashionablestar money sink, it's another major drive to people spending tons of time on accumulating money. if sega wants people to spend less time earning money they're going to have to cut down the costs that money gets absorbed by.

    1. You make some good points here i didn't think of.

      What really annoyed me was they are basically limiting free choice. They can just add new content and give it some meseta cash value, to let players earn some, and not ruin klotho's offers like they do. As i a player i personally like to enjoy a variety of content, but i don't like being forced to do something if my main focus is something else at the moment.

      I don't understand what the big issue with adding new content and not ruining or messing with older content is. We can still have new content with old content together. If they wanted to "mainstream" Klotho, then just make the TACO clear quests less spammy similar to Extreme quests where you just need to do it 1/3/5 times or something to earn all the quest requirements and get a decent amount.

      Main issue with this whole nonsense is we do TACO's so we can get money to do stuff we need to do. But not only are they cutting it down but quoted from the news posting,

      "“Klotho’s Client Orders will result in earning 70% of the meseta you used to make. However, you can earn most (but not all) of it back by doing the new Gathering Client Orders”

      Basically its still being slashed either way, meaning less meseta to the players, just because they want you to do more than earn money you need ironically to do stuff you actually like to do.

      Sadly, what can we really do about expensive market prices. That's how it is in most online MMO's, they all suffer from it lol. Most of it is fashion-born, but sometimes it leaks onto the main base-game with gear and stuff and drags on. I also think Item Lab is a ridiculous meseta destroyer, and it's not like we have an endless stream of meseta. Meseta earnings mostly come from EQ, Dailies, TACOs, EXTREME quests, and sometimes LQ. We're ignoring meseta from selling stuff, since we're going to say not everyone can do it, so we can't include it.

      Anyhow we'll see what happens, i'm generally excited for new content, but this particular one is such a messy disaster content post.

    2. "I also think Item Lab is a ridiculous meseta destroyer, and it’s not like we have an endless stream of meseta." *then lists ways of making endless meseta*

      Do you have any idea what would happen to the economy if the item lab was no longer a meseta sink?

    3. The meseta isn't endless depending on the Quests i listed. Most EQ's actually don't dump alot of meseta on you with the exception of very few that do. Either way you make maybe 300k-500k doing dailies, 2mil-3mil per week with extreme+all TACO quests and maybe if there's a good meseta LQ?

      You realize how much meseta you waste on average just trying to +10 a piece of gear depending on how much RNG-god likes you. We're not gonna discuss attribute grinding or ability grinding since that's another whole mess.

      We might as well ignore potential because guess what? grind to +10 after dumping who knows how much meseta (grinders are easy enough to get), then unlock potential 1 and do that all over again 2 more times until you unlock potential 3.

      Now do all that for every piece of gear or equipment you want to use or upgrade, then tell me how bad of a meseta sink it can be. Person above who was talking about this made a few good points and they are right, item lab is a literal meseta destroyer.

      Of course we're only discussing gear, and we're not even talking about anything that costs meseta that is not gear related, whether it's cosmetics, room goods, or whatever else you can think of or fancy.

      Game economy wouldn't change much, besides inflation maybe? But that's pretty standard in most MMO's especially when it comes to cosmetics, i don't see whats so surprising about that lol.

      In fact game economy's inflate regardless of how much a player can earn or not. Its more of a supply and demand for certain items, than how much $$$ or meseta you can make. I'd like a game to have a stable economy, but that doesn't happen when all the listed above is involved ^ not to mention what i didn't list like personal greed…etc.

  5. Just wanna add that that 70% earned compared to before is 70% of what you made if you did all N/H/VH/SH TAs. That's 2m at the moment. Most only did the 5VH1N1SH which gave 1.4m .

    The update will automatically clear the N and H COs if you do VH, so basically… 70% of 2m is 1.4m, the number everyone used to make before. Not a big deal, its just faster.

  6. I'm less concerned about the TACO changes than I am about the introduction of gathering to the game.

    Gathering is, by its very nature, a time sink activity. In most cases, it's an extremely tedious time sink activity. Admittedly, I've seen at least one or two games that did manage to make fishing somewhat entertaining, but even so, it's not something I have any desire to do in PSO2. I have never once seen a game that made *mining* fun, and I can't fathom any way that they possibly could.

    It is my hope that the materials obtained by gathering can be bought and sold between players, so that those of us who have no interest in gathering can just ignore it and buy what we need (this will, of course, mean spending more time earning meseta… but I don't mind that; I earn meseta by doing the thing I logged in to do to begin with – shooting and/or stabbing monsters.

    If gathering is *required* (i.e. if you can't buy the materials you need to get the skill rings and such from other players), I will be sorely disappointed.

    1. from what i get with my limited japanese, the only relevant thing to do is mining IF your last statement (gathering is required) true, as the most importan thing that us player need to do asap is getting a full grinded full leveled skill ring (which take stone, which might only drop from mining), while monster meat and fishing is for franca food, of course it's still time consuming, but at least if you know you only need to do mining, this will half the time needed,

      and for this reason too, you can simply say fuck it after you get ring you want to max

    2. True, but I am betting that getting the skill rings maxed out will be a pretty hefty grind (isn't everything in this game, after all?).

      Time will tell.

      I am at least coming around on Episode 4 a little bit. Mostly because I decided to embrace the zanyness and create a new character (well, actually, I remodeled one of my old alts who had some classes leveled already) whose concept in my head is more equipped to roll with it. I was playing a character who was, simply, far too serious for the world of Episode 4 (she worked pretty well for Epsiodes 1-3, as long as I treated stuff like Nyau and Mr. Umblla as "yeah, that didn't really happen, but… Episode 4 mixes the crazy stuff freely with the story, and my character's voice in my head was kind of rebelling at that). My new character is a Newman Bouncer and fits right in with a world gone mad. The fact that having a new character creates a bit of a mental disconnect between Episodes 1-3 and Episode 4 kinda helps *me* deal with the story disconnect that I feel exists there, too.

      That's not to say I like all the story decisions in Episode 4, but… I've been able to enjoy it since I started rolling with my new character.

      So I really hope the gathering doesn't suck.

    3. I nearly quit at the announcement of how Ep 4 was going to go, but I'm coming around a little bit. I will share my major defense mechanism:

      We are unknown beings from another dimension who arrive in Tokyo through mysterious means in order to battle alien life forms formed out of people's fears and negative emotions, who are imitating natural or mechanical sources of fear.

      We do this by flying through the streets of Tokyo and delivering world-shattering flying kicks directly into their weakpoints.

      We're one Henshin and one motorcycle away from being Kamen Riders. I'm ok with this.

    4. See, my Newman Bouncer pretty much acts like she's a magical girl (more of the militant Nanoha variety, but a magical girl nonetheless ), so she's absolutely embracing this theme.

    5. Sounds more like FoTe territory that. Fomelgion arguably makes for a passable Starlight Breaker stand-in even… :v

    6. Well, her combat style probably resembles a Belkan Knight more than, say, Nanoha herself.

      However, DB Bouncer's Photon Blade spam (especially as part of certain photon arts) has a nice look for that sort of character (and I am far more melee than tech in playstyle… she's BoFi). DB and Daggers.

      Very fun to play.

    7. Well. You'd be forgiven for thinking Fate was a Knight rather than a Midchildan mage, going by how she tends to fight, so clearly the difference is more in the technicalities of how they do magic than tactics as such…

    8. Ultimately it's about the aesthetic and the mentality, anyway. I mean, she's still ARKS, she's still using photons and not magic, and so on. She just has the martial magical girl look and feel, so to speak. And if she's in Tokyo anyway, she might as well roll with it!

  7. just login to pso2es after 8 months,
    i unlocked many aera before and now i got only aera 1-1 in quest aera ,
    its normal please ?

  8. haha wow quitting a game because of the story, guess that only happens in PSO where there's a lot of RP

    1. "Quitting" was making sense during the time of p2p games, where you could actually stop playing by not subscribing further. It loses all its meaning if you announce yourself stopping logging in for a day or two. f2p game lifestyle entirely revolves around newcomers and returners, someone always "quit" every day.
      It doesn't help that people can't breathe without tweaker and wouldn't know what happens with the story anyway.

    2. Not sure if this is alluding to that person on pso-world who recorded themselves deleting all of their items/characters in response to Ep. 4's (then) upcoming story, but I do share your incredulity towards people who quit for silly reasons. I feel if that person had enough self-control and maturity to wait for the actual Ep 4 update they would not have made the same decision (for me the music in the Tokyo stage alone is enough for me to love the new content).

      In any case, a lot of us are able to just avoid logging on if we don't want to play. I did it back when PSO1 was a thing, and I didn't go off and give away all of my items/meseta on a whim like some people I knew. It worked out, because I came back to my character a year or so later and everything was there for me. Maybe taking a hiatus from an online game is a foreign concept to people, or too hard for them to manage, I don't know.

    3. Just going to say… the reason you cited as reason enough for you to love the new content? Is the single thing I hate most. The Tokyo field theme makes me want to claw out my own eardrums. It grates on me in a way that is difficult to put into words. I can't even tell you *why* I hate it so much, but there is something about it that is almost painful for me to listen to. I have to turn off the music every time I go to Tokyo.

      In fact, turning off the music when going to Tokyo turned out to be one of the major steps that has improved my tolerance for Episode 4. I didn't realize how much of my hatred for that field was fueled by my hatred for the music until I did that.

      So, do keep in mind that taste in music is very much a personal thing.

    4. So, apparently even though I clicked reply to the post two posts above mine, it indented it as though I had replied to the post above mine?

      Odd… in any case, I was replying to Moo, not Random.

    5. Strange I like the content because of the music and you only liked it after shutting it off, haha. But yeah music is like that. One of the reasons I never really read music critics and such is because musical taste is extremely subjective.

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