Endless Belligerence

Darkers have finally appeared on Omega, and are now fighting alongside the Demons. Making matters worse, Omega Hunar will also appear, posing a serious threat to the Buster Towers. Destroy the Devil Castle to claim victory.

Quest Type: Emergency Quest
Player Limit: 8-Player
Quest Objective: Defeat the Devil Castle!
Clear Condition: Destroy the Devil Castle
Failure Condition: All Buster Towers are destroyed
Time Limit: 00:20:00
Maximum Damage: 999,999

Level Req. Lv.1+ Lv.40+ Lv.55+ Lv.80/80+
Enemy Level Lv.20 Lv.55 Lv.75 Lv.80
Player Stats
Lv.20 Lv.55 Lv.75 Lv.80
Meseta Reward ? ? ? ?
EXP Reward 0 0 0 0


Omega Hunar

Omega Hunar will spawn at the start of the quest and after the first Attack Phase. He summons Omega Arms which flys towards each Buster Tower, destroy them before they collide with the Buster Towers!

If you fail to defeat Omega Hunar within the Phase, he'll increase in size and one-punch the Buster Towers. Defeating him is the only means of preventing the tower's destruction.