It's Raining Cats and Bears in PSO2's Next Seasonal Quest

~ June 26th, 2019 ~


In The Driving Rain 2019

This summer, Planet Naberius will experience a torrential downpour with the return of the [Driving Rain] Emergency Quest! This year's rendition will feature Ultra Hard difficulty with enemies such as Blizzard Banther, Golshrayda, Bayaribbles, and even the notorious Descente Draal. Defeating him will increase the chance for Ultralized enemies to spawn.


The Mars weapons will be obtainable once again from the [Weapon Collection] during the rainy season.


Melon, Jinga, Aero, Popple, and Redran eggs will be obtainable through the [Egg Collection] for those who missed them.


The [Special Collection] File will be adding the ★14 Jet Boots, Quelle Styx, to its lineup.


Limited Time Arks Missions will be available this time around instead of the Bingo.  Clear the Missions to obtain rewards such as the [Evo. Device / Kitsune Ame].


~ Evo. Device / Kitsune Ame ~


Ultimate Boosters

Ultimate Booster is a new item that can unlock stronger potentials on weapons available from the [Conqueror's Crest Exchange]. These boosters typically drop from Lv.76+ "Aberration" type enemies. Starting with this update, the following enemies will drop Ultimate Boosters:

  • ベーアリブルス | Bayaribbles
  • ベルガリブルーサ | Bergaribruisa
  • ディアボイグリシス | Diabo Igrithys
  • ヴォモスブロドシス | Vomos Brodothys
  • プロジオーグルス | Plosiorgles
  • イグニジオグルス | Ignitiogles

They plan add Ultimate Boosters to the drop table of other "Aberration" type enemies in a July update.

Potentials unlocked by Ultimate Boosters will use the [改] suffix (or say "Plus" if you're using the patch). These [改] potentials simply raises the power without altering the unique effects of the original potential. While this update will only cover the "Conqueror's Crest" weapons, more weapons will receive the [改] potential in the future.


Winners Design 6 Side B (AC Scratch)

The second half of the 6th Anniversary winning item designs arrive, full of wonderful creations submitted by fellow players.


7th Anniversary Support Item Scratch (July 3rd)

The support item scratch returns in commemoration of PSO2's 7th Anniversary!


15 thoughts to “It's Raining Cats and Bears in PSO2's Next Seasonal Quest”

  1. Content I still wont be able to play because, still.. in 2019…, Sega still think the west = America only…

    1. lol i never do my bingo since years ago. A handful of SG isn't even worth the time doing it, IMHO.

    2. Not sure what you have against free 50 SG per alt, but bingos rarely require dedicating time *specifically* for completing them – as opposed to getting cleared more or less just by doing stuff you'd do anyway.

    3. I've got nothing against free SG but personally i don't think the time used is worth the amount of SG. Sure bingo nowadays is easier compared to something like pre EP2 bingo but it still need 'some' dedicated time to fully clear it. I'd rather play other games or take an easy side job then buy SG directly. Then again it's not like my SG stash ever dropped low enough to warrant a side job. Well, i'm the kind of man who stopped doing weekly TACO for years because 'it's not worth the time' so how i value my time probably different than you guys. *shrug

    4. Just because it isn't shown in the preview doesn't mean we wont still be getting SG rewards. I recall working through the main missions and it only displayed like five at a time. When those were completed, it displayed another five with different rewards… and so on until there were no further missions left to complete.

      It wont be too bad if the same thing applies to this also and we get SG rewards from like the second or possibly third cycle of missions. I guess we'll find out for sure in a few hours.

  2. its 70sg per char, but yeah, even if its 50sg, its worth it actually, since its free.. and for all the reason we do front and back bingo, just coz of sg, the rest in the bingo list go as far as need to be done to get full 70sg.. IMO

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