Phantasy Star Online Sympathy 2015 Concert & Goodies

~ November 23rd, 2015 ~


Item Codes

PSO2 Rico and Flowen

The Sympathy 2015 concert celebrating PSO's 15th Anniversary is upon us. Attendees will receive an item code for a plethora of exciting new items, including an anniversary logo sticker and the outfits, unisex hairstyles, and accessories of Phantasy Star Online's Red Ring Rico and Heathcliff Flowen.


Cosmetic Items
Rico Repca
Flowen Repca
Rico Hair
Flowen Hair
Rico’s Glasses
Flowen’s Mustache
PSO 15th Anniversary Logo


Endless Story Instruments

Not only that, but concert goers will also receive a brand new set of instruments for their room that play Quna's Endless Story song.

Room Goods
Mic F / Endless Story
Mic M / Endless Story
Bass / Endless Story
Guitar / Endless Story
Drums / Endless Story
Wadaiko / Endless Story
Violin / Endless Story
Shakuhachi / Endless Story
Shamisen / Endless Story
Wagon / Endless Story
Piano / Endless Story
Mai Sensu / Endless Story


Blu-ray / DVD and Soundtrack

PSO 15th Anniversary Illustration

Those unable to attend Sympathy 2015 can purchase a Blu-ray and DVD package of the concert, as well as the soundtrack at online retailers.


Sympathy 2015 Live Memorial Blu-ray

  • Release Date: March 24, 2016
  • Price: ¥7,500

The video package will include an item code for the instruments listed above, the anniversary logo sticker, and an additional five Ragol Memories. A physical microfiber cloth featuring the PSO 15th Anniversary illustration will be added for those who reserve the Blu-ray at the concert.

Sympathy 2015 Live Memorial Album

  • Release Date: February 25, 2016
  • Price: ¥3,800

Purchases of the soundtrack will include an item code for ten music discs and the anniversary logo sticker. Those who reserve the CD at the concert hall will receive a physical PSO 15th Anniversary illustration sticker.

  • Growl, from the depths of the earth (ドラゴン戦)
  • Growl, from the digital haze (ゴルドラゴン戦)
  • From seeing the rough wave (デ・ロル・レ戦)
  • Revive the secred of rough wave (バルバレイ戦)
  • The crazy program (ボル・オプト第1段階戦)
  • You have nowhere to go (ボル・オプト第2段階戦)
  • The nearest place to the heaven -part1- (ダークファルス前哨戦)
  • The nearest place to the heaven -part2- (ダークファルス前哨戦(戦闘前)
  • Pray, for "IDOLA" the distorted (ダークファルス 第1・第2形態戦)
  • Cry, for "IDOLA" the holy (ダークファルス 第3形態戦)

※The names listed above may not reflect the actual in-game titles of the music discs.

The video and soundtrack will be available for pre-sale at the Phantasy Star Festa 2016 next year.


Item Code Concert Blu-ray Album
Costumes x    
Instruments x x  
Logo Sticker x x x
Music Discs     x
Ragol Memory (x5)   x  



12 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online Sympathy 2015 Concert & Goodies”

  1. So is it safe to assume you can only get this if you live in Japan? That sucks if it's true… those costumes and tracks are packed to the brim with nostalgia

  2. Guess we can buy it on some websites like PlayAsia when it will be released. Personally I'd love to go tp the concert but It's waaaaaay too far away from here for a single event.

    1. UPDATE: They are indeed sellable in player shops! Super expensive at the moment, but they are sellable!

    2. Yeah. It seems they got the item code from days ago, but could not get the items until maintenance when they added the items itself.
      I was expecting to pay like 30mil or so for them… glad they're not TOO expensive!
      Outfit and hair are the most at 2 mil. Glasses are strangely only 1mil!

    3. True. The glasses' price didn't last too long around that range, now the cheapest ones (on Ship 2) is 4.4mil.

  3. This is awesome.

    I played hundred of hours on these old PSOS when i was younger

    Never got anything except flowen sword and rico's ring.

    I like so much these costumes !

    1. Sega may have made them non-sellable, just like they did with the PSO15th Anniversary outfit. Why they did that is beyond me, but I'll wait until after today's maintenance/update before I stick with that possibility.

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