PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Legend of Heroes

Legend of Heroes

Legend of Heroes
(Until 1.13.2016)


Alisa Repca

アリサ・レプカ ║ Alisa Repca
アリサ・レプカ海 ║ Alisa Repca Blue Sea
アリサ・レプカ桜 ║ Alisa Repca Sakura Pink


Laura Repca

ラウラ・レプカ ║ Laura Repca
ラウラ・レプカ紅 ║ Laura Repca Crimson Red
ラウラ・レプカ影 ║ Laura Repca Black Shadow


Fie Repca

フィー・レプカ ║ Fie Repca
フィー・レプカ紅 ║ Fie Repca Crimson Red
フィー・レプカ海 ║ Fie Repca Blue Sea


Happiness Noel

ハピネスノエル ║ Happiness Noel
ハピネスノエル海 ║ Happiness Noel Blue Sea
ハピネスノエル空 ║ Happiness Noel Sky Blue
ハピネスノエル桜 ║ Happiness Noel Sakura Pink
ハピネスノエル雪 ║ Happiness Noel White Snow
ハピネスノエル影 ║ Happiness Noel Black Shadow


Dragner Coat

— Male —

ドラグナーコートM ║ Dragner Coat M
ドラグナーコートM雪 ║ Dragner Coat M White Snow
ドラグナーコートM紅 ║ Dragner Coat M Crimson Red
ドラグナーコートM夜 ║ Dragner Coat M Night Blue
ドラグナーコートM雅 ║ Dragner Coat M Elegant Purple
ドラグナーコートM藤 ║ Dragner Coat M Lavender

— Female —

ドラグナーコートF ║ Dragner Coat F
ドラグナーコートF雪 ║ Dragner Coat F White Snow
ドラグナーコートF紅 ║ Dragner Coat F Crimson Red
ドラグナーコートF夜 ║ Dragner Coat F Night Blue
ドラグナーコートF雅 ║ Dragner Coat F Elegant Purple
ドラグナーコートF藤 ║ Dragner Coat F Lavender


Rean Repca

リィン・レプカ ║ Rean Repca
リィン・レプカ海 ║ Rean Repca Blue Sea
リィン・レプカ影 ║ Rean Repca Black Shadow



  • パーティーサンタドレス紅 ║ Party Santa Dress Crimson Red
  • パーティーサンタドレス冬 ║ Party Santa Dress Winter White
  • パーティーサンタドレス玄 ║ Party Santa Dress Mysterious Black
  • トナカイ着ぐるみ影 ║ Reindeer Costume Black Shadow

Female Voice #91 (CV: Rie Kugimiya)

  • 女性追加ボイス91
  • 女性C追加ボイス91 (Cast Ver.)

Female Voice #92 (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi)

  • 女性追加ボイス92
  • 女性C追加ボイス92 (Cast Ver.)

Male Voice #69 (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)

  • 男性追加ボイス69
  • 男性C追加ボイス69 (Cast Ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 208「ARKSポーズ」 ║ ARKS Pose (/la ARKSpose)


  • パーティーサンタドレス ║ Party Santa Dress
  • パーティーサンタドレス影 ║ Party Santa Dress Shadow
  • セクシーサンタドレス ║ Sexy Santa Dress
  • GH440オッソリア ║ GH440 Ossoria
  • GH440オッソリア影 ║ GH440 Ossoria Shadow
  • カテドラルクロース ║ Cathedral Cross
  • カテドラルクロース夜 ║ Cathedral Cross Night
  • ハーフサンタコート ║ Half Santa Coat
  • ハーフサンタコート影 ║ Half Santa Coat
  • カテドラルスーツ ║ Cathedral Suit
  • カテドラルスーツ雪 ║ Cathedral Suit Snow
  • トナカイ着ぐるみ ║ Reindeer Costume
  • トナカイ着ぐるみ雪 ║ Reindeer Costume Snow
  • カテドラルヴェール ║ Cathedral Veil
  • ナチュラルメイクC ║ Natural Makeup C
  • 赤鼻 ║ Red Nose Makeup
  • 瞳孔無色瞳 ║ Colorless Pupil Eyes
  • フラワーアイ ║ Flower Eyes
  • 縦縞タイツ赤/黒 ║ Red/Black Striped Tights
  • 縦縞タイツ白/黒 ║ White/Black Striped Tights 
  • パーティーサンタ帽 ║ Party Santa Hat
  • レッドパーティーサンタ帽 ║ Red Party Santa Hat
  • サンタ帽 ║ Santa Hat
  • ひげ付サンタ帽 ║ Santa Hat w/ Beard
  • GH440ハット ║ GH440 Hat
  • スノードームイヤリングB ║ Snow Dome Earrings B
  • フェイスベール ║ Face Veil
  • ブラックファーグローブ ║ Black Fur Gloves
  • スノーティアラ ║ Snow Tiara
  • ペガサスバレッタ ║ Pegasus Barrette
  • スノーコサージュ ║ Snow Corsage
  • ソードピアス ║ Sword Earrings
  • クラス追加(バウンサー) ║ Class Addition (Bouncer)
  • クラス追加(ファイター) ║ Class Addition (Fighter)
  • 属性変化(闇属性) ║ Attribute Change (Dark)
  • 属性変化(氷属性) ║ Attribute Change (Ice)
  • 属性変化(雷属性) ║ Attribute Change (Lightning)
  • 特殊能力追加(射撃&PP) ║ Add Special Ability (R-ATK & PP)
  • フードデバイス/打撃 ║ Food Device / S-ATK


FUN Scratch

Music Disc

  • PSO2 イベント「シリアス1」 ║ PSO2 Event [Serious 1]
    • PSO2 #89 [A Fraction of Truth -small ensemble]


  • ストレートまゆC ║ Straight Eyebrows C
  • ポンポン手袋 ║ Pompom Mittens
  • ホワイトポンポン手袋 ║ White Pompom Mittens
  • セント・ラッピーハット ║ St. Rappy Hat
  • 赤ピロピロ笛 ║ Red Party Horn
  • 青ピロピロ笛 ║ Blue Party Horn
  • メリーロングマフラー ║ Merry Long Scarf
  • スノーマンヘッド ║ Snowman Head
  • 130「端末操作」 ║ Terminal (/la console)
  • Dreams Dreams
  • DreamsDreams(KidsVer)
  • Silent Night, Holly Night


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16 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Legend of Heroes”

  1. Umm wow I overestimated Sega's laziness when it comes to collabs with anime/video game costumes I seriously thought we would get at least 5 colors for each costume not 3. But I should've known since that is what they seem to stick with lately.

    1. No one really bothers with anything but original, black and white, the rest of the colors never look proper or fitting. This complaint is not even on the actual matter.
      And, yes, you'd want to type "underestimate", judging from the context.

    2. nahhhh a lot of colors are fitting people are just meta as hell "omg originals, black or white favorite color everything is ttttttttttttraaaash!"

  2. Seems like FUN scratch sucks more and more as time passes.
    At this rate, by ep 4 it will only have room revivals and music discs…

  3. 双銃剣 may literally equate to "twin bayonet", but since it's 双(twin)銃(gun)剣(sword) we could just as easily say "twin gunslash" for metahumor's sake. dohohohoho…

    1. So just recently we learned that Xseed is localizing the game. Unfortunately I can't verify some things but we found these names through their character descriptions.

      Rean = Tachi
      Alisa = Orbal Bow
      Laura = Greatsword
      Fie = Twin Gunswords

      We usually take the localization side of things, so if anyone objects we'd like to go with these names instead.

  4. The price of the Christmas costume is just… Huh… Amazing? Depressing? Don't know exactly.

    Huh, and I met Kein and Rina (ケイン、リナ) for the first time today, since when do they appear on E-Trials? (Mainly on Wopal, if I understood well…) Did anyone ever saw them?

    1. I think I know who you mean, saw them on Vopar… maybe a month back? IDK who those mofos are supposed to be…

      Also costume's in demand and been out for under a week. Hideous prices are to be expected – save for the color variants nobody wants because *they're* hideous.

    2. This one for example:

      Not sure I understood everything well (My japanese skill's not good enough yet to understand without some help and Google Traduction is… Not a really good help, too.), but seems like they are friends of Alis or something? Well, I returned to Vopar Seabed today and didn't meet'em again.

      And yeah… Well, yellow is often the cheaper. Good occasion to try something with a Color Change Pass if wanted…

    3. Well, Party Santa from last year weren't so expensive here some days ago here, don't know for today. But the actual new ones are about 9 or 10 millions… Even the Black Santa Dress is a little exensive. Glad I bought that six months before Christmas…
      … Yeah, by the way, buying a Costume six months before its seasonal occasion is a good idea… Bikinis at Christmas and Christmas Costumes during Summer. ^^

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