PSO2 + NGS (JP) AC Scratch: Oracle Renew Collection 2

Oracle Renew Collection 2
(Until 4.21.2021)



N-ショコラフェリチェ[Ba] | N-Chocolat Felice [Ba]
N-ショコラフェリチェ/2[Ba] | N-Chocolat Felice /2 [Ba]



N-ショコラフェリチェ/B[Ba] | N-Chocolat Felice /B [Ba]
N-ショコラフェリチェ/B2[Ba] | N-Chocolat Felice /B 2 [Ba]



N-ハートブレイカー[Ba] | N-Heart Breaker [Ba]
N-ハートブレイカー/2[Ba] | N-Heart Breaker /2 [Ba]



N-ハートブレイカー/B[Ba] | N-Heart Breaker /B [Ba]
N-ハートブレイカー/B2[Ba] | N-Heart Breaker /B 2 [Ba]



N-ハートブレイカー[In] | N-Heart Breaker [In]
N-ハートブレイカー/2[In] | N-Heart Breaker /2 [In]



N-イービルテラー[In] | N-Evil Terror [In]
N-イービルテラー/2[In] | N-Evil Terror /2 [In]



N-ピュアメイドドレス[Se] | N-Pure Maid Dress [Se]
N-ピュアメイドドレス/2[Se] | N-Pure Maid Dress /2 [Se]
N-ピュアメイドドレス/3[Se] | N-Pure Maid Dress /3 [Se]
N-ピュアメイドドレス/4[Se] | N-Pure Maid Dress /4 [Se]



N-カースドコート[Se] | N-Cursed Coat [Se]
N-カースドコート/2[Se] | N-Cursed Coat /2 [Se]



N-カースドコート/B[Se] | N-Cursed Coat /B [Se]
N-カースドコート/B2[Se] | N-Cursed Coat /B 2 [Se]


Eyes and Makeup with the icon can only be used with the NGS Face Model.
Body Paints with the can only be used with the NGS Body Model.

Lobby Actions

  • 695「怪盗」 | 695 "Phantom Thief"
  • 707「抜剣/強弓」 | 707 "Katana / Bullet Bow"
  • 709「ハートポーズ」 | 709 "Heart Pose"
  • 710「バキューンポーズ」 | 710 "Bang Bang Pose"


  • オークゥヘアー2 | Och Hair 2
  • フェリチェカチューシャ | Felice Headband


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
15 times
N-Color Change Pass
20 times
Tri-Boost +200%
25 times Ability Protection (6s or Lower)
30 times Oracle RC 2 Ticket
35 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
45 times
N-Color Change Pass
55 times EX Tri-Boost +250%
60 times Oracle RC 2 Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
30 times Oracle RC 2 Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.

※All of these items are untradeable.
※Oracle RC 2 Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.


FUN Scratch

PSO2 Music Disc

  • ゴモルス戦「待機所」 | Gomorrah Battle "Standby"
  • ソダム戦「待機所」 | Sodom Battle "Standby"


12 thoughts to “PSO2 + NGS (JP) AC Scratch: Oracle Renew Collection 2”

    1. OMG you're right you can.
      But I can't change their anchor points.
      Can't we just have everything?

    1. You can disable them… Check decorations display in the Salon and click the second one.

    2. I checked again , in the salon options for fashion there is an option to hide some setwear options there under "Decoration Display". For the Maid setwear it hides the Socks and or the Bow at the neck.

    3. Oh damn, really? didn't knew that since I play on PS4, thanks guys, now I might actually buy it to experiment

  1. lol, Sega reduced the "bulge" on N-ショコラフェリチェ[Ba] to human levels, too bad it stayed on In preview in shop (for which you have to use non-NGS Ba/costume and enjoy monstrosity coz it still cant use your NGS preset) and este. Also thighs geometry on that costume changed a little bit (can be seen with dewman bodypaint) as for everything else not sure. Wonder if Sega will implement those changes to main body.
    Btw skirt on that Ba has physics/bones and it's actually well done!

    Also Sega really needs to expand previews to be able to see what colors change/can be changed on Bas/accessories/bodypaints/etc and what "double tooth" actually looks like, as well as finally see LA variations and preview In without costume changing shenanigans. For those who played/watched NGS CBT, were there any changed to previews?

    On a side note NGS myfashion doesnt load bodypaint, not sure if bug or intended.

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