PSO2 Episode 6: Phantom Class

Phantom Class Unlocking

Phantom is a new class released as part of the Episode 6 update! This class utilizes three weapon types: Assault Rifles, Katanas, and Rods.

In order to unlock the class, you'll need to have level 75+ on any two classes.

Once this is done, head to the Title counter to retrieve the title: まだ見ぬ境地へ

Afterwards, proceed to Koffie and accept the following client order:

  • ファントムクラス解放許可試験 (Phantom Class Unlocking Trial)

Congratulations. You have now unlocked Phantom class and can switch to it at the Class Counter Assistant.

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Photon Arts

Phantom adapts a playstyle where you can change the action of your attacks by using the Weapon Action prior to a Photon Art. This is known as a Shift PA.

Phantom Rod: Photon Arts

Ruf Konzert (ルーフコンツェルト)

Normal: Mid-Range Frontal Scythe-like Slashes

Shift: Mid-Range Frontal Wheel-shaped Slash

Voelkermord (フォルカーモル)
Normal: Creates a dense ball of photon that continuously deals damage in front of the player. Once released, it does a surrounding attack with an all-directional guard point and the ability to stun. Shift: Creates a constant damaging ring of photon around the player.
Schwarze Katze (シュヴァルツカッツ)
Normal: Fall back after slicing the enemy. Shift: Swiftly approach the enemy.
Eisen Fluegel (アイゼンフリューゲル)
Normal: Throws a Talis-like bullet in which you could cast Technics from. Shift: Fires Photon bombs that repeatedly explode. 

Phantom Assault Rifle: Photon Arts

Kugelsturm (クーゲルシュトゥルム)
Normal: A frontal sweeping attack whose timing can be adjusted through holding the button. Invulnerability frames occur when the button is released. Shift: Continuously fire at the cost of PP. Invulnerability frames occur at the end of the attack.
Nachtangriff (ナハトアングリフ)
Normal: Mobilize a shard that slowly travels to the enemy. Release the button to detonate the shard. Shift: Dash forward while holding the button and release it to fire off large blasts.
Verbrechen (フェアブレッヒェン)
Normal: Arranges Shards that shoots out lasers. The arrangement of the shards changes based on directional input. Shift: Summons homing Shards that crashes into the enemy several times.
Strafe (シュトラーフェ)
Normal: Sets up shards that continuously fires lasers at the enemy. Shift: Sets up a trap that automatically explodes when it detects an enemy within range.

Phantom Katana: Photon Arts

Schmetterling (シュメッターリング)
Normal: Swiftly approach the enemy and attack. After the approach, you can also adjust your position during the attack. Shift: Slip through the enemy while doing slashes.
Folter Zeit (フォルターツァイト)
Normal: A series of frontal slashes. Shift: Ultra-fast slash that strikes the reverse way of your directional input.
Wolkenkratzer (ヴォルケンクラッツァー)
Normal: Dives at high-speed and strikes a wide area on the ground, stunning enemies. Shift: Kick forward a photon wave.
Rose Schwert (ローゼシュヴェルト)
Normal: A powerful stab forward. Shift: A long-lasting slash that damages enemies that are in contact with it.

Phantom Pheatures

Phantom Marker

Each attack against an enemy will accumulate Phantom Marker onto them. The Marker will visually disappear if an enemy is not attacked for awhile, but fear not as the Marker's accumulated rate will still be the same. Each attack seems to have a set accumulation value, and damage dealt does not affect this.

Once the Phantom Marker appears as Blue or Purple, it's ready to be detonated


Phantom Mark Detonation

Detonation can be done by holding down the Weapon Action until a blue aura appears on your charge as seen in the image above. Detonation of Phantom Mark will deal damage and recover PP for the Player.

  • Stage 1 (Blue Mark) Detonation: Deals moderate damage and recovers 30 PP
  • Stage 2 (Purple Mark) Detonation: Deals immense damage and recovers 50 PP


Shift Photon Arts

By tapping Shift you'll create a white ring on your Character, by using a PA during this ring you'll perform the Shift Version of that Photon Art.


Katana – Quick Cut

After using an attack with Katana, you're able to perform an attack by using the Weapon Action once the blue line appears as seen above. Slice your way instantly to your target with Quick Cut.

You must learn the Skill [Quick Cut] to use this.


Stealth Tech Charge

While charging Techniques with Phantom, you'll become a a ghostly ball. You'll be invulnerable for a second during the Charge.



Skill Tree

Phantom Marker Step Jump First Blood Air Reversal J Reversal JA Combo Next Jump
(Lv.85 Req.)
High Level Bonus Ph
(Lv.80 Req.)
    Step JA Combo
  Sprint Tech Charge Stealth Tech Charge Phantom Talis S Charge Phantom Mag Phantom Step
  Dodge Counter Shot Phantom Time Attack Jellen Ph Weapon Bonus 1 Step Roll Advance
  Dodge PP Gain Phantom Time Finisher Jellen Redress Ph Weapon Bonus 2 Step Attack
    Phantom Time Mark Boost Phantom Time Jellen Plus   Just Reversal
  Zero Range Mark Boost Long Range Mark Boost Chase Mark Boost Lord of Thorn Tech Charge JA Addition
Mark PP Drain Mark Heal Quick Cut Bullseye Ambivalence  
All Attackk Bonus Ph Photon Stream Phantom PP Restorate Tech Short Charge    
Full Drive Critical Stream PP High Up      

Phantom Skill Tree on The Skill Simulator

Photon & Critical Stream Formula

(Max PP / 100) * Conversion Rate

Example: (200 / 100 = 2) 2 * 5% = 10% Power

Client Orders


Client Order Objective
Join me, and Embrace The Darkness
With Phantom:
Defeat [Tranmizer] (Lv.21+)
Defeat [Codetta Idetta] (Lv.21+)
Defeat [Type-15 Tank] (Lv.21+)
Reward: +5 Phantom Skill Points
Despair, My Seldom Shadow
With Phantom:
Defeat [Vol Dragon] (Lv.41+)
Defeat [Quartz Dragon] (Lv.41+)
Defeat [Nepto Cassadora] (Lv.41+)
Reward: +5 Phantom Skill Points
The Perfect Phantom I
Deliver [Ph Excube] x1
Reward: +1 Phantom Skill Point
The Perfect Phantom II
Deliver [Ph Excube] x2
Reward: +1 Phantom Skill Point
The Perfect Phantom III
Deliver [Ph Excube] x3
Reward: +1 Phantom Skill Point
The Perfect Phantom IV
Deliver [Ph Excube] x4
Reward: +1 Phantom Skill Point
Be Ready For Me, My Shadow
Defeat Any Enemy with Phantom x30
Reward: Kyokuya's Partner Card


Client Order Objective
Phantom Class Unlocking Trial
Obtain Title: まだ見ぬ境地へ
(Level 2 Classes to be Lv.75)
Reward: Phantom License
Phantom Class Aptitude Test I
Clear Training Quest: Phantom Basics
Reward: Phantom Level Cap License I
Phantom Class Aptitude Test II
Clear Any Free, Arks or Limited Quest
Reward: Phantom Level Cap License II
Phantom Class Aptitude Test III
Defeat 50 Enemies with Rod
Defeat 50 Enemies with Assault Rifle
Defeat 50 Enemies with Katana
Reward: Phantom Level Cap License III
Phantom Class Aptitude Test IV
Defeat Vardha Soma with Katana
Defeat Biol Meduna with Assault Rifle
Defeat Gwanahda with Rod
Reward: Phantom Level Cap License IV
Ph Lv.75 Cap Release
Obtain Title: ファントム新世強化の開拓者
(Grind a Katana, Bow, Rifle, Launcher, Rod, or Talis to +35)
Obtain Title: ファントムの極致を志す者
(Clear Kyokuya's CO: The Perfect Phantom IV)
Reward: Phantom Level Cap License V
Ph Lv.80 Cap Release
Obtain Title: 盤石なる防具の創造主
(Grind a ★12 Rear, Arm, and Leg to +10)
Reward: Advanced Phantom Certificate I