Akhtar & Lien Joins Gene For The Annual Visit From PSO2es

~ March 20th, 2019 ~

Akhtar & Lien NPCs

Akhtar and Lien make their lobby debut with Gene in tow to commemorate the 5th anniversary of PSO2es! Help sort out their newfound troubles by clearing a series of client orders. As a token of their appreciation, you'll be rewarded with [Chip Fragment 2019 Gold].

Trade in your fragments at Akhtar's Exchange Shop for various room items and weapon camos.

Subclass EXP Gain

Currently, your active subclass gains a 10% portion of your earned experience up until it reaches Level 55. With this update, the following changes will be made:

  • The level cap for gaining subclass EXP will be raised to Lv. 70.
  • The EXP rate will increase to 25%.

Road to Episode 6

Prepare for the next episodic expansion to PSO2 with a huge campaign!

Road to Episode 6 Campaign

Daydream Live (AC Scratch)

Fill your wardrobe with the garments displayed by Matoi & Quna in their enchanting [Phantasic 3D Live 2018] debut performance!

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