PSO2 JP: Arks Ship Competition: Sakura Cup

The Arks Ship Competition!


The Arks Ship Competition is an event where all ships compete for the highest score by clearing the objectives in each round. Arkumami will be returning to host the event. Speak to her in the Shopping Area to access event information and the prize shop.

Rank Group Points
1st Green Rappy
(Ship 1 + Ship 8 + Ship 10)
43 Pts
2nd Red Rappy
(Ship 3 + Ship 5)
43 Pts
3rd Yellow Rappy
(Ship 2 + Ship 6 + Ship 9)
41 Pts
4th Blue Rappy
(Ship 4 + Ship 7)
41 Pts


Shop Listing Stars
Arkumami Rucksack
Arkumami Intercom
Arkumami Tail
Arkumami Plate
Arkumami Mat
Cabracan Waddling Race
+50% Tribooster
Sakura Cup Memorial Sticker
+50% EXP Booster
+50% Meseta Booster
+50% Rare Drop Booster
+250% Rare Drop Booster
+5% Ability Affixing Success
10 Grinders
10 Synthesizers
Lambda Grinder
1,000 CM Ticket
500 FUN Ticket
Arkumami Rifle
Evo. Device/ Arkumami
Arkumami Balloon
Arkumami Pochette
Arkuma C Belt
Arkuma Plate
Nyau Waddling Race
Victory Stand
SeventH-HeaveN 200
HeavenZ-ArmZ 200
VAL1 メインテーマ 200
継承者の腕輪 200
吹雪小唄 200
さむらい演舞 200
新旧弦楽器戦争 200


Round Start Time Objective


Rappy Groups

Rappy Races lobby

Ship Alliances [March 27th ~ April 3rd]

  • Blue Rappy Group: Ship 4 + Ship 7
  • Red Rappy Group: Ship 3 + Ship 5
  • Yellow Rappy Group: Ship 2 + Ship 6 + Ship 9
  • Green Rappy Group: Ship 1 + Ship 8 + Ship 10


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Round Objectives / Stars and Points

Round information c

Each round has an objective where players must defeat a certain enemy, or clear a certain quest. Clear these objectives to earn stars and points.

Stars Stars will be acquired each time you clear an objective. Use these stars to purchase items at the Arkuma Prize Shop.

  • In each round, there's a [Borderline Number], where you can earn bonus stars upon achieving that score.
  • Each round also has a cap to the number of stars you can earn.
  • Certain quests are not applicable for receiving stars. Check the following table to see which quest types are disqualified.
  • Stars will not carry over into the next Arks Ship Competition event.
  • Stars earned for the Sakura Cup are only applicable for this event.

Clearing the objectives contributes Points to your group's score. This score will determine the order the ships are placed at the end of each round. You can read more about the points system in the "Scoring" tab. 

  • Each round has a cap to the number of points you will contribute to your group.
  • Points will not carry over into the next Arks Ship Competition event.
  • Points earned for the Sakura Cup are only applicable for this event.
Quests that Qualify for Stars
Quest Type Acquirable Stars
Featured Quests
Free Field Quests
ARKS Quests
Time Attack Quests
Story Quests
Advance Quests
Extreme Quests
Ultimate Quests
Limited Quests
Emergency Quests
Challenge Quests
Level Up Quests
Bonus Quests


Rewards Info

Scoring d

This tab lists the rewards you can acquire per difficulty level. For example, in the screenshot above, clearing the targeted quest on Super Hard nets you 30 stars and 30 points. The points themselves will be contributed into your group's overall score. You may do these tasks over and over until you reach the cap.

Click on the "Objectives" tab, to learn more about the cap.

Rounds and Victory Points

Ship Alliances
Victory Points per Rappy Group

The event is divided into several rounds which start every 12 hours. At the end of each round, points contributed by players are tallied to determine the winning group. Each group will then earn "victory points" based on the order in which they place.

Ranking Victory Points
1st Place 5 Points
2nd Place 4 Points
3rd Place 3 Points
4th Place 2 Points
5th Place 1 points

The group with the most victory points at the end of the entire event will become the champions!


Results and Boosts

Round Results

The Rappy Race visualizes the current standings for each round. Results will be posted on the large monitors after the round is complete.


Standings b

Groups that ranked high could acquire EXP, Rare Drop, or other boosts. Groups that scored the lowest points will acquire a Round Boost. The number of points at the conclusion of the previous round determines the percentage of the Round Boost. Whatever boosts you receive will be listed in the round information window for you to confirm. Details of each boost will be listed in the "Current Boost Information" section, just to the right of the "Round Information" window.

This tab also lists the schedule for the boost event which usually occurs in the next round ahead. For example, since Round #1 started on June 28th  at 12 PM, then the boost period will apply in Round #2 on June 29th at 12 AM.


Each group will receive a General Boost based on the results of the previous round. General boosts, for example, may cover [Rare Drop] or [Rare Enemy] boosts, among other things. Groups that ranked high will acquire higher percentages, compared to the groups that rank low.

Round Boosts, on the other hand, have percentages set for each group based on the group that contributes the most amount of points. This pertains only to the points contributed directly by the group. Points that were affected by the Round Boost do not factor into this formula. Whether or not your ship receives a Round Boost can be confirmed by accessing the Round Boost information at the Quest Counter.



Final Results and Prize Shop

Arkuma Prize Shop Listing

The final results will be announced on the large monitors at the conclusion of the entire event. Each participant will receive a number of stars based on their final ship ranking. These stars can be used to purchase items at the Prize Shop.


 Arkumami Prize Shop Final Listing (April 3rd ~ 20th)

  • Arkumami Rucksack
  • Arkumami Intercom
  • Arkumami Tail
  • Arkumami Plate
  • Arkumami Mat
  • Cabracan Waddling Race
  • Sakura Cup Memorial Sticker
  • +50% Tribooster

These items are available to all groups regardless of their final standings at the completion of the event. These prizes will be available beginning April 3rd at 22:31 JST.



61 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Arks Ship Competition: Sakura Cup”

    1. There are more EQs with Goldrahda's coming up later, and don't forget Mining Bases can appear at random (except for Demise)

    2. any quest that has them will count, and you get more pts the higher the difficulty they are defeated on

    1. i'd say lumping an entire group of people together and claiming they are ALL bad is what is truly "the worst". many of us on Ship 02 are quite good. besides – i'd rather play with Ship 02 newbies than snobs like yall from ship10 or wherever yall "super-l33t-awesome-better-than-everyone-else-people" play. your elitist attitude is unwelcome on Ship 02 anyways. sure there are trolls or people who aren't great but who cares – make or join a good team and it doesn't matter. Ship 02 is great cause you can play for skill, you can play for fun, you can play at your own pace, there are lots of people who are willing to help – and best of all – most of us are actually pretty nice and fun to play with – you know – in a good way.

    2. Then bring that "quite good" of yours to top the competition then? I feel bad for people on ship6 & 9 for being in the same team with ship2.

    3. So from the tone I'm guessing the poster above is riding on the coattails of a "JP" ship and acting like it was somehow to *his* merit…

      Incidentally, as of this writing the Yellow group holds shared second place overall and came out in clear lead in the latest round; the Falz Arm spam starting at more or less NA primetime might of had *something* to do with it.
      Just sayin'.

    4. I feel bad for Toshi and Yoro – thinking they are so superior to everyone else – when in reality yall just come across as jerks. I'd blacklist the both of ya the second I saw ya – it's people like YOU who ruin the game, not newbies, not people who need help, but holier-than-thou jerks like yall.

    5. BZZZZZT sorry the answer to that question is incorrect. I don't know how the community scene on other ships is like, although i expect a similar one, but ship 2's community is half disgusting cancer.

      Either the Block-001 trolls and pure cancer e-tweens ERP'ing all day long and showing off their pixels while looking down snobbishly on anyone else, or the major elitist-rager-1337B34$7 scum who think anyone who isn't as mlgpro geared and does 100mil+ dmg that they constantly check on their parser (probably jerk off to it too) isn't cool enough for them.

      The community absolutely makes me puke, and only 4 months into playing the game i already have a pretty terrible image of the community. I love the game its fun and amazing, and probably why i stick around and play since i'm a major pso-fan, but the toxic community would make it unbearable otherwise like how other mmorpg games went.

      It's a shame, i assumed the community would be great since it's not an english-based server for once, so the people would possibly be more chill, relax, mature, and overall fun to get along with. Nope i regret all my assumptions; it's too bad people choose to be toxic and destructive instead of kind and constructive.

    6. I'm not sure what blocks you frequent, but the people I've met have been perfectly nice folks, I've met some great folks just by joining random parties and always setting my own to open so anyone can join me if they want, I've got some gambling buddies that I like to hang out with at the blackjack tables after a long day of protecting the universe, my guildmates are very friendly and helpful, nobody bashes me for not being a super elite hardcore pro. Granted I do steer clear of block 1 because of all the symbol art spam, but aside from that block I haven't had any issues.

    7. I've met douches of all walks of life, even some were unfortunately JP players. But the Cancer is real; need a party to complete a party quest or do TACO's faster? No team or your team offline or no friend you can talk to or play with (too busy or otherwise)? Join a random party; and proceed to get kicked out of them 50% of the time no joke. My entire experience here.

      I'm everything you listed about yourself as a player, i like to be chill, relaxed and cool with others; but unfortunately i can't expect the same from the rest of the community. I've seriously gotten tired of doing XH EQ runs these days and steer clear of them because the cancer in SH-XH is unbelievable.

      The Rangers/Trolls/Elitists and random party bail-outs in PuGs are beyond cancerous sometimes. Teams/Guilds? i got lucky i guess and managed to find a quiet chill team where i talk to maybe 1-2 people sometimes, but don't talk to the rest more or less (and they don't talk to me so i don't bother trying to be all friendly and talkative to them).

      Before getting into this team though; do you enjoy weird solicitations and half-harassment from other players annoying you to join their team or even whispering you asking you why you don't want to join a guild/team? This is the cancer i'm talking about, and these are the people who actually bother to harass you over it. Most just send random invites without even bothering to say hi to the person or try to get to know the person they want to invite to their team.

      This is typical and standard MMO behavior when it comes to "guilds" and what not though so its not too surprising but doesn't make it any less annoying?

      I'd love to put rose-colored glasses on and pretend this community is wonderful but i recently had to clear my list of people who decide they want to add me on their list and never bother saying hi, or if you say hi they don't reply or are too busy all the time to even reply or give a crap. What's the point of friend lists and adding people if you don't play with them and sometimes chat?

      Either way i'm sticking to whatever i say unless it somehow magically changes (which is laughably unlikely).

    8. I dunno, maybe I've been lucky, but I've not really experienced any of that, I jump into random parties all the time if it's something I'm not confident I can handle on my own and none of my team or buddies are online and never been kicked or anything, and I've never really seen any open hostility in EQ's of any difficulty, usually nobody says much of anything unless things are going really badly, and even then it's usually just something like "I'm out of moons." I guess some of the Japanese players might be calling me baka gaijin, but I really can't tell either way since I can't read Japanese.

    9. Wow give me your luck eh? lol

      I've had the worst kind of EQ XH elitist ragers who decide the most productive thing to do is spam general chat with how low they think of the rest of the entire party, or randoms who decide to call everyone else lame and trash and bail out on party.

      Yes japanese players on ship 2 sometimes do curse out us filthy "gaijin"; since i've already google translated a conversation particular JP players were having during one of my MPA EQ's and they were more or less cussing out others.

      I'd love if people don't douche it out, this is why i solo most things i can solo now, since getting kicked by both english and japanese players who have so called "open to join" parties is getting tiring. Kick abuse by party leaders is a disgusting privilege that sega should revoke for all players. Don't like others joining you? make a private or solo party, but no kick privileges anymore.

      I even solo Queue for EQ MPA's now because i don't trust anyone anymore. I've had some major dicks decide they want to be cute and kick me instantly as we're waiting for the 30 second teleporter that starts our Emergency Quest (whichever one it was we were doing at the time). How much of a dick move can you get? for shits and giggles right? no respect or maturity.

      Too bad we can't have a good community since about half the community at least decides they want to make it a garbage dump where they can take a shit so to speak.

    10. The answer to this is simple – whether you love Ship 02, or that filthy, filthy traitorous Ship 10 (heheh) – all you have to do is GET ON A GOOD TEAM regardless of which ship you are on – then you will always have good people to play with and you can stop complaining. You're welcome. Also, if you're one of "those people" who has such a huge problem with others not living up to your expectations in this game – maybe a single-player game would be more your style.

    11. No Chairo, you are the toxics.

      Also after playing the game for well over a year now I can't quite say I recognise 90% of what you're talking about. Maybe stop hanging out at B-001 or smth? Then again I don't bother talking to people outside gchat and the team channel in the first place since the local-channel talk I see is nigh invariably as mind-numbingly stupid as in every other MMO I've seen…

    12. So you see DEE TWENTY, it's cancer posters like the ones in the above replies that are the filth who more or less inhabit the different server ships. They're cancerous filth in-game and they go to forums like here to bring their cancerous filth with them, reducing the quality of game-play for everyone else in general.

      Someone makes valid points about how terribly half the community likes to behave and is instantly bashed by random ANON's and others who ironically always offer the same classical sarcastic reply of "QQ more salty tears please".

    13. QED.

      I wonder if you bring that sunny attitude into the game too, Chairo mah boi? Would certainly explain why you're having such a hard time finding company.

  1. Do we know that if you complete a higher difficulty, does it also count it as if you completed the lower ones too? Or do we have do do at least 1 of normal, hard, v hard, etc?

    1. Each player can contribute a certain amount of points to their team per round. People who clear objectives at higher difficulties will reach the cap faster than people who play at lower difficulties.

  2. Jesus when did the ship 2 hate start?

    I've been playing for four years on ship 2…

    Sure b1 is a bit annoying, a bunch of twits use it as a public chat room, as if the entire lobby wants to hear their childish conversations…

    Other then that block though I've never run into anyone bad, even b1 people are merely mildly annoying.

    In any case stop acting like 12 year olds in a console war, who gives a shit? Play the game and shut the fuck up.

    1. 4 years? The game hasn't even been out that long yet. So it would be 3 years and ~9 months you've been playing on ship 2 for. Anyway, I'm sure every ship has its fair share of trolls and social-loafers. I don't see any point in people talking smack about ship 2.

    2. Eh the only Ship 2 hate I can remember is all related to a stigma that will never and I mean never go away and has become infamous thanks to it.


      You know B1 and what it does right?

      Take B1 and multiply the spammers of SAs, Cut-ins, n-words, Porn SAs, Meme SAs, and talks of who is a loser, who would they screw, or w/e then you have B20. Even after the community for B20 disappeared over time thanks to DDOS and the like. When EQs showed up and B20 was in line for the SH/XH blocks it would be blatantly skipped over, probably still would be if the XH blocks didn't start after it.

      Not to say there wasn't something good there, for one best place to go to find randoms for TAs. When they weren't being idiots it was a nice place to have a decent conversation.

      I remember one time talking with a few randoms on what the Tech/Ranged combo class would be like. We came up Breaker as the name, as there was Bouncer and Braver so it needed to have a B. Its weapons would be Diska and Bowgun, more of just to bring them back.

    3. Yeah I remember b20 ~_~

      However generalization is for simpletons because it's always wrong.

      Believe me, nobody dislikes the idiotic conversations those pre-teen morons get into on b1 and old b20 but they hardly account for the majority of ship 2. They're just the loudest and most annoying.

  3. You mean that vastly superior and nicer ship 10? I hope you are not attacking the saving grace of the gaijin playerbase

    1. Ship 10 is a joke filled with imbeciles and dodo brains who coast off the hard work of the truly good japanese players. It's not that Ship 10 is nicer or better (it's much, much worse but that's another story), it's that the people who joined Ship 10 couldn't understand the basic concept of the Eng ship being Ship 02. Yep, they sure am smart that way! Either that or I was right that they consider themselves above the rest of us and if that is the case – be gone with them – waste time on them no longer – off with their puny heads – let them eat cake (but spoiled rotten cake) and so forth! (heheheh)

    2. The only thing good about ship 2 are the people who run this site, the tweaker, and any other service for playing this game. And please, the chinese and english speaking players in ship 10 are leagues above ship2 in terms of skill.

    3. How old are you 12?

      Who gives a fuck. Grow up.

      Nobody cares about your worthless biased opinion. If I wanted to hear a worthless biased opinion I'd go do a survey at a middle school about which console is objectively better.

      (Hint since you have an IQ of 5 -> Neither is better.)

      You're making Americans look bad with your idiocy, close your god damned mouth.

    4. Toshi ruined Ship 10 for me – like he has for so many others. Shame on you Toshi! Good news though Ship 10 refugees – I heard he will be banned soon. SEGA's as sick of his lies and messing around as the rest of us are! He's not very bright but talks down to everyone else like he's better than them. Ship 10 said they will be glad to see him go as he drags everyone down and is generally just a huge bummer of a person. That and he smells like poo. (dude if you don't get that i'm trolling your horrible attitude by now, i don't know what to tell ya.. lol).

    5. So what you're saying is that people shouldn't have the choice to decide what ship they wish to play on and have the freedom to do so by saying the only ship that is meant only for people who speak English is ship 2 when there is 9 other ships to choose from where people can try to establish more player base for English players making it better overall for people to make connections with each other to build friendships if anything.

      Also yes, I do play on ship 10, I do not think of myself as someone who is better than anyone else and think as others as my equal and no, I do not leech off of other players especially the Japanese players since I try to pull my own weight when doing things and am far from being a so call dodo brain or imbecile and if anything when you act like this it causes me to think how you must treat others because there is no reason for all this. It's stupid that people act this way right now with all this so call hate, degrading crap and berating other player bases in other ships when it's just a game and people should be able to decide what ships they wish to play since they might have friends also on those other ships.

      So what gives others the right to say that English players should only play on this ship as to just playing on what ever ship they wish to play on just to enjoy the game overall since if a person's decision is to play on ship 8 let them play on it, why should a person care one little bit about where a person plays since it's their choice to pick what ship they wish to play on not anyone else's choice at all and if they can't handle that then they have issues themselves that they need to deal with since it's just a game.

    6. Well i don't think ship 10 has nice people cause i was there twice and found nothing but bad player's and i was in this team for a while than i left cause it was boring and i found this one person claiming to be a girl they said i should join their team and go out with them so i just played along and i met the leader of that team i left and he told that *girl* i was talking shit about his team but i didn't say anything than that *girl* got mad at me and after that i left ship 10.

      this is why i don't talk to people much anymore cause i met nothing but weird people and that leader is the leader of D-COM of ship 10.

      sorry about my grammer idc about cause this is the internet and i don't have to perfect cause no one is 🙂 anyway have a nice day or night everyone.

    7. Sounds like my experience on ship 1. I currently play on ship 10 and I've met a rather random allotment of people so far.

    8. Ha Ha, so i guess i am not the only one after all, after the leader of D-COM was giving stupid advice about some spec to some new member that just joined, and i told and proved him otherwise (he took me into ultimate to see if i can survive and put 3 spawns of mobs and 2 bosses on me and i still didn't die).

      After all that me and my friend were suddenly kicked out after like 1 week.

      What can i say, when there is nothing more to say XD.

  4. When you realize you hate a ship full of people just because of a few people you've saw or met without actually hanging out with the good people.

  5. We should just avoid every game that non JP people can play, right?
    Everyone who posted here about Ship2(including me) are just as bad as cancertown cuz we are gaijins.

    People are bad and it doesn't matter where they live.

  6. Just play in whatever ship you wanna play and be done with it, this kind of discussion is so pointless and old that will irk whoever's still thinking on trying the game out at this point. Can't we all conclude that EVERY SINGLE Ship has good and bad people and be done with it?

    Like seriously, I play on Ship 02 since I started playing the game and I met pretty much every kind of player, both good and bad, all kinds really. I've met players from other ships and all told me that the situation is similar, the difference is Ship 02 has a block for whoever wants to roleplay as a 12 y/o girl in a lesbian orgy. That's the only difference here in terms of community and you're pretty much free to play in another block aside B01.

    Also I'm not gonna even bother talking about the lack of performance from Ship02 to other ships, the fact 150+ Atk stat units is becoming a thing just makes me a bit sick. Imagining the price to reach that level of power is what prevents me from upgrading my "scrub" +100 Atk units, add the fact that 20 stats is roughly 1% damage and I lose all the will to do it. Add the extra info that people with units with 60 Atk can still play the game fine and do all the content and I just feel stupid to even thinking of upgrading my stuff… but yeah… Ship02 is full of scrub, we're all sucky players.

    1. I´m a player from Ship 03 and there I fell pretty good about the people, many spanish french, nippons and some brazillians and germans ppl who play alone in group, ppl who work and some students i dont think there is a perfect ship to play i got in 03 by sys recommendation and I liked, you ppl fighting about that here wont change the reality of your ship by saying junk to other ppl who actually likes the game, i´m not offensive and didnt get anyone offensive by jumping in someone elses parties, I believe if you want to make your ship better invite more of your friends from Real world to play with you. the game is pretty good and very Fun search community in social webs and talk about the game Facebook has tons and tons of fans where you can stablish a friendship, get in one of then make your point and invite those ppl to play with you in your ship that was all =).

    2. All my old friends who used to play have 190-atk units and weapons on nearly all classes so yeah.

      Personally I don't have the funds so I have 115 atk on my main wep and 70 atk on units for now. I have all classes on one char and can't currently afford two more sets.

      Honestly a good build is probably more important.

      My team leader has 75 on her units and she makes people with 150 look pitiful on a consistent basis.

      So yeah it's unnecessary. 100 is already more than enough. 150 is ridiculous. The 190 on my friends is utterly insane.

    3. If you actually consider the maths behind the whole damage things, the fact a build plays a bigger role in your performance is more than obvious.

      A percentual boost will always top a static stat boost that comes from the units, your build and your elements on your weapons are the only things that give an actual percentage based boost to your damages (not counting units cuz nobody cares about defenses much, even percentage ones).

      Considering a LOT of players, for some reason I never understood, prefer to grab the static stat boosts on builds instead of percentage boosting skills on a skill tree just because this one requires some condition to activate is beyond me. This one is a particular cause for such stuff to happen, I've seen a lot of players with 150+ atk claiming they need more atk stats when their build is most likely the problem for their bad performance. By getting like 40 extra atk on their units (so from 150 to 190 like you said), they're just increasing 2% per unit, roughly 6% total boost and then you look at the build and fact is they didn't get… for example, Perfect Keeper on the Gu tree which is 20% damage right there. It's dumb.

      But this is all to clarify that a good build is indeed a lot more important than the affixes in later game.

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