PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Christmas Fantasy

Christmas Fantasy
(Until 9.1.2019)


Outerwear (Version A)

スターリージュエルA[Ou] | Starry Jewel A [Ou]

Outerwear (Version B)

スターリージュエルB[Ou] | Starry Jewel B [Ou]


スターリージュエル[Ba] | Starry Jewel [Ba]
スターリージュエル夜[Ba] | Starry Jewel Night [Ba]
スターリージュエル桜[Ba] | Starry Jewel Sakura [Ba]
スターリージュエル雪[Ba] | Starry Jewel Snow [Ba]
スターリージュエル影[Ba] | Starry Jewel Shadow [Ba]


Outerwear 1

フェリシテノーチェ[Ou] | Felicite Noche [Ou]

Outerwear 2

フェリシテノーチェ紅[Ou] | Felicite Noche Crimson [Ou]

Basewear 1

フェリシテノーチェ[Ba] | Felicite Noche [Ba]
フェリシテノーチェ紅[Ba] | Felicite Noche Crimson [Ba]
フェリシテノーチェ月[Ba] | Felicite Noche Moon [Ba]

Basewear 2

フェリシテノーチェ葉[Ba] | Felicite Noche Leaf [Ba]
フェリシテノーチェ影[Ba] | Felicite Noche Shadow [Ba]
フェリシテノーチェ夜[Ba] | Felicite Noche Night [Ba]



ネーヴェレンナ[Ou] | Neve Renna [Ou]


ネーヴェレンナ[Ba] | Neve Renna [Ba]
ネーヴェレンナ桜[Ba] | Neve Renna Sakura [Ba]
ネーヴェレンナ紅[Ba] | Neve Renna Crimson [Ba]
ネーヴェレンナ影[Ba] | Neve Renna Shadow [Ba]
ネーヴェレンナ雪[Ba] | Neve Renna Snow [Ba]



スノーファンタジア[Ou] | Snow Fantasia [Ou]


スノーファンタジア[Ba] | Snow Fantasia [Ba]
スノーファンタジア紅[Ba] | Snow Fantasia Crimson [Ba]
スノーファンタジア夜[Ba] | Snow Fantasia Night [Ba]
スノーファンタジア雪[Ba] | Snow Fantasia Snow [Ba]
スノーファンタジア影[Ba] | Snow Fantasia Shadow [Ba]



デサンブルアンジュ[Ou] | Decembre Ange [Ou]


デサンブルアンジュ[Ba] | Decembre Ange [Ba]
デサンブルアンジュ海[Ba] | Decembre Ange Sea [Ba]
デサンブルアンジュ桜[Ba] | Decembre Ange Sakura [Ba]
デサンブルアンジュ雪[Ba] | Decembre Ange Snow [Ba]
デサンブルアンジュ影[Ba] | Decembre Ange Shadow [Ba]



アイカ戦闘衣[Ou] | Aika Battle Suit [Ou]


アイカ戦闘衣[Ba] | Aika Battle Suit [Ba]
アイカ戦闘衣 雪[Ba] | Aika Battle Suit Snow [Ba]



RINA戦闘衣[Ba] | Rina Battle Suit [Ba]
RINA戦闘衣 雪[Ba] | Rina Battle Suit Snow [Ba]



スヴェートノーチ[Ou] | Svet Noci [Ou]


スヴェートノーチ[Ba] | Svet Noci [Ba]
スヴェートノーチ影[Ba] | Svet Noci Shadow [Ba]
スヴェートノーチ紅[Ba] | Svet Noci Crimson [Ba]
スヴェートノーチ夜[Ba] | Svet Noci Night [Ba]
スヴェートノーチ雅[Ba] | Svet Noci Elegant [Ba]
スヴェートノーチ玄[Ba] | Svet Noci Mysterious [Ba]


Male Costume

SORO戦闘衣M | SORO Battle Suit M

Female Costume

SORO戦闘衣F | SORO Battle Suit F


Female Voice #181 (CV: Kaida Yuko)

  • 女性追加ボイス181
  • 女性C追加ボイス181

Male Voice #148 (CV: Hayami Sho)

  • 男性追加ボイス148
  • 男性C追加ボイス148

Lobby Action

  • 466「灯火」 | 466 [Lamp]
  • 467「テーブルダンス」 | 467 [Table Dance]

Unisex Recolor

  • トナカイ着ぐるみ・ミニ影 | Reindeer Costume Mini Shadow

Female Recolors

  • メリーキャロルドレス茜 | Merry Carol Dress Madder
  • メリーキャロルドレス玄 | Merry Carol Dress Mysterious
  • アルモニーディアサンタ紅 | Harmony Dear Santa Crimson
  • アルモニーディアサンタ玄 | Harmony Dear Santa Mysterious
  • ホリーキャロルドレス影[Ou] | Holly Carol Dress Shadow [Ou]
  • ホリーキャロルドレス玄[Ba] | Holly Carol Dress Mysterious [Ba]
  • ホリーキャロルドレス茜[Ba] | Holly Carol Dress Madder [Ba]

Male Recolors

  • クロシェットノエル影[Ou] | Clochette Noel Shadow [Ou]
  • クロシェットノエル紅[Ba] | Clochette Noel Crimson [Ba]
  • クロシェットノエル玄[Ba] | Clochette Noel Mysterious [Ba]


Scratch Bonus

Play this scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

(1) Draw the AC Scratch 5 times to receive:

  • Snow Banther Helm

(2) Draw the AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]

(3) Draw the AC Scratch 15 times to receive:

  • +150% Triboost

(4) Draw the AC Scratch 25 times to receive:

  • Aika Hair GV

(5) Draw the AC Scratch 30 times to receive:

  • Christmas Fantasy Ticket

(6) Draw the AC Scratch 60 times to receive:

  • Christmas Fantasy Ticket

(7) Draw the AC Scratch 120 times to receive:

  • Christmas Fantasy Ticket

(7) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 2 times to receive:

  • Ragol Memory

(8) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 4 times to receive:

  • Magatsu Bonus Key [Silver]

(9) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 6 times to receive:

  • Bonus Key Rappy F

(10) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 10 times to receive:

  • Rina Hair

(11) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 12 times to receive:

  • Christmas Fantasy Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once. All of these items are untradeable.
※Christmas Fantasy Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.


FUN Scratch


  • カジュアルアップ | Casual Up

Face Aesthetics

  • クモの巣メイク | Spiderweb Makeup


  • 頭乗せターキー | Perched Turkey
  • スノーマンヘッド | Snowman Head
  • メリーロングマフラー | Merry Long Scarf
  • パーティーキャップ | Party Cap
  • レッドパーティーキャップ | Red Party Cap
  • 頭乗せプレゼント 白 | White Head Present
  • レッドノーズ | Red Nose
  • トナカイホーン | Reindeer Antlers
  • プレゼント袋 | Gift Sack
  • クリスマスブーツ | Christmas Boots
  • クリスマスブーツ 赤 | Red Christmas Boots
  • ボリュームヒゲ 白 | White Voluminous Beard

Lobby Action

  • 358「ボディビル」| Bodybuilding

Room Items

  • クツチタキャロル | Stocking Carol
  • ダル・マユキ | Daru Mayuki
  • 丸焼きチキン | Roast Chicken
  • ジャンボピザ | Jumbo Pizza
  • ホールケーキ | Whole Cake
  • シュジュツ・ベッド | Operating Bed
  • シンデンザー | Heart Monitor
  • テン・テキ | IV Drip

Dance with Omega Masquerade in PSO2's New Ultimate Quest

~ December 5th, 2018 ~


Solo Ultimate Quest

The best and the brightest ARKS are tasked to investigate a spatial domain where readings resembling the Profound Darkness have been confirmed. In this quest, you will fight one-on-one with [Omega Masquerade] whose level rises each time the quest is cleared.

Players will receive rewards both for the quest's initial completion and by clearing it on a certain level.

※[Omega Masquerade] can be defeated five times a day.
※The number of instances is reset at 5:00 AM JST everyday.


~Omega Masquerade~
~A More Powerful Version of Elga Masquerade~


Clear this quest to receive accessories related to Omega Masquerade.


Christmas Lobby

~Until December 31st 2018~

This year, once again, the ARKS Lobby will be transformed into a sparkling Christmas Lobby! Guide the snowballs carefully to the goal to create a snowman!


Merry Christmas on Ice 2018

[Merry Christmas on Ice] returns for yet another year of celebration with an assortment of natives, darkers, and seasonal prefixed-named bosses. Players will be tasked with defeating as many enemies as they can before time runs out.

Defeating enemies and clearing Emergency Trials will accumulate points that trigger the spawning of St. Umblla and even more rare and boosted enemies.


Special PSE Costume Bonus

You can receive the effect of the special [PSE Costume Bonus] by equipping certain costumes or layered wear. Having this effect will slightly increase the EXP and Rare Drop rate. 


Christmas Costumes


Christmas Bingo 2018

As is tradition, the Christmas 2018 Bingo will be held requiring the defeat of enemies that appear within the Emergency Quest. This year's rewards include the [Leontina Certificate] and [Evo. Device / St. Rappy]!


Limited Time Client Orders

Hitsugi, Kohri, and Al were invited to celebrate Christmas on the Arks Ship! Clear their client orders to receive Christmas Hitsugi and Kohri's partner card. Client Order rewards will also deliver a new multi-weapon supporting camo called [*Felicite Edel].


*Felicite Edel


Christmas Collection

A vast assortment of this year's seasonal ★13 weapons will bring delight in the [Merry Christmas 2018 Collection]. You can gain access to new candies such as the ★13 [Lightning and Wind Parfait] and ★12 [Sympathy Roll]!


Weapon Form Change System

A new feature has been added to the Item Lab! With the [Weapon Form Changing] system, you can transform the appearance of a weapon into the  design of another weapon or camo. A menu option will also be available If you wish to restore your weapon back to its original design.

※Both weapons, base and design, must be max grinded (+10 OT / +35 NT).
※Both items used will become locked to your account.
※The process will require Meseta and a [Weapon Form Change Pass].


Special Collection File

エクシウムバンカー | Exium Bunker

It's time for the first ★14 weapon collection file! Items within this collection include ★14 such as [Quelle Glitter], [Radius Arca], [Quelle Neigea], [Powerful Blow], [Uransara], and the newly released launcher [Exium Bunker].

The Special Collection File has the following features:

  • Only one sheet can be possessed at a time.
  • Premium Users will receive a bonus applied to gauge accumulation.
  • Gauges set for Emergency Quests will also apply to their corresponding EQ Triggers.

※Trigger Quest [T: Endless Darkness] does not qualify.


Christmas Fantasy (AC Scratch)

Spend the holidays with Hitsugi, Kohri, Aika, Rina, and Al in their new Christmas outfits! Spread the yuletide cheer in a variety of outfits, from elegant party dresses to joyous reindeer wear.

The scratch also includes two new lobby actions: [466 Lamp] and [467 Table Dance]. The former has your character carrying a candle or lantern for the holy night, while the latter lets you bust out strange dance moves right at the table.



ARKS Battle Wear Selection II (SG Scratch)

~ December 12th, 2018 ~

Continuing on from the previous SG Scratch, classic ARKS combat uniform such as [Sharp Order], [Equestio], and the popular [Eretique Reine] will appear as layering wear. Also, in addition to Flo and Clarissa's costumes, there will be many items to mimic the characters in the story.