Phantasy Star Portable 2 U.S Servers Error Sg4001 (Jan 2011)

We've been receiving a lot of reports about players unable to connect or continue past the matching counter screen for the Phantasy Star Portable 2 US/EU server. Currently this problem is affecting the majority of users. We now know the servers are back online! Enjoy your game. Gamefaqs.

This post is specifically for US/EU servers down in January 2011.


Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Story Trailer

The official site updated early this morning showing off the most important thing, the story trailer. As well as screenshots for the enemies.


Story Trailer

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Today is Phantasy Star Portable 2 one year anniversary! As the days go by, we are closer and closer to commemorate Phantasy Star Online's 10 year anniversary. In the future, we'll see the release of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity and the highly anticipated Phantasy Star Online 2.

The story trailer features:

  • A block of land rising up.
  • The infamous fight scene of Nagisa and Hyuga.
  • Wynarl speaking.
  • Pioneer 2 flying above.

And of course, the most forbidden thing of them all; Nagisa removing her eye patch and unleashing her dark Dewman power. The scene is set up in such a way where Nagisa glows red versus Hyuga and his blue sword. There was a reason Lumia wore blue and and Emilia wore red.




Garanz: A large machine that was reconstructed by using data from Rykros


Garanz can shoot destructive missiles from its shoulders.


Bora Vrima is a large enemy deriving from the Polavahra species.


Bora Vrima has a tough shell with missile-shaped needles attached to it.
It can roll up into a ball and ram into you. It boasts its high fighting strength!

Game System

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Now there's gameplay videos teaching the concepts of the game. This video showcases how to fight and use combos, though it emphasizes the need to chain.


Terada's Corner

Can you find Alfort Tylor? He's the darkest one standing of the three.

Terada and Sakai blogged early tonight.

  • Let's just cut to the chase…
  • The Mirage Blast invocation is fast. The light and dark mirage blast effectiveness has increased.

Well at least now we know for sure the light mirage blasts increases the rate the blast gauge fills up. Then the dark mirage blast increases the attack speed of the user.  But I feel Calorie Mate might be a better choice… So are we going to be faster than an acrofighter eh?


Satoshi Sakai

For the Playstation Awards, Satoshi Sakai chose three titles which he voted for in the Playstation Questionnaire.

  • Voted Titles
    • 1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
    • 2. God of War 3
    • 3. Phantasy Star Portable 2

[playstation awards]

Phantasy Star Portable 2 has been awarded the gold award for selling 500,000 copies.

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Memorial

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst is having a memorial event. Players will participate in taking screenshots of various situations during their time on PSOBB. Screenshots are separated by two distinct styles.

The first is a screenshot memorial where players take screenshots of their various adventures. The second is the episode memorial, where players take screenshots relating to the episodic content. You would then write something interesting describing the episode picture, whether it is happy, or sad…

  • Application Period
    • 11/30/2010 ~ 1/21/2011
  • Results
    • 2/7/2011: Screenshot Announcement
    • 2/24/2011: Episode Screenshot Announcement

For episode screenshots, one must write a description up to 200 characters describing the image. The screenshots for both types should be no larger than 1MB.

[via psobb]

Wynarl and Hentai?

The word Hentai can mean different things like perverted, sexual nature, strange or abnormal and wierdo. Rapico has said that Emilia seems to think Wynarl is perverted. You can check it out in the demo in January.

[via rapico]

Phantasy Star Universe: Item Design Contest 2010 Winners

The Item Design Contest winners have been chosen. I won't go through ALL of them, so you can see the rest of the 4th place winners on the contest page. Warning, German names approacheth…


Clothes and Parts


The 1st place winner. This original design isn't meant to be showy at all. It has a floating line shield that goes around the circumference of the outfit.

[designer: 竹光]



This is a hooded cloak for Male Casts. The theme of this coat is to represent a Shinigami or Death God. The line shield is at the back so that the player can easily identify it.

[designer: jona]



Croce Segmentata

At the back of this outfit, a device assists with propulsion so that you are highly mobile in battle. It is used by members of a certain religious organization.

[designer: Noah]


Weisse Lillie

The spear that protected a saint, it is a spear and shield combined. Sakai says this spear would be perfect for Infinity's default cast male.

[designer: ヒルデガルト]



These rustic knuckles have an animation of a rotating corkscrew. It's supposed to use the sound effect Pike's axe (Gryz) from Phantasy Star IV.

[designer: 西向アズタカ]


Double Waber

A double saber that uses the motif of the Waber Family. who helped to put an end to the Illuminus! Ethan Waber is represented as the sun, and Lumia Waber is represented by the moon. This weapon comes with a bonus effect. If you invite Ethan and Lumia to the party, the weapon's attack power is supposed to increase. Sakai is investigating whether he can achieve this effect.

[designer: てら]

We'll cover the honorable mentions at a later time.

Unfortunately these items are going to be free download items for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. They will also appear in Phantasy Star Universe Japan.

Fourth Place Winners

Here are SOME of the fourth place winners and their items. Expect to see these for Infinity and PSU Japan.

Imperial Cross

An outfit that's opposite of Shizuru's dark style. It has a wound in a shape of a cross.

[designer: Custard]


Sengetsu, a crescent moon axe.

[designer: Reffi]



This mysterious grenade arrived from a parallel universe through subspace. One cannot equip it unless they have closely bonded with the weapon. It has a ferocious neigh and spits out a spinning carrot. Its head and mouth are constantly in motion.

[designer: Big the Shogun]