Changes Are In Store For the Battle Arena This September

~ September 20th, 2017 ~


EP5 Chapter 2 – 2

Amidst sharing intel gathered on Omega with Xiao, reports arrive indicating Darker activity in the Urban Sector. The ARKS receive orders to investigate and eliminate the disturbance, with Matoi joining the protagonist in haste.


Ominibus [Episode 2]

Relive the highlights of Episode 2's cutscenes and story quests with the expansion of the Omnibus! Players who've yet to experience Episode 2's storyline can do so at ease, and those who have can enjoy Alma's added commentary.


*エルダーペイン | *Elder Pain

By clearing the [EP2] Omnibus Quests, you'll earn reward items and titles.


Battle Arena

Several changes are in store for the Battle Arena! Not only will this affect the available weapon types, but also bring about adjustments to skills and PAs. Swords and Assault Rifles will be swapped out and replaced with Partisans and Twin Machine Guns. The former will gain access to the [Assault Buster] PA, while the latter can utilize [Satellite Aim].


Battle Arena Adjustments

Battle Arena: Strike Gust

  • Increased the power and range of the ascent portion of the attack.

Battle Arena: Bullet Bow

  • Increased the amount of HP for Battle Bow LV2 & LV3.
  • Improved the range and speed of normal attacks.
  • Improved the power and range of charged normal attacks.
  • Improved the power and knockback effect of step attacks.
  • Reduced the charging time of Last Nemesis.

Battle Arena: Cure

  • Increased the number of uses for Cure.
  • Added the ability to recover Status Effects.

Battle Arena: Sprint

  • Increased the number of uses for Sprint.

Battle Arena: PP Unlimited

  • Decreased the duration of the effect from 20 seconds to 17 seconds.


New Battle Arena Camos

A plethora of Girad weapon camos will be available as rewards for participating in a ranked match.


Trade in your Battle Coins for two new Camos at the Exchange Shop.


Level Up Quest

The Level Up Quest lineup is receiving a slight change. Chaotic Beguiler will be moved out of rotation, with [A World Engulfed in Shadows] added in its place. Unlike the previous iteration, the quest will now be able to hold up to 12 players.


New Quest Trigger

Regiment of the Wicked 2017 will now be available via a Quest Trigger!


Noble Fighters (AC Scratch)

Storm the wastelands of Verun in the customary garments of the empire's citizens and soldiers, or the hide-fashioned armor of two familiar revolutionaries.


ハリエットの正礼装[OuBaIn] | Harriet Formalwear
ゲッテムハルトの鎧[OuBaIn] | Gettemhart Armor
シーナの革鎧[OuBaIn] | Sina Leather Armor
シュタットラハード[Ou] | Stadt Rahard
シュタットリック[Ba] | Stadt Lik
シュタットマテナ[Ou] | Stadt Matena
シュタットクライト[Ba] | Stadt Chrite


Help us find better suggestions for the Stadt costume names.





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