Character File: Aika

Aika Profile

Character Information

Role Story Character
Race Newman Female
Class summoner_icontecher_icon
JP Name アイカ
EN Name Aika
Voice Actor M・A・O
Location Bridge

Aika is a member of the ARKS, working under Casra's command. Originating as a main character from PSO2 The Animation, she joined the game as a story character following the show's conclusion.

She can be found on the Bridge after your initial encounter during the [042-E] Story Board event. Her client orders task players with clearing various types of quests.

Unlocking Her Partner Card

  • Clear her 「アークス連破能力調査」 client order.



  Aika Face
Outerwear ドレッシアオース[Ou]
Dressia Oath [Ou]
Basewear ドレッシアオース[Ba]
Dressia Oath [Ba]
Hairstyle アイカヘアー
Aika Hair
Eyes PSO2アニメ瞳 A 小
PSO2 Anime Eyes A Small
Eyelashes PSO2アニメまつげC 黒
PSO2 Anime Eyelashes C Black
Accessory 1 ドレッシアハット
Dressia Hat
Accessory 2 ドレッシアリボン
Dressia Ribbon
Voice 女性共通アイカボイス
Female Voice – Aika


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
ARKS Basic Skills Test
Clear a Featured Quest with an A-Rank or higher, then speak to Aika.
Reward: 100 Casino Coins Ticket
ARKS Running Test
Clear a Time Attack Quest
Reward: Synthesizer (x20)
ARKS Advanced Test
Clear an Advance Quest
Reward: Advance Capsule d (x10)
ARKS Extreme Test
Clear an Extreme Quest
Reward: Extreme Pass (x5)
ARKS Successive Test
Clear TA Quest [SP: Traces of Darkness]
on Hard with A-Rank or higher.
Reward: Aika's Partner Card
ARKS Cooperative Practice
Clear TA Quest [SP: Traces of Darkness]
on XH+ with A-Rank+ with Aika only.
Reward: All Candy Eraser


PSO2es Chips

Suzuki Aika Aika Suzuki [Premium]
Attacking an enemy activates an effect that slightly recovers PP periodically while greatly increasing the attack power.


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