Character File: Koffie

Episode 4 Koffie

Character Information

Role Chief Administrator
Race Human Female
JP Name コフィー
EN Name Koffie
Voice Actor Aoi Yūki
Location Gate Area

Chief Administrator Koffie is your go-to gal for unlocking Free Field quests and licenses for additional content. She provides a quick source of large amounts of EXP for beginners.



  Koffie Face Koffie Face 2
Hairstyle ショートストレート
Short Straight
Costume ナビゲータードレス影
Navigator Dress Shadow
Outerwear フロンティアリード[Ou]
Frontier Lead [Ou]
Basewear フロンティアリード[Ba]
Frontier Lead [Ba]
Eyes タイプB2
Type B 2
Eyelashes タイプM
Type M
Eyebrows タイプE
Type E
Face Paint リップカラー 薄紅
Lip Color Pink
Accessory 1 略帽
Ordinary Cap
Frontier Cap
Accessory 2 腕章
Frontier Ribbon

*The version she wore has a unique color scheme that cannot be achieved.


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Mag License Application
Deliver [フォンガルフの頭角] x1
※Drops from Fangulf
Reward: Mag License
Weapon Palette Expansion I
Deliver [キャタドランの水晶] x1
※Drops from Caterdra'n
Reward: Weapon Palette Exp. License
Subpalette Expansion I
Deliver [スパルダンAのパーツa] x5
※Drops from Spardan A
Reward: Subpalette Exp. License
Difficulty Unlock I
Listen to Koffie
Reward: Hard Difficulty License
Difficulty Unlock II
Listen to Koffie
※Enemies can be found at the Coast
Reward: Very Hard Difficulty License
Subclass License Application
Defeat [Garongo] x1
Defeat [Fordoran] x1
Reward: Subclass License
Level Cap Trial I
Deliver [ナベリウス観測素子b] x10
※Drops from Natives
Deliver [アムドゥスキア観測素子b] x10
※Drops from Dragonkin
Deliver [リリーパ観測素子b ] x10
※Drops from Mechs
Reward: Level Cap License I
Level Cap Trial II
Deliver [ナベリウス観測素子d] x10
※Drops from Lv.21+ Natives
Deliver [リリーパ観測素子d ] x10
※Drops from Lv.21+ Mechs
Deliver [アムドゥスキア観測素子d] x10
※Drops from Lv.21+ Dragonkin
Reward: Level Cap License II~VI
Support Partner Seminar
Receive training from Astarte.
Reward: Partner Console

Client Order Objective
Free Exploration: Forest
Clear [Dagan Extermination]
Reward: Unlock Forest Free Field
Military Raid: Las Vegas
Clear [Las Vegas Exploration]
Reward: Unlocks Las Vegas Riding Quest

Client Order Objective
New Mission Simulation: Forest
Defeat an Oodan in [Special Survey: Forest]
Reward: Photon Sphere
New Mission Simulation: V. Cave
Defeat a Digg in [Special Survey: V. Cave]
Reward: Photon Sphere
New Mission Simulation: Desert
Defeat a Spardan A in [Special Survey: Desert]
Reward: Photon Sphere
Special Blockade Destruction
Clear a Bonus Quest


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