Character File: Lila, Quina, and Ely

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Female
Class ranger_iconhunter_icon
JP Name りら
EN Name Lila
Voice Actor Ai Kayano
Location Shop Area

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Female
Class hunter_iconfighter_icon
JP Name クイナ
EN Name Quina
Voice Actor Yui Ogura
Location Shop Area

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Female
Class force_icontecher_icon
JP Name エリ
EN Name Ely
Voice Actor Asami Imai
Location Shop Area

Characters designed by manga artist Suzuhito Yasuda. While Ely and Quina are original to PSO2, Lila hails from the Yozakura Quartet manga and anime series.

※Added as temporary NPCs in an update on June 21st, 2017.



Costume りら・レプカ 
Lila Repca
Hairstyle りらヘアー
Lila Hair
Eyes りら瞳
Lila Eyes
Accessory りらハット
Lila Hat
Voice 女性共通りらボイス
Female Voice – Lila
Weapon *ブルームブラスター
*Bloom Blaster

Costume マカタクイナ
Makata Quina
Hairstyle クイナヘアー
Quina Hair
Accessory クイナリボン
Quina Ribbon
Voice 女性共通クイナボイス
Female Voice – Quina
Weapon *クイナスピカ
*Quina Spica

Costume エリシランス
Hairstyle エリヘアー
Ely Hair
Accessory エリヘッドギア
Ely Headgear
Accessory 2 エリテール
Ely Tails
Voice 女性共通エリボイス
Female Voice – Ely
Weapon *エリアコーディ
*Ely Accordi


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Understanding This World
Clear [Coast Exploration]
Reward: Lila's Partner Card
Request From an Observer
Clear [Shironia Exploration] with
only Lila in your party.
Reward: Photon Sphere
Please Accept This Trial
Defeat 100 enemies by
attacking their weak points.
Reward: Quina's Partner Card
A Yearly Trial
Clear [Sanctum Exploration] with
an A-Rank+ within 30 minutes.

Reward: Ely's Partner Card
Let's Visit Earth
Clear [Tokyo Exploration] with
Lila, Quina, and Ely in your party.
Reward: Lambda Grinder (x5)



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