Character File: Nagisa

PSO2 Nagisa 2016

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Deuman Female
Class hunter_iconbraver_icon
Age 18
JP Name ナギサ
EN Name Nagisa
Voice Actor Nana Mizuki
Location Shop Area

Nagisa is a collaboration character from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, in which she served as one of the main characters.

Unlocking Her Partner Card

  • Clear her 「時空渡航の原因究明のために」 client order.



  Nagisa Face
Costume ナギサ・レプカ
Nagisa Repca
Hairstyle ナギサロング
Nagisa Long
Accessory 1 ナギサ眼帯
Nagisa Eye Patch
Accessory 2 ナギサコサージュ
Nagisa Corsage
Voice 女性共通ナギサボイス
Female Voice – Nagisa
Weapon スティールハーツ
Steel Hearts

※Nagisa's cosmetics are included with purchases of the EP3 Deluxe Package.


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Searching for Someone I
Defeat [Natives] x30
Searching for Someone II
Defeat [Kuronites] x30
Searching for Someone III
Defeat [Oceanids] x30
Searching for Someone IV
Defeat [Mechs] x30
Searching for Someone V
Defeat [Dragonkin] x30
Space-Time Voyage Explanation
Defeat [Rappy] x1
Reward: Nagisa’s Partner Card
Training with You
Complete [Sanctum Exploration]
Complete [Quarry Exploration]
Complete [Shironia Exploration]
With only Nagisa in your party.
Seeking the Seekers
Defeat one or more Lv.41+ [Gal Gryphon]


PSO2es Chips

Nagisa Chips Nagisa
Activates upon attacking the enemy.
Boosts attack power based on the number of ICE chips equipped.
(Ability level increases activation rates.)

Nagisa [Memorial]
Greatly boosts ATK power after a Just Attack for a limited time.

nagisa 15 memorial icon

Nagisa [15th Memorial]
Recovers slight amounts of CP periodically, and greatly increases attack power based on the variety of chip elements equipped. 


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