Character File: Patty & Tiea

Patty & Tiea Profile

Character Information

Role Story Character
Race Newman Female
Class fighter_iconhunter_icon / force_icontecher_icon
Age 19
JP Name パティ / ティア
EN Name Patty / Tiea
Voice Actor Kana Asumi / Yuka Iguchi
Location Shop Area

Twin sisters Patty & Tiea form the planetary informant group known as "Patty 'n' Tiea." The older of the two, Patty, is brimming with exuberance. Tiea, on the other hand, has a more polite demeanor when conversing with the player, but displays an acrimonious side towards her sister.

Unlocking Tiea's Client Orders

  • Clear the [ARKS Battle Festa!] EP1 EX Story Quest with Patty & Tiea.
    • Choose 「パティとティアを誘う」 at the start of the quest.



  Patty Face Tiea Face
Costume ハニージャケット
Honey Jacket
Little Prim
Hairstyle ミディアムツインテール1
Medium Twin Tail 1
Medium Twin Tail 2

Costume メリーキャロルドレス
Merry Carol Dress
Outerwear ホリーキャロルドレス[Ou]
Holly Carol Dress [Ou]
Basewear ホリーキャロルドレス[Ba]
Holly Carol Dress [Ba]
Hairstyle ミディアムツインテール1
Medium Twin Tail 1
Medium Twin Tail 2
Body Paint メリーキャロルペイント
Merry Carol Paint
Accessory 1 メリーキャロルバニー
Merry Carol Bunny
Holly Carol Ribbon
Accessory 2 メリーキャロルバレッタ
Merry Carol Barrette
Holly Carol Barrette
Weapon *キャロルホリネス
Carol Holiness


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Lend Us a Hand!
Clear [Dragon Altar Exploration]
with an S-Rank.

Reward: Patty & Tiea's Partner Cards
Tiea's Day Off
Clear [Coastal Ecological Survey] with
only Patty in your party.
Cute Sister's Trip
Clear [Coastal Ecological Survey] with
only Tiea in your party.

※With an S-Rank.
With Patty 'n' Tiea
Clear [Coastal Conservation] with
only Patty & Tiea in your party.

※With an S-Rank.
No Water, No Waves
Clear [Subdue Org Blan] within 30 minutes.
※With only Patty & Tiea in your party.

Client Order Objective
The Target is Santa Claus!
Clear [Merry Christmas on Ice 2017]
Reward: P & T’s Christmas Partner Cards
A Wealth of On Foot Info!
Speak to Jan, Jig, and Chroto.
Hear Us Out!
Speak to the Patty in the Shop Area.
Find Evidence On Site!

Clear [Las Vegas Exploration] with
only the Christmas Patty & Tiea in your party.

Secret of the Flying Reindeer!
Defeat [Crow Phamut] x10
Defeat [Snake Heli] x5
Defeat [U.F.O] x2
The Day Santa & Angels Laugh!
Defeat [Es Opsis] x10
Defeat [Es Anges] x5
Defeat [Es Santorus] x2
Reward: *Carol Holiness


PSO2es Chips

Patty Patty
Receiving damage that would otherwise kill you, leaves you with 1 HP. (Occurs once.)
Tiea Chip Tiea
Greatly increases HP at the end of battle.
(Ability level increases activation rate.)



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