Character File: Polytan

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
JP Name ポリタン
EN Name Polytan
Location Shop Area

Polytan is the xanthous ursine mascot of Dengeki PlayStation magazine.



Costume ポリタンスーツ
Polytan Suit


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Start of the Festival!
Clear the [Dengeki! Polytanland]
Emergency Quest
Reward: Dengeki Badge (x10)
I'm Not Strong Enough!
Defeat [Thunder Bear] x5
Defeat [Thunder Rockbear] x2
Reward: Dengeki Badge (x10)
Kill, Kill, Kill Them All!
Defeat [Custom Guardinane] x10
Defeat [Seglez'n] x10
Defeat [Tyraluda] x10

Reward: Dengeki Badge (x10)
Relax with a Snack!
Show [Dengeki Fruit Tart] Cuisine
Show [Dengeki Corn Soup] Cuisine

Reward: Polytan's Partner Card
Hit 'Em Where it Hurts!
Defeat [Any Enemy] x50 by
striking their weak point.
Reward: Dengeki Badge (x10)
Become a Polytanland Master!
Defeat [Gwanahda] x1
Defeat [Decol Malluda] x1
Defeat [Type-15 Tank] x1

Reward: Dengeki Badge (x10)


PSO2es Chips

Dengeki Chip
Increases a ★12 or lower chip’s ability level by 1 when used as grinding materials.



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