Character File: Yamigarasu

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Female
Class braver_iconfighter_icon
JP Name ヤミガラス
EN Name Yamigarasu
Voice Actor Ayana Taketatsu
Location Shop Area

Yamigarasu is a Weaponoid from PSO2es; a personification of the weapon that shares her name. She won the Weaponoid Costume General Election, resulting in her cosmetics appearing in an AC Scratch, and being included as a limited-time NPC.

※Yamigarasu was added in an update on September 6th, 2017.



Outerwear ヤミガラス・レプカ[Ou]
Yamigarasu Repca [Ou]
Basewear ヤミガラス・レプカ[Ba]
Yamigarasu Repca [Ba]
Hairstyle ヤミガラスヘアー
Yamigarasu Hair
Face Paint ヤミガラスペイント
Yamigarasu Paint
Accessory ヤミガラスの仮面
Yamigarasu Mask
Voice 女性共通ヤミガラスボイス
Female Voice – Yamigarasu
Weapon ヤミガラス-NT


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Trial of Claws and Fangs
Defeat [Natives] x15
Reward: Yamigarasu's Partner Card
Trial of Corruption
Defeat [Darkers] x25
Reward: Dusk Crow Feathers (x10)
Trial of an Experienced Veteran
Defeat [Any Enemy] x60
Reward: Dusk Crow Feathers (x13)
Trial of the Noble Warrior

Clear [Dragon Altar Exploration] on Hard+
with only Yamigarasu in your party.
A-rank or higher required.

Reward: Turbulent Crow Feathers (x1)

Trial of the Sparkling Dragon
Defeat Lv. 41+ [Quartz Dragon] x1
Reward: Dusk Crow Feathers (x45)
Trial of the Tenebrous Crow
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Gwanahda] x1
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Wolgahda] x1
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Zeshrayda] x1
Reward: Yamigarasu-NT


PSO2es Chips

Just Attacks can activate an effect that makes normal attacks have a chance to inflict a random status effect.
Increases damage towards enemies afflicted with status effects.


Yamigarasu Exchange Shop

  Item Cost
Dusk Crow Feather ×60
*Yamigarasu Pillow
Dusk Crow Feather ×15
Weapono Yamigarasu Mat
Dusk Crow Feather ×15
*Gram Zeredder
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Gaira
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Xiaolo
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Janga
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Izanto
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Gowanga
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Dienzer
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Seigan
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Touren
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Fagan
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Bustad
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Phase
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Branch
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Farshee
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Thiale
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Jane
Dusk Crow Feather ×80
*Gram Vuleen
Dusk Crow Feather ×80

Trade-in Items

Japanese English
混沌の鴉羽 Dusk Crow Feather
宵闇の鴉羽 Turbulent Crow Feather

You can obtain these items by clearing Client Orders or through PSO2es.

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