Dark Falz Double Trouble

~ October 28th, 2015 ~


Dark Falz Double Trouble

Dark Falz Double

It's time to end Dark Falz Double's reign of terror. In this new Emergency Quest, players will face off against the large toy castle form of Double. But that's not all…The true threat lies just beyond, surpassing even the might of Dark Falz.


Profound Boss

After defeating Double, players will come face-to-face with a second, more powerful boss. The combined efforts of players clearing the quest will increase the annihilation rate. Once this rate reaches a certain value, the [A.R.K.S] effect will occur. This effect increases both HP and PP for players still in the quest, giving struggling groups a better chance to survive.


The quest will also feature a new ranking system. Be among the first to complete the quest to place among the top results.

There will be some restrictions placed on the quest, limiting you to clearing it only once per ship. In other words, once you've cleared the quest on a particular ship, you won't be able to switch characters and play the quest again from the same ship. In addition, the Ranger's Weak Bullet skill will be rendered less effective, displaying its mark in a different color at the spot that hit the enemy.


Like the Dark Falz battles before it, players will strike a victory pose upon its completion. And among the selection of possible drops is the new ★13 “Invade” series of weapons. If luck isn't on your side, they can also be obtained by trading in [Profound Caligula Fragments].


Emblem Exchange Shop Update

Austere Calibur
オフスティアカリバー (Austere Calibur)

Over at Zieg's Emblem Exchange Shop, players can trade in their "Invade" weapons, in conjunction with various exchange materials, for the more powerful "Austere" weapon series.

For example, the Austere Calibur requires:

  • Invade Calibur (x1)
  • Profound Caligula Fragment (x100)
  • Dark Nero Fragment (x100)
  • Yurlungur Crystal (x50)
  • Galeru Crystal (x50)
  • Heart Key Spellstone (x5)
  • Bloody Moon Spellstone (x5)
  • Phantom Night Spellstone (x5)
  • Photon Booster (x10)
  • EXCube (x300)


Extreme Quest Improvements

  • Improved the content of rewards received from Karin when the final stage is cleared.
  • Increased the [Acceptable Quantity] of items taken upon clearing the quest based on the number of stage orders cleared.
  • Increased the number of times you roll for a drop based on the number of stage orders cleared.
  • Made it easier for items to be given Flict/Alter special abilities.



New Team Room

The Fairy Tail Guild will appear for a limited time as a Team Room. Recreate moments from the Fairy Tail series with this replica of the tavern. Head up to the second floor where only S-Class Mages are permitted, or gather with teammates around the bar and soak up the atmosphere. The room will only be available until November 25th, so hop to it!


Fairy Tail Fantasia (AC Scratch)

Fairy Tail Guild Group

The previously announced Fairy Tail collaboration will appear in this update, featuring the clothing and hairstyles of Natsu and his fellow guild mates. Slink into battle with new ninja inspired costumes for male and female characters.


Natsu Repca
ナツ・レプカ (Natsu Repca)
ナツスパイクヘア (Natsu Spike Hair)
Lucy Repca
ルーシィ・レプカ (Lucy Repca)
ルーシィツインテール (Lucy Twin Tail)
Wendy Repca
ウェンディ・レプカ (Wendy Repca)
ウエンディツインテール (Wendy Twin Tail)
Erza Repca
エルザ・レプカ (Erza Repca)
エルザロングヘア (Erza Long Hair)
Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
*火竜の鉄拳 (Fire Dragon's Iron Fist)
Heaven's Wheel Armor Twin Blades
*天輪の鎧・双剣 (Heaven's Wheel Armor Twin Blades)
Happy Mag Device
進化デバイス/ハッピー (Evo. Device / Happy)
Genshou Kiei
ゲンショウキエイ (Genshou Kiei)
Genga Koei
ゲンガコエイ (Genga Koei)



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